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Construction Plan I-2019-013

Plan # I-2019-013
Plan Type I - Paving Improvements Plans
Film Roll

Valencia Reserve South - Phases 1 & 2. Public Paving & Sewer Plans. Paving Phase 1: Lots 1-6, 48-123, & Common Areas "A-1"-"A-4", "B-2" & "B-3", and "C-1"-"C-4". Paving Phase 2: Lots 7-47, 124-196, 277-315 & Common Areas "A-1", "B-1" & "B-2", and "C-4" & "C-5". Sewer Lots 1-315 and Common Areas "A-1"-"A-4", "B-1"-"B-3", and "C-1"-"C-5". Located within Section 15, T15S, R14E, City of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Gila & Salt River Meridian, Shadow Branch Drive, Lushfield Drive, (Rick Engineering Company) NOTE: Records transferred to COT by Pima County as electronic copies only, see Pima County for originals.

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