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Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
U-2007-001 Limberlost Road Median Striping -- East of Oracle Road -- (City Of Tucson) 158 Yes
U-2007-000 - 2007 - Class ''U'' - TRAFFIC AND PARKING CONTROL: Signals, Flow Maps, Striping, Overlay Programs, Paving on City Property, Bicycle Paths, & Barriers, Sidewalks. - 2007 - - 2007 - No
U-2006-018 Glenn Street Sidewalk Improvements -- B2B -- Olsen Avenue To Tucson Boulevard -- North Side Only 158 Yes
U-2006-017 RTA, Bus Pullout, Package II -- (City Of Tucson Engineering Craig Saltzman) 162 Yes
U-2006-016 RTA Bus Pullouts -- Package III -- Cot Job Number SB03 162 Yes
U-2006-015 RTA Sidewalk Improvements -- Part Of Package 1 -- Eastside Of Alvernon Way, Broadway Boulevard To 22nd Street -- (City Of Tucson) -- COT Job Number SK01 -- Current Project No
U-2006-014 Starr Pass Bl And La Cholla Bl -- Traffic Signal (HDR Engineering) 161 Yes
U-2006-013 Drexel Road And Santa Clara -- Hawk Flasher Signal 159 & 162 Yes
U-2006-012 RTA -- Bus Pullouts, Package II -- VOID -- VOID -- See U-2006-017 No
U-2006-011 Fire Station Number 22 Warning Flasher -- At Alvernon Way, North Of Alvernon Point Drive -- Hawk Signal, Solar Powered -- Note: This Traffic Signal Was Built In The Field By The City Of Tucson (COT), Traffic Engineering Division -- Not Built, Under Construction Yes
U-2006-010 Grant Road and Dragoon -- Hawk Signal, Solar Powered -- Note: this traffic signal was built in the field by the city of Tucson (COT), traffic engineering division -- As-Built. Yes
U-2006-007 10th Avenue: 22nd Street To 43rd Street -- Revitalization Project -- Striping, Signing, And Pavement Marking Plans -- Project By COT Traffic Engineering -- (Tetra Tech) 157 Yes
U-2006-006 TEA 21C #4C -- Overlay and Resurfacing Projects -- Cherrybell Stravenue, from 22nd Street to Silverlake Road -- Greasewood Road, from Speedway Boulevard to Anklam Road -- Rocket Stravenue from Rita Road to Brekke Road -- COT Job Number S10M -- (EEC Engineers) -- BID SET -- Current Project Yes
U-2006-005 Wetmore Road Sidewalk Improvements, Oracle Road to Stone Ave. Yes
U-2006-004 Congress Street From I-10 East Frontage Road To 4th Avenue and Broadway Boulevard From Granada Avenue To 6th Avenue -- 2-Lane One-Way Striping and Islands -- COT Job Number SS20 -- Part Of Job Order Contract (JOC) For On Call Roadway Construction, 2004-2005 Number 1, Spot Number 22 -- (HDR Engineers) 158 Yes
U-2006-003 Silverbell Road And Sweetwater Drive -- Traffic Signal Installation -- Pima County Department Of Transportation And Flood Control District Plan W.O. 4SVSWT -- As Built By PCDOT Traffic Engineering Division, Approved Date: 01/06/05 -- Copy Not Kept, See PCDOT For Originals Yes
U-2006-002 Tucson Boulevard - 22nd Street to Warwick Vista -- Sidewalk Improvements -- COT Job Number A780 -- Design Engineering -- Job Order Contract For On Call Roadway Construction, 2004-2005, Number 3, Spot Number 27 -- Note: Current Project, Project Completed, Plan not Yet As Built Yes
U-2006-001 Grande Avenue Bump Outs from St. Mary's Road to Congress Street. (DMJM Harris / AECOM Engrs.) Scanned and put in Plans Going to Bid Folder. Yes
U-2006-000 - 2006 - Class ''U'' - TRAFFIC AND PARKING CONTROL: Signals, Flow Maps, Striping, Overlay Programs, Paving on City Property, Bicycle Paths, & Barriers, Sidewalks. - 2006 - - 2006 - No
U-2005-020 Overlay and Resurfacing Projects -- TEA 21 Number 4A -- Phase I -- Euclid Av And Grant Rd, Swan Rd And 29th Street, Wilmot Rd And Speedway Bl -- Completed: November 10, 2005 Yes
U-2005-019 TEA-21C #4B Overlay and Resurfacing Projects -- Area #1, 22nd Street - 250' East to 250' west of the Centerline of Craycroft Road and also Craycroft Road - 250' North to 250' South of 22nd. Stree -- Area #2, Houghton Road - 1920' North of the Centerline of Rita Road to 1458' South of Rita Road -- Area #3, Valencia Road - EPI Pantano Road to WPI Houghton Road. Area #4, Oaktree Drive - Drexel Road South 4455' (EEC, Engineering And Environmental Consultants, Incorporated) -- Created From Plan That Is On Hold, U-99-008 -- 158 Yes
