Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
E-71-003 Drainage through Block 21, Fairmount Addition Yes
GR-84-071 Lee Street Apartments (VEA) 82 Yes
GR-86-062 Wilmot & Stella Apartments -- 3225 South Wilmot (Urban Engineering) 85 Yes
GR-88-040 Office Bulding @ Campbell & Kleindale (Thomas Pano, Architect) 97 Yes
I-65-040 State Highway, Casa Grande - Tucson - Grant Road - Interchange I-10-4(12) NOTE Cards Only 33 Yes
I-64-036 Baker Street and McKinley Avenue Intersection Paving 58 Yes
I-72-017 22nd Street from Swan Road to Craycroft Road -- District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0539, CS Only 56 & 57 & 8 Yes
I-76-008 VETERANS BOULEVARD ~ 6th AVENUE - Arby's Restaurant Curb Detail (C.E. Martin - MARCO) NOTE: PAPER ONLY 73 Yes
I-81-051 UHL STREET - WEST of Pantano Parkway -- District Paving, Sewer, and Water Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0623 79 Yes
I-78-041 MISSION ROAD OVERPASS and 22nd Street, Mission Road to Camino Santiago (Roger Turk) 79 Yes
I-86-042 Williams Center, Paving and Storm Sewer for Willms Circle 92 Yes
K-005 Plant Number 1, layout of beds and FLOOR PLANS of, with dimensions of same 13 Yes
L-75-010 Southeast (now known as Freedom Park) District Park Area and Ballfield Lighting 66 Yes
I-99-082 STARR PASS BOULEVARD and Greasewood Road - Paseo Vista Subdivision Paving and Drainage And Landscape Improvements. 149 Yes
S-317 Paving Petition Map of Services Road at Treat and Broadway 57 Yes
S-492 Material Pit for Pima County Highway Department, part of West ½ of Southwest ¼ of Section 11, T15S, R12E 57 Yes
S-786 Relocation of Sanitary Sewer Facilities - Grant Road Separation - Project Number U.S.G. 412(1) (3/61) 58 Yes
S-63-039 University Of Arizona (U of A) -- Right of way vacated and sold to U of A -- Blocks 8 and 11 of Nob Hill and Block 2 of Rincon Heights -- Ordinance Number 2504 -- (See Real Estate Offer Number 314) -- Hawthorne Street and alleys to the north and south of Hawthorne Street Between Warren Avenue and Martin Avenue -- For More Vacated Streets And Alleys Within The University Of Arizona Area See Plan H-92-015 57 Yes
GR-88-132 Potter Place (Finn Associates Engineering) 104 Yes
GR-90-093 Safe House Rehab Center - 202 East Mojave Street (El Toro Engineering) 115 Yes
I-700 BEL AIR ADDITION Improvement District, Assessment Diagrams with Tracing in Storage 10 & 99 Yes
S-87-049 Drainage Easement along Alvernon Way from Grant Road to Speedway Boulevard 92 Yes
U-64-016 Pennington Street Pedestrian Signal between Stone Avenue and Scott Avenue 24 Yes
S-97-015 ''Hacienda Del Rio II'' Annexation District NOTE: See Plans B-97-006 and MP-55-037 Yes
S-89-099 Pima Street from Alvernon Way to Swan Road, Right-of-Way to be acquired 118 Yes
S-90-030 Area to be Acquired for Right-of-way (parcel J/6) Stone Avenue between Wetmore Road & Calle Arizona 118 Yes
I-2000-057 Irvington Road And Midvale Park Road -- Left Turn Improvements -- COT Job Number 9305 -- (Engineering And Environmental Consultants, EEC) 149 Yes
H-2005-017 Record of Survey for Bus Pullout Lane, Phase 2, Grant Road at Country Club Road Intersection (HDR Engrs.) 153 Yes
S-2006-028 University Of Arizona (U Of A) -- Alleys Between Fifth Street And Sixth Street And Between Euclid Avenue And Tyndall Avenue And Park Avenue -- Quitclaim Deed, Docket Book 11210 Page 0657 -- Right Of Way Easement To City Of Tucson For Alley, Docket Book 11210 Page 0651 -- Ordinance Number 8811, Docket Book 11210 Page 0647 For Alley Right Of Way To Be Vacated To U Of A -- RES-96-054 -- For More Vacated Streets And Alleys Within The University Area See Plan H-92-015 Yes
