Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-87-025 Williams Boulevard - Median and Intersection Improvements 95 Yes
I-87-027 Rio Nuevo North -- Bonita Ave. To Commerce Park Loop -- District Paving Water and Sewer Improvements -- NOTE: AD Series AD-0703 (Cella Barr & Associates : CBA) 95 Yes
H-88-001 Water Department-Lot Survey (Alameda at Granada) 95 Yes
H-88-002 A.L.T.A. Survey of Northwest Corner of Grant Rd & Silverbell Road (Trimble Engineering) 95 Yes
E-83-006 Pantano Wash Bank Protection (Adjacent to Vince M. Mullins Landfill)(Simons, Li, & Associate) 95 Yes
I-87-040 Kleindale Road West of Campbell, Paving Improvement 95 Yes
I-87-041 Hidden Glenn, Lots 1 thru 30 Paving and Sewer Plan 95 Yes
I-87-044 East Point Estates II, Phase II, Paving and Sewer Plan 95 Yes
E-86-009 Santa Cruz River West Branch North of Irvington Road Bank Protedtion 95 Yes
E-86-010 Silverado Apartments -- Country Club and Irvington road Drainage Channel 95 Yes
I-87-056 Saddlewood Ranch Drive, Street and Sewer Improvements 95 Yes
I-87-060 Richmond Place, Lots 1 thru 63 - Paving and Sewer Improvement 95 Yes
E-87-002 Pantano Wash -- Kenyon Drive to 22nd Street (NOT BUILT) PIMA COUNTY WORK ORDER NUMBER 4BPANT 95 Yes
I-88-004 Alley Improvement Plan from 1st Avenue to 450 feet East Between Prince Road and Joan Place 95 Yes
R-70-004 R/W Plans Arizona State Highway Department - ORACLE ROAD Roger Rd. to Ina - Project F-031-1-807 REDUCED PAPER COPY ONLY 95 Yes
I-88-006 Dorado Country Club Estates, Block 70, Lots 1-74, Paving and Sewer Plans (Genge/Wheeler, Petterson, Coffeen) Greiner Engineers 95 Yes
I-88-007 Reddington Hills -- Lots 138 thru 217 -- Banister Dr. And Bryonwood Lane And Autumnwind Place -- Paving and Sewer Plans (PCHD) 95 Yes
I-88-012 Bonanza Avenue from Stella North, Paving/Drainage Improvement 95 Yes
GR-87-126 Lee-Kolb Car Wash -- 2415 South Kolb Road (Acorn Associates, Architect) 95 Yes
GR-87-127 Circle K Store -- Mircle Mile & Grant Road (Southgate Associates) 95 Yes
GR-87-128 Value Village Parking Lot -- 4th Avenue & 8th Street (Joe Lizardi Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-87-129 Econo Lub ''N'' Tune -- 333 West Valencia Rd, Between 12th Ave & San Fernando Rd (Greene Engineering in Mesa, Arizona) Development Plan 95 Yes
GR-87-130 Dunkin Donuts -- 8585 East Broadway Blvd, West Of Camino Seco (Greene Engineering in Mesa, Arizona) Development Plan 95 Yes
GR-87-131 Chevron Station -- Park & Benson Highway NOTE: Not Built (Jerry Jones Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-87-132 McDonalds -- Broadway & Camino Seco 95 Yes
GR-87-134 Flying Carport of Arizona -- Airport Parking (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 95 Yes
I-84-042 WILMOT ROAD from Pima Street to Speedway Boulevard District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0702 95 Yes
GR-87-135 Brichta Elementary School -- 2110 West Bricata (James L. Merry, Architect) 95 Yes
GR-87-136 Budget Rent-A-Car -- Tanque Verde (Urban Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-87-137 Boys and Girls Club of Tucson -- 36th & Forgeus (Acorn & Associates) 95 Yes
GR-87-138 Hacienda Del Oro Phase VI -- Lots 651 Through 746 (OWP Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-87-139 Hacienda Del Oro Phase VII -- Lots 747 Through 879 (OWP Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-87-140 El Con Mall Parking Lot (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-87-141 Parking Company of America -- 6970 South Tucson Boulevard (RS Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-87-142 Menlo Park Elementary School (John Mascarella) 95 Yes
GR-87-143 Oakwood Retirement Resort -- Sahuara Avenue (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-87-144 Euclid Avenue Warehouse Park (George Feltovic Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-88-001 Copenhaggen III -- 3656 East Fort Lowell (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-88-002 Grant/Silverbell -- Commercial Block (G.E. Holguin, Architect) 95 Yes
GR-88-003 Oracle Village Shopping Center (Southwest Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-88-004 Frozen Food Warehouse -- Calle Poiente (George Holguin, Architect) 95 Yes
GR-88-005 Richmond Place II Lots 1-39 (McGovern, MacVittie, Lodge, & Associates) 95 Yes
GR-88-006 Rincon Plazza -- Harrison & Golf Links 95 Yes
GR-88-007 Morris K. Udall Regional Park -- Recreational Center (RS Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-88-008 Chevron Station -- 22nd Street & Kolb Road (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-88-009 Giant Service Station (RS Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-88-010 Bay Colony Technology Center, Lot Number 14 (BRW Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-88-011 First Interstate Bank of Arizona -- Grant Road & Silverbell (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-88-012 Saint Mary's Medical Park MRT (Ryan Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-88-013 Bristol Park Grading Plan for Lots 1 through 83 95 Yes