Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
B-229 - Void - - Void - No
I-65-059 Burke Addition Paving, (This Number assigned but no plans) No
K-023 Transferred No
G-93-013 New Manhole Catalina Foothills High (Fred) (SUN) NOTE: Original Plans at Pima County Waste Water Management MF No
S-031 Municipal Airport - Program location part Section 18, T15S, R14E -- NOTE: Missing Missing No
S-69-038 - Void - - Void - No
S-98-006 Right-of-way Acquisition along Wetmore Road Between Fairview Avenue and Oracle Road No
U-70-001 - Void - - Void - No
V-82-000 - 1982 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1982 - No
W-75-001 Tucson International Airport land Acquisition Map (Blanton & Co.) No
C-73-020 Fire Training Center Station No. 10, Center Addition 61 No
C-70-028 Tucson High School Site Development At 7th St. & 2nd Ave. No
C-205 Fire Station No. 5, Vine & Grant 22 No
C-2002-000 - 2002 - Class ''C'' Drawing: ''BUILDINGS'' All City Buildings, City Hall, Schools including Parks Buildings, Recreation Centers, Swimming Pools, Farm and Miscellaneous Building Plans. NOTE: MOST OF THESE PLANS ARE NO LONGER KEPT AT MAPS AND RECORDS. THESE PLANS ARE AT THE CITY ARCHITECT'S OFFICE AT THE THOMAS O. PRICE SERVICE CENTER, PARK AVE. AND AJO WAY. - 2002 - No
S-2017-006 El Paso and Southwestern Greenway Project -- Simpson Street to 22nd Street -- Right of Way Study -- Right of Way acquired after 1971 -- Federal Project Number: TEA-TUC-0(214)A -- ADOT TRACS Number 0000 PM TUC SL624 01C -- T14S, R13E, Sections 13 and 14 -- Note: This was Prepared for ADOT Right of way Clearance not to be used on Subsequent project -- For reference only No
A-064 - Void - - Void - No
F-95-000 - 1995 - Class ''F'' - STREET LIGHTING: Street Lighting, and Old Gamewell Fire Alarm Circuits Plans and Drawings. - 1995 - No
B-261 - Void - - Void - No
I-79-011 - Missing - ALLEY PAVING EL CORONADO CONDOMINUM (John Collins and Associates) - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
I-86-061 - Missing - La Cholla Boulevard, Widening at ''A'' Mountain Neighborhood Center - Missing - Missing No
K-024 Transferred No
L-79-000 - 1979 - Class ''L'' - LANDSCAPING DRAWINGS: For Parks, City Buildings, Irrigation Systems, Street Medians, Parks Recreational Lighting, etceteras. - 1979 - No
G-95-071 Arizona Cancer Center Addition (MMLA) NOTE: Original Plans at Pima County Waste Water Management MF No
S-69-039 - Void - - Void - No
S-76-000 - 1976 - Class ''S'' LEGAL SIZE DRAWINGS: Includes all classes except architectural - 1976 - No
S-98-007 Speedway & Alvernon Legals (Job Number 9149) No
V-82-001 EL RIO AREA - Scale: 1 inch = 200 feet ± (About 1974) No
W-76-000 - 1976 through 2001 - Class ''W'' - URBAN RENEWAL: Pueblo Center, Neighborhood Plans, Demolition Contracts, etc. NOTE: There have been NO Urban renewal plan numbers issued from ''1976'' through ''2001'' - 1976 - No
C-73-021 Fire / Police Headquarters Building Modifications - Security Doors No
C-206 Tucson FREE Library Remodeling, Construction, Tracings 22 No
R-2014-000 - 2014 - Class 'R' - RIGHT-OF-WAY: Streets, Highways, Alleys, Widening, Drainage, Sewers Drawings. - 2014 - - 2014 - No
D-065 - Void - - Void - No
B-266 - Void - - Void - No
B-262 Government Survey Lots in T14S, R14E, Section & E½ of 3, Section 11 & E½ of 10 & Section 14 (Photostat) NOTE: MISSING Missing No
E-042 - Void - - Void - No
K-025 Transferred No
S-98-008 Camino Seco to Harrison Road - Right-of-way Acquisition No
W-2002-000 - 2002 - Class ''W'' - URBAN RENEWAL: Pueblo Center, Neighborhood Plans, Demolition Contracts, etceteras NOTE: NO PLAN NUMBERS WERE ISSUED IN YEARS 2002 AND 2003 - 2002 - No
C-73-022 Randolph Park Recreation Center Expansion (Mascarella & Merry & Associates) 63 No
D-2004-002 Columbus Wash Relief Drain, Phase 3, From 2nd Street To 5th Street (MMLA Engrs.) No
C-207 - Void - - Void - No
I-2017-014 Houghton Road - 22nd Street to Valencia Road --- VOID --- SEE I-2016-014 No
U-2021-006 Bicycle Boulevard Pavement Resurfacing Package 2 - Micro-resurfacing of Bike Blvds. and includes new striping, speed tables, directional shared lane markings, raised SMH, clean-outs, and new survey monuments at the following locations: University Boulevard from Main Avenue to 4th Avenue; 3rd Street from Tucson Boulevard to Palo Verde Boulevard; Hawthorne Street from Swan Road to Arcada Avenue; Arcada Avenue from Hawthorne Street to Rosewood Street; Rosewood Street from Arcada Avenue to Rosemont Boulevard; Rosewood Street from Craycroft Road to Wilmot Road; Cactus Boulevard from 278' N. of Star Park Drive to Prince Road; Treat Avenue from Prince Road to Kleindale Road; Christmas Avenue from Kleindale Road to Fort Lowell Road; Treat Avenue from Fort Lowell Road to La Madera Drive; La Madera Drive from Treat Avenue to East Plaza Drive; East Plaza Drive from La Madera Drive to Florence Drive; Florence Drive from East Plaza Drive to Treat Avenue; Treat Avenue from Florence Drive to Grant Road; Treat Avenue from Elm Street to 6th Street; Treat Avenue from Broadway Boulevard to Manchester Street; Manchester Street from Treat Avenue to Stratford Drive; Stratford Drive from Manchester Street to Treat Avenue; Treat Avenue from Stratford Drive to 22nd Street - (Kimley->Horn) No
A-066 - Void - - Void - No
B-267 - Void - - Void - No
B-263 - Void - - Void - No
I-82-000 - 1982 - Class ''I'' - PAVING IMPROVEMENT: Paving and Widening Plans - 1982 - No
K-026 Transferred No