GR-2006-060 La Cholla Landing, Lots 1 thru 61, Common Areas ''A'', ''B'', and ''C'' -- an RCP Subdivision -- All Streets Are Public -- Located in the southwest quarter of section 27, T13S, R13E -- (Presidio Engineering, Incorporated) -- This Record Was Made From Development Services Copy, Reference Plan Numbers, S03-038, T05BU02769 Yes
GR-2007-041 Coyote Pass Amended, Lot 1, Located North Of Starr Pass Boulevard, West Of Shannon Road, Within Section 35, T17S, R15E, G&SRBM, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Site Plans And Information, Reference Numbers, T05BU01997 Yes
GR-2008-120 Frys Shopping Center, Located On The Northwest Corner Of Rita Road And Houghton Road, Within The Southeast Quarter Of Section 23 And The Northeast Quarter Of Section 26, T15S, R15E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Numbers T08BU01643, D02-0038, SCZ-03-10, Also Includes Paving And Drainage Plans Yes
S-2011-008 Tucson Boulevard Multi-Use Path -- Tucson Boulevard, Prince Road to Roger Road -- Right of Way Study -- Right of Way acquired after 1971 -- T13S, R14E, Section 29 -- Note: This was Prepared for ADOT Right of way Clearance not to be used on Subsequent project -- For reference only Yes
B-2014-001 Tucson Airport Authority 2 Annexation District Annexed to the City of Tucson,Arizona by Ordinance Number 11212 20143230546 Yes
U-2017-005 Liberty Bike Boulevard - 44th Street to Los Reales Road - Job (SP04) - (Kittleson & Associates) Record Document Dated: 10/15/2020 (56 pgs) Yes
U-2020-016 Offsite Improvement Plans for Houghton Reserve Phase I (PIA) - Located on the est-side of Houghton Road and extending south from 5th Street for approximately 1300-feet, includes new intersection cut for a private road, new driveway, curb, depressed curb, asphalt, ramps, and asphalt multi-use path - (Rick Engineering) Yes
I-2001-001 La Villa at Pantano, Public Paving and Sewer Plans (Centerline Offset Inc.) 146 Yes
H-2003-043 Amended Map of Sheet 3 of Record of Survey Book 25 at Page 61 Showing the Intersection of Wilmot Road and Golf Links Road and 1/2 mile in each direction. Located in Sections 24 and 25, T14S, R14E, and in Sections 19 and 30, T14S, R15E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona 149 Yes
A-044 BLOCK 37, CITY OF TUCSON, showing encroachment of Lot on 4th Street. 1 Yes
D-76-007 Grant Road Box Culvert at Sunny Drive 67 Yes
F-031 NORTH 6TH AVENUE Lighting Improvement, Congress to Speedway 3 Yes
F-89-008 RITA ROAD - Old Vail Road to Houghton Road (Frederick H. Kohloss) 123 Yes
H-215 Monument Line Survey of TERRA DE CONCINI, Terra Annex Huff Addition. Casas Bonitas. 4 Yes
H-72-003 Harrison - Golf Links Reservoir Site Survey & Contours 74 Yes
H-99-008 Record of Survey (14/74) Country Club Road - Grant Road to Glenn Street 138 Yes
I-98-036 Drexel Road - Bus Bay Extension for Grijalva Elementary School -- 1795 West Drexel Road (Centerlines Offset, Inc.) 138 Yes
I-99-034 Stone Avenue Improvements for Amphitheater High School (RS Engineering) 143 Yes
B-93-003A Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 8283 (Location: West Valencia Road) Map/Plat Book 46 Page 16, Effective Date: Aug 5, 1994, File Name: MP-46-016 Yes