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Project #109 - Southern Avra Valley Reservoir and Booster Station

Avra Valley  
Total Estimated Project Cost
Expenditures to Date Through 4/30/2015
Estimated date of completion as of 9/16/2013
Project Contact
Peter Abraham P.E. (837-2193)  

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Construct an 8.5 million gallon potable water concrete lined reservoir along with a booster station having the ability to pump an additional 27.9 million gallons of water per day from the Southern Avra Valley Storage and Recovery Project (SAVSARP).

This reservoir and booster station is a required component of Tucson Water’s SAVSARP. The construction of this reservoir and booster station is required in order for the citizens of the City of Tucson to realize the benefit of the recharge effort in Southern Avra Valley. Utilization of SAVSARP increases the City’s use of a renewable water supply and decreases the City’s dependence on groundwater.  
Additional Info
City of Tucson, Capital Improvement Project  
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Project #109 - Status

09-Sep-14 Completed.
11-Aug-14 Contractor working through Tucson Water "punch list" items. Waiting for water quality analysis results. Substantial completion.
08-Jul-14 Construction Completed.
09-Jun-14 Testing and cleanup. There were repairs due to the control building being broken into and vandalized. Certain components that are specifically manufactured for our application have had to be re-ordered. Final checkout of the instrumentation and control cannot be made until these components are replaced. As of last week this hardware was approximately 2-3 weeks out.
02-May-14 Completion of disinfection, flushing, and pressure testing of suction piping. Completion of disinfection, flushing, and pressure testing of discharge piping. Completion of structural backfill. Completion of above-ground discharge piping assembly. Currently a reconstruction of the booster station concrete pads is under way.
10-Apr-14 Completion of disinfection, flushing and pressure testing of suction piping. Nearing completion of structural backfill (Approximately 1 more week of backfilling).
09-Mar-14 Nearing completion of suction piping assembly (Approximately 1 more week of assembly work).
07-Feb-14 Modification to booster station suction piping to accommodate different dismantling joints of a different design. Re-application of the modified piping systems protective polyurethane coatings and linings. Beginning suction piping assembly.
10-Jan-14 Design Change Authorization #4 was approved Friday January 3, 2014. The contract was amended and executed on Tuesday January 7, 2014. The contractor began reconstruction efforts on Wednesday January 8, 2014.
05-Dec-13 At the point of project completion it was discovered that a dislodged gasket in a deeply buried dismantling joint was allowing for severe water leakage. The leakage saturated the structural backfill causing irreparable damage to the booster station. The booster station has since been demolished, and the backfill excavated, exposing the suction piping. The contractor has made a request to replace all of the existing dismantling joints with a dismantling joint of a different design.
10-Oct-13 Water leakage discovered during testing phase of booster station. Contractor began excavation of buried booster station piping and located source of leak. Further investigation revealed dismantling joint failure.
10-Sep-13 Testing.
12-Aug-13 Testing the entire system.
07-Jun-13 Continued Electrical Work, Instrumentation, and testing
02-May-13 Continued Electrical Work, backfilling of discharge piping, pressure testing, and reservoir filling.
08-Apr-13 Continued Electrical Work.
07-Mar-13 Continued electrical work.
08-Feb-13 Continued pressure testing and backfilling of buried piping. Electrical work has begun.
07-Jan-13 Continued construction of the reservoir roof, booster station, and control building. Began backfilling and pressure testing of buried piping.
07-Dec-12 Construction has begun on the reservoir roof, booster station, and control building.
15-Nov-12 Inlet meter vault completed, Outlet valve vault completed, Reservoir concrete work completed.

Project #109 - Pictures

09-Nov-12 11/09/2012 - Construction to date.
09-Nov-12 11/09/2012 - Construction to date.

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