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Project #114 - Rio Nuevo TCC Arena Renovations

260 South Church Ave., Tucson, AZ 85701  
Total Estimated Project Cost
Expenditures to Date Through 2/28/2015
Estimated date of completion as of 10/31/2013
Project Contact
Elaine Becherer (837-4066)  

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Rio Nuevo Multipurpose Facilities District is investing $6M dollars into the Tucson Convention Center (TCC) Arena. Renovations being considered range from restroom improvements, signage / wayfinding including digital signage, concession stand renovations, floor and bowl seats, lighting, audio upgrades, scoreboards, rigging improvements, ice floor improvements and security upgrades. Project scope and budget will be approved by the Rio Nuevo Board and the City of Tucson Mayor and Council.

Funding Sources (as 8/12/13):
Rio Nuevo Multipurpose Facilities District:
Project Budget: $7,840,673
ITD Expenses: $6,206,980
Encumbrances: $1,563,154

City of Tucson for Project Management: Project Budget: $1,010,000
ITD Expenses:$783,266
Encumbrances: $0  
Additional Info
City of Tucson, Rio Nuevo District, Downtown, Rio Nuevo Funded  
Last Update

Project #114 - Status

11-Jan-15 Installation and training of two new scoreboards were completed on time. Project was completed on schedule and within budget. Grand Opening event on Jan. 3, 2015 took place as scheduled.
12-Dec-14 Replacement of the existing storefront at the Administration Office and full glass doors at the escalator lobby. Key entrance signage installation has begun in the Breezeway. Floor treatment in the Breezeway is complete.

The north and south existing scoreboards have been removed and installation of the two new LED scoreboards has begun. Installation of the scoreboards will be complete before the end of Dec. 2014.

Administration restrooms are complete. Project team is working on punch list items for restrooms. Installation of signage throughout the Arena is ongoing.
10-Nov-14 Construction in the Breezeway continues...installation of the acrylic panels over the new entry soffits, replacing grilles in existing light wells, the new concession stand, signage at the arena entry soffits, installation of new light fixtures, new lighting and wall treatment in the displays, and treatment of the floor. The vinyl graphic along the north wall of the Breezeway is complete.
12-Oct-14 Twelve restrooms and four concession stands have been completed. Although not completed, the Breezeway was open for patrons of Disney on Ice. The fixed seats are complete and contractor is working on punch list items. Video monitors at the concessions stands and spot booths are functional and will be used for Disney on Ice.
10-Sep-14 The demolition of the 4,900 fixed seats is complete and installation of the new seats has begun. The new seats consist of new riser supports, new seat cushions, new arm rests, cup holders, and a higher back rest than the previous seats. New aisle lighting will also be provided as a part of the new seats.

Breezeway construction is well under way. The new ceiling construction is ongoing. Wall framing along the south wall of the Breezeway is almost complete. Coordination and installation of fire alarm devices is ongoing. Mockup samples of the murals along the north wall have been submitted. Construction of the Admin. restrooms is ongoing as well as the lower level restrooms.
11-Aug-14 On Aug. 4, construction in the Arena significantly increased. Other than one event in late August, the Arena is closed until early October. The general contractor is using this time as an opportunity to work longer hours and complete as much work as possible.

The demolition of the fixed seats also started on Aug. 4. With the removal of the fixed seats, it was apparent that concrete under the seats needed to be cleaned and resealed prior to the installation of the new fixed seats. Once all of the seats are removed, the concrete will be scrubbed, cleaned, and resealed. All of the new fixed seats will installed by early October 2014.

The Breezeway has been closed for construction and the new ceiling ties have been installed. The new ceiling will accomodate new lights and fire sprinklers.

The Admin restrooms have also been closed.
09-Jul-14 Demolition and construction of the concourse level west restrooms, concourse level west concession stand, and first floor west concession stand is under way.

Installation of concourse level lights has begun and concourse level ceiling tile replacement continues. Ceiling over arena floor has been painted black and is complete.

Review and coordination of key submittals with TCC continues.
10-Jun-14 Concourse level east restrooms, mezzanine level restrooms, and east concession stand are at 80% complete and will be functional for the circus this week. Project team punched the restrooms and concession stand last week to document and memorialize level of completion and outstanding items.

Rio Nuevo approved a Change Order to install a concrete overlay, epoxy, clear seal and wax on the floors in all of the restrooms included in scope of project. Work on floors has begun.

Ongoing coordination with TCC, general contractor, and City of Tucson Facilities & Communication Maintenance to ensure installation meets contractual obligations and end users specifications.
08-May-14 Construction is progressing as scheduled. New security gate at east concession stand has been installed. Ceiling at concourse level has been painted and installation of new ceiling tiles has begun. Sloped ceiling grid has also been painted.

General contractor is working on mockup of patch / paint at concrete walls for approval. Paint of concourse level walls has begun. Existing signage is being removed throughout the arena.

Steel studs at soffit at south concourse level restrooms have been installed. Working on installation of metal panels and trim. Installation of steel at south wall is ongoing. Black paint at arena ceiling over ice floor started this week.

Edge at expansion joint at ice floor has been patched and repaired. Started installation of backer rod and caulk tho week. All dasher mounting bolt holes at ice rink floor are being cleaned and repaired.
06-Apr-14 Construction began on 03.10.14 on the east concession and restrooms on the concourse level. The concession stand renovations consist of new countertops, new security gate, new lighting, new signage and digital menus, ADA plumbing, egress, and countertop renovations, paint and a new soffit.

