Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-88-002 Richmond Place II, Lots 1 thru 39 Paving and Sewer Plans 97 Yes
E-88-004 Rillito Wash Bank Protection -- Alvernon Way to Dodge Boulevard 97 Yes
I-84-010 GATEWAY CENTER Phase I - Private Streets - On Site Paving and Drainage Plans (Cella, Barr & Associates) 97 Yes
I-84-011 GATEWAY CENTER Phase I, Kolb Road and Speedway Boulevard - Off Site Paving Improvements and Kolb Road Median Landscaping (Cella, Barr & Associates) 97 Yes
I-88-009 Escalante Place, Paving Plan 97 Yes
I-88-016 Nueve Campañas, Lots 1 thru 9 Public Paving Improvements 97 Yes
I-88-017 Paving, Drainage, and Sewer Improvements For Eastwood Lots 1 thru 19 (Streets are Public) 97 Yes
I-88-018 Bus Bay Plan & Profile, Cholla High School 97 Yes
I-85-073 Warren Avenue - North of Silverlake Road Paving Improvement (Greiner Engineers) 97 Yes
I-88-032 22nd Street Median Opening At Longfellow Ave to Alvernon Way Paving & Landscape Plans -- NOTE: NOT STAMPED 97 Yes
I-84-045 Alley Improvement South 20 feet, Lot 13, Block D, Hedrick Acreage Tract Number 3 97 Yes
I-85-084 Tucson City Center Paving, Drainage, and Sewer Plans (Cella, Barr & Associates) 97 Yes
I-88-041 Rita Ranch, Rita Road I area to be reworked 97 Yes
I-88-047 Curtis Avenue & 17th Street Paving Improvement 97 Yes
I-88-056 Sarnoff Drive - Pima to Seneca (Pima County) NOTE: Cards Only 97 Yes
I-88-059 Wrightstown Square-Off-Site Paving (Cella Barr & Assoc P--184) 97 Yes
R-86-001 Santa Clara Wash Box Culvert at South Church Ave. 96, 108 Yes
I-85-020 ALVERNON WAY, Aviation Highway to 29th Street (Arizona Department of Transportation) NOTE: Paper Copy Only 96 & 140 Yes
R-85-017 Ricardo Small Box Culvert Phase I 96 & 108 Yes
GR-88-028 Nueva Campanos Lots 1-9 (VEA Engineering) 96 Yes
GR-88-029 Fort Lowell Court -- 1926 East Fort Lowell Road (Trimble Engineering) 96 Yes
GR-88-030 Central City Business Park -- Park Avenue & 12th Street (Acorn Associates, Architect) 96 Yes
GR-88-031 Administration Building -- Sunnyside School (R.G. Hanson, Architect) 96 Yes
GR-88-032 Carlson Lighting Warehouse -- 3248 East Grant (Ryan Engineering) 96 Yes
GR-88-034 Eastwood Lot 1-19 (OPW Engineering) 96 Yes
GR-88-035 Burns Office Building -- 50 East Jacinto (Finn Associates, Engineering) 96 Yes
GR-88-036 Tucson Convention Center (Anderson DeBartolo-Pan) 96 Yes
GR-88-037 Burger King -- Irvington Road & Campbell Avenue (Gagnepain Architect - Phoenix, Arizona) 96 Yes
I-87-002 Juarez and Jefferson Street Improvement Plan. 96 Yes
D-84-008 ALAMO WASH From Rillito River to the Arcadia Wash (Pima County). 96 Yes
I-82-062 Tucson Unified School District, Borton School, TYNDALL AVENUE, Bus Bay paving Plan 96 Yes
E-86-001 Arcadia Wash, Grant Road to Seneca Street -- District Bank Protection Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0709 96 Yes
GR-88-033 MeraBank Branch Bank Building, at Broadway Boulevard & Pantano Road on SW Corner, Flowage Easemant to City of Tucson Recorded Docket 8218 Pg. 1618 96 Yes
I-85-077 Greater South Park Streets 96 Yes
GR-88-026 Kino Meadows, Lots 129 Thru 308, Common Areas A Thru C, Prepared By Carter Associates Incorporated, Located North Of Drexel Road, East Of Liberty Avenue, West Of Missiondale Avenue, Within A Portion Of Section 1, T15S, R13E 96 Yes
GR-88-027 Speedway & Pantano Retail Center (Gene Goldstein, Architect)Prepared By , Located South Of Speedway Boulevard, East Of Pantano Road 96 Yes
I-81-029 ALVERNON WAY from Fort Lowell Road to Grant Road -- District Paving and Lighting Improvement (Lind Engineers) NOTE: AD Series AD-0683 95 & 97 & 130 Yes
I-85-049 Old Tucson-Florence Highway West of Oracle Road Paving Improvement 95 & 97 Yes
D-85-010 Campbell Avenue - North of Glenn Street, Catch Basin Relocation, (Griener Eng.) Refer to Film Roll 102 95 & 102 Yes
D-76-006 Bank Protection for Broadway Bridge @ Pantano Wash (MST) Mountain State Telephone Drawing (Paper Copy Only) 95 Yes
I-86-043 Midvale Park Commuity Chopping Center - Accel - Decel Lanes (Dooley-Jones & Assoc.) 95 Yes
I-86-080 Country Club Road Improvement North of Benson Highway 95 Yes
D-82-006 Christmas Wash Outfall Structure (Proposed) Buchanan, Collins & Johnson 95 Yes
E-81-004 Goret/Silverbell Contours 95 Yes
D-82-007 Mountain Avenue Wash Outfall Structure (Proposed) Buchanan, Collins & Johnson 95 Yes
E-81-006 Contours of the West half of Los Reales Landfill (For Hazardous Waste Dump Site) -- Section 23, T15S, R14E 95 Yes
I-87-010 Deceleration Lane on Oracle Road for Tucson Galleria 95 Yes
E-81-010 Southside Police Substation Proposed Site. Topology Only 95 Yes
E-81-014 Bride Closure City map (Army Corp of Engineers) 95 Yes