Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
C-78-031 Vista Del Pueblo Recreation Center Remodeling, Phase II (See C-76-009 for Phase I) No
C-76-009 Vista Del Pueblo Recreation Center Remodeling - Phase 1, (See C-78-031 for Phase 2) 68 No
H-77-001 Vista Del Pueblo Annex Monument study 110 Yes
I-68-018 Vista Del Prado, South of Mary Drive to Stella Road 45 Yes
I-63-029 Vista Del Prado Paving and Sewer Improvement 16 Yes
I-70-035 Vista Del Prado Number 6 (F. & C. Engineering) 51 Yes
I-70-025 Vista Del Prado Number 5 -- Paving and Sewer (Florian & Collins Engineering) 48 Yes
I-69-003 Vista Del Prado Lots 277 thru 316 paving and Sewer 45 Yes
I-69-048 Vista Del Pardo, Lots 317 thru 409 (W.P.& C.) 47 Yes
I-69-053 Vista Del Pardo Number 4, Paving and Sewer, (Florian & Collins) 47 Yes
V-97-004 Vista Del Monte Neighborhood, 1 inch = 100 feet (Ward 2) ''Back to Basics'' Flight 11/7/97, Section 34, 13/14 No
I-98-057 Vista Del Monte -- Back to Basics -- Neighborhood Improvement Program -- Job 9159 -- Columbus Boulevard to Swan Road and Grant Road to Fort Lowell Road. (Parsons/Brinkerhoff) NOTE: Street affected by this project are as follows: NORTH/SOUTH STREETS 1.) Columbus Boulevard 2.) Orchard Avenue 3.) Goyette Avenue 4.) Laurel Avenue 5.) Venice Avenue EAST/WEST STREETS 1.) Water Street 2.) Bermuda Street 3.) Glenn Street 4.) Monte Vista Drive 5.) San Francisco Boulevard, All Located in T13S, R14E, Section 34 156 Yes
GR-88-105 Vista De Sierras Condo - Tanque Verde Road (WLB Engineering) 102 Yes
I-65-031 Vista De Sahuaro IV, Paving and Sewer (Page 6, Roll 69) 36 Yes
I-65-030 Vista De Sahuaro II, Paving and Sewer 36 Yes
I-65-033 Vista De Las Palmas Paving and Sewer (W & P) 36 Yes
GR-84-006 Vista De La Montana Apartments 82 Yes
T-65-014 VIRGINIA HEIGHTS, Block 1 - Alley Grading 24 No
S-271 Virginia Heights District Annexation Map 57 Yes
I-78-002 VINER-ASH PLACE, Lots 1 thru 6 -- Paving and Sewer (Urban Engineering) 74 Yes
GR-89-028 Vine Tree Subdivision Lots 1-11 (Alpha Engineering) 104 Yes
I-80-015 VINE AVENUE, North of FORT LOWELL (Assoc. in Project Management) 73 Yes
I-82-029 VINE AVENUE from GREENLEE ROAD and CHERRY Avenue, District Intrim Paving Improvements NOTE: AD Series AD-0626 78 Yes
I-439 VINE AVENUE & HIGHLAND AVENUE Paving Improvement 6th Street to 9th Street 7 & 99 Yes
V-80-002 VINCENT MULLINS Landfill Aerial & Contours No
GR-2007-027 Villas Escalante -- Lots 1-51 and Common Areas A and B -- Prudence Road, Kinneson Wash Loop, Essex Gardens Court, And Vancouver Drive -- North Of Escalante Road -- (MMLA PSOMAS) -- This Record Was Made From Development Services Copy, Also Includes Drainage Plans And Information, Reference Plan Numbers, T06BU02506, T06OT02711, S05-155 Yes
GR-85-077 Villas De Paz (Urban Engineering Company) 83 Yes
I-2006-055 Villages At Ranch Del Rio, Village Two (2), Pima County Job No. CO12-85-96, Located North Of Tanque Verde Road, South Of Tanque Verde Wash, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Plans Acquired From Pima County Film Roll, No Originals Yes
GR-2001-073 Village Offices Lots 1 Thru 59, 3144 North Swan Road, Prepared By Walbert - Baker Associates LLC, Located North Of Fort Lowell Road, South Of Camp Lowell Road, East Of Swan Road, West Of Craycroft Road, Within A Portion Of Section 35, T13S, R14E, Also Includes SWPPP, Paving And Drainage Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number T01BU02613 Yes
I-2002-029 Village Office Deceleration Lane, Offsite Improvement Plan for Swan Road (Baker & Associates Engineering) 157 Yes
I-2006-039 Village Green, Prepared By Wheeler Peterson Coffeen, Located North Of Golf Links Road, South Of 22nd Street, South Of Old Spanish Trail, East Of Harrison Road, West Of Houghton Road, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Plans Acquired From Pima County Film Roll, No Originals Yes
I-72-094 VILLAGE GREEN -- Paving and Sewer (Wheeler, Petterson & Coffeen Engineering) NOTE: PAPER ONLY 106 Yes
B-2003-001 Village at Orilla Del Rio Annexation to the City of Tucson, Arizona, by Ordinance Number 9849 Yes
S-2003-003 Village at Orilla Del Rio Annexation Yes
GR-85-062 Village At Midvale Park -- Phase III -- Wood Crest Dr & Drexel Rd -- Grading Plans (Dooley Jones & Associates, Inc : DJA) 82 Yes
I-72-025 Villa Serenas Apartments, Alley paving, Carriage Hills Number 1 and Number 2 (Gomez Engineering) 56 Yes
I-72-045 Villa Serenas Apartments, Alley paving Carriage Hills Number 2 56 Yes
G-63-001 VILLA SERENA District Sewer Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0340. See the Original Plans at Pima County Waste Water Management MF Yes
I-84-018 VILLA MONTEREY Off-site improvements, median opening, (APM Engineers) NOTE: Cards Only 131 Yes
GR-84-021 Villa Monterey 82 Yes
H-2002-021 Villa Mesa, G&SRM, M&P Book 28, Page 12, Section 25, T13S, R14E, (RS 24/80) (Bruce Small Survey Inc.) 146 Yes
I-2006-050 Villa Del Rio, Prepared By Wheeler Peterson Coffeen, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Plans Acquired From Pima County Film Roll, No Originals Yes
I-90-024 Villa Del Rio -- Grading and Paving (WLB Group) NOTE: Pima County Plan, Sheets numbered 1357, 1357A, 1357B, & 1357C, Per County numbering system 109 & 110 Yes
D-90-002 VILLA DEL RIO - Offsite Drainageways NOTE: Cards only from Greiner Engrs., Old W.P.C. Plan No. 12101 Yes
GR-2009-040 Vidas Serenas Apartments, 2835 North Stone Avenue, Located North Of Glenn Street, South Of Laguna Street, Within The Northwest Quarter Section 36, T13S, R13E, Gila And Salt River Base And Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Number T09BU00007 Yes
GR-89-004 VFW Post Number 10015 Drexel, Fontano (Prodesign Engineering, Inc.) 104 Yes
GR-2009-019 Veterans Plaza, Two Retail Stores, 3502 South 6th Avenue, North Of Veterans Boulevard, South Of 44th Street, East Of 12th Avenue, West Of 7th Avenue, Within Section 23, T14S, R13E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Number T08BU02004, Also Includes Plans And Information Yes
I-2003-056 Veterans Memorial Overpass Demonstration Project, Palo Verde Rd., 44th Street - Alvernon Way. (A Pima County Project, W.O. 4TVMEM) NOTE: PIMA COUNTY HAS MYLARS Yes