Restroom renovations consist of new plumbing fixtures, new toilet partitions, new mirrors, hand dryers, new lighting, and new accessories.

Removal of abandoned pipe on south wall is ongoing.
08-Mar-14 The Rio Nuevo Board approved the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP 1) for construction in the amount of $5.5M on 02/27/14.

Simultaneously, the City of Tucson is investing half a million dollars ($544,000) in Arena infrastructure repairs. These additional repairs include new insulation of existing ductwork, new condensate drain line traps, condensate drain lines, and plumbing fixtures in the renovated restrooms. On 02/27/14, the Rio Nuevo Board also approved this additional scope of work which will be GMP 2. Concord General Contracting will be constructing this scope of work.

Contracts with Hussey Seating Corporation and Spec Seats Intl. Corporation were also approved on 02/27/14. These contracts are for the fixed and portable seats.

The City of Tucson also increased the project management and facilities coordination budget (General Services Department expenses only) on the project to $370,000. The original budget was $250,000.
07-Feb-14 Drawings were completed at the end of January 2014. First Addendum has been issued to address questions from the General Contractor (GC) and bidders. Design team is working on issuing second Addendum. GC is currently bidding the project and working towards the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) that will be presented to the project team and Rio Nuevo at the end of February.

Second Fixed Audience Seating solicitation received three bids. Portable seating solicitation received two bids. Project Manager and Rio Nuevo are reviewing bids for responsiveness. Once complete, Notice of Intent to Award will be issued.

Lengthy coordination is ongoing with TCC, event schedule, and GC to ensure minimal impact to the TCC and events.
10-Jan-14 Fixed Audience Seating solicitation received two late bids therefore solicitation has to be re-bid. New solicitation for fixed audience seating is due on January 23, 2014 at 2:00 pm (local time). Portable seating solicitation is due on January 30, 2014 at 2:00 pm (local time). Design of south wall of the arena has evolved with additional information that piping can be removed. Design team evaluating benefits of using hand dryers throughout the arena.

Working directly with Tucson Fire, IT and Development Services to keep City departments aware of project status and design. Reporting monthly on project status to TCC Commission and Rio Nuevo Board.

Working with TCC and general contractor to establish construction schedule that works with TCC event schedule.
09-Dec-13 Working closely with Swaim, Concord General Contracting and Project Team to review the Design Development drawings and verify Pre-Design estimate. Completed the solicitation for the fixed and portable seat bid packages.
07-Nov-13 Regarding the Construction Manager at Risk process: Upon completion of Step Two (Interviews), Concord General Contracting was the highest ranked firm. Negotiations between Concord and Rio Nuevo began immediately for their fixed preconstruction fee and profit that would be applied to the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). On 11/05/13, at Rio Nuevos Board meeting, the Board approved Concords preconstruction fees in the amount of $35,160.00. Concord will join the design team and begin to evaluate the construction documents for constructability and feasibility. Multiple estimates will be done prior to the executing the GMP.
02-Oct-13 Shortlisted to five firms for the Construction Manager at Risk contract (CM@R). Interviews will be conducted on 10/18/13. Design team is working on the Design Development (DD) package. Once a general contractor (GC) has been contracted with, the design team will review the scope with the GC and issue the DD package to the GC to begin estimating. Fixed seating and floor seating will also be separate bid packages.
10-Sep-13 Completed the Rio Nuevo Request For Qualification (RFQ) to contract with a City Manager at Risk (CM@R). Solicitation was posted on 09.10.13. Solicitation is due on 10.01.13. There is a mandatory Pre-Submittal Conference on 09.23.13. Once a General Contractor has been contracted with for Pre-Construction services, they will become a part of the Project Team and will assist with cost estimating and phasing. Consultant fees for Construction Documents and Construction Administration were approved by the Rio Nuevo Board on 09.05.13.
07-Aug-13 Working with Rio Nuevo to draft a RFQ to contract with a CM@R delivery method. Selection process will be a two step process with first short listing and then interviews. Once a General Contractor has been contracted with for Pre-Construction services, they will become a part of the Project Team and will assist with cost estimating and phasing. also receiving fee proposals from Design consultants.

09-Jul-13 Rio Nuevo Board approved $7.8M project scope and budget on June 24, 2013. Mayor and Council concurred with project scope and budget on July 9, 2013.
Renovations will enhance the overall customer experience, from the patrons to the performers. Although some infrastructure repairs will take place, the focus will be on aesthetic improvements to the TCC Arena.
07-Jun-13 After several meetings and TCC site visits, the team consisting of Rio Nuevo representatives, City staff, and TCC management developed a draft list of potential Arena improvements. TCC end-users have been interviewed to further understand and identify their needs. With this knowledge, the scope of work is being clarified and refined. The final scope of work will be packaged into phases of construction and coordinated with the TCC event schedule.

02-May-13 After several meetings and TCC site visits, the team consisting of Rio Nuevo representatives, City staff, and TCC management developed a draft list of potential Arena improvements. TCC end-users have been interviewed to further understand and identify their needs. With this knowledge, the scope of work is being clarified and refined. The final scope of work will be packaged into phases of construction and coordinated with the TCC event schedule.
The final scope of work and related costs will be presented to the Rio Nuevo Board and City of Tucson Mayor and Council in June / July 2013 for approval.

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