U-2005-018 Broadway Blvd. from Country Club Road to El Con Mall / Jones Blvd. Sidewalk Improvement (Joe Chase) 162 Yes
U-2005-017 TEA 21C Number 3B -- Overlay & Resurfacing Projects -- Job Number S10H (Formerly Job Number 9173 And S108) -- 5th Street: Columbus Boulevard To Craycroft Road -- Oak Tree Drive: Midvale Park Drive To Drexel Road -- 29th Street: Craycroft Road To Wilmot Road -- Houghton Road: City Limits To Irvington Road -- Wilmot Road: I-10 To South Of Pavement (a small strip of this is out of the city limits) -- Drexel Road: Mission Road To The Santa Cruz River -- NOTE: Also See Plan U-2005-013 And Plan In Protest S-99-015), First 30 Sheets - Reduced Paper Copies Only Yes
U-2005-016 Irvington Road and Pantano Road Traffic Signal Plan -- Current Project, Also See On Hold Plan I-2003-040 for complete Irvington Road Left Turn Lanes Yes
U-2005-015 Tucson Boulevard and Bilby Road Traffic Signal. (Rick Engineering) Yes
U-2005-014 -- PROTESTED -- Overlay And Resurfacing Projects -- TEA-21C #3 -- Stone Avenue: Sixth Street To Drachman Street -- Job Number 9173 -- (Entranco) -- (See Plan I-2000-071, Stone Avenue: 6th Street To First Street - Job Number 6150 And S182), (And Also Plan I-2005-029, Stone Avenue: Drachman Road To Speedway Boulevard - Job Number 9261 And S14W) -- Protested, Not Built RefOnly Yes
U-2005-013 TEA-21C 3A -- Overlay And Resurfacing Program -- (Entranco Engineers) -- Job Number S10H (Formerly 9173 And S108) -- Alameda Street: East of I-10 to Granada Avenue (specifically the west end at the sound wall instead of at the frontage road) -- Golf Links Road: Swan Road to Craycroft Road -- Rosemont Boulevard: Grant Road to Speedway Boulevard -- Speedway Boulevard: Kolb Road to Pantano Road -- REDUCED ORIGINALS -- 11X17 ONLY, NOTE: Also See Plan In Protest S-99-015 And Also Plan S-2004-048 Yes
U-2005-012 Miscellaneous Re-Striping And Bike Lane Installations -- Job Number S09DR -- Including the Areas Of - Broadway Boulevard: Wilmot Road To Jessica Avenue (EB Only) -- Broadway Boulevard: Pantano Wash Bridge -- Calle Santa Cruz: Irvington Road To Valencia Road -- Golf Links Road: Wilmot Road To Kolb Road -- Kolb Road: Tanque Verde Road To Speedway Boulevard -- Prince Road: Oracle Road To Stone Avenue -- Speedway Boulevard: Santa Cruz River Bridge -- Swan Road: 29th Street To Golf Links Road -- Wilmot Road: 22nd Street To Golf Links Road -- Starr Pass: Mission Road To I-10 (WB Only) -- 22nd Street: Alvernon Way To Swan Road -- (AMEC Infrastructure, Incorporated) -- Also See Plan U-2003-013 For First Half Of Project 157 Yes
U-2005-011 Grande Avenue Traffic Mitigation Concept Plan, Grande Avenue - Congress Street to Mission Lane (MMLA) No
U-2005-010 22nd. Street and Sahuara Avenue Pedestrian Signal Installation, (GLHN Engrs.) 161 Yes
U-2005-009 Broadway Boulevard: Jessica Avenue to Kolb Road -- Sidewalk Improvements 154 Yes
U-2005-008 Miscellaneous Curb Access Ramp Installations, St. Mary's Road - I-10 to Silverbell Road, Grant Road - Country Club Road to Alvernon Way and Broadway Blvd. - Park Avenue to Campbell Avenue. No
U-2005-007 Miscellaneous Curb Access Ramp Installations, Broadway Blvd. - Campbell Avenue to Craycroft Road No
U-2005-006 Oracle Road And Kelso Street -- Pedestrian Signal Installation -- (GLHN Architects And Engineers, Incorporated) 155 Yes
U-2005-005 36th Street and La Cholla Boulevard -- Traffic Signal Installation -- COT Job Number S92W -- (Kittelson And Associates / Catalina Engineering, Incorporated) -- Note: Current Project, Project Completed, Plan not Yet As Built Yes
U-2005-004 West Rosemont Neighborhood -- Back to Basics -- Hoffman Park -- Sidewalk And Drainage Improvements -- COT Job Number A127 -- (Entranco Engineering) -- Note: Current Project, Project Completed, Plan not Yet As Built Yes
U-2005-003 Craycroft Road: Speedway Boulevard to Broadway Boulevard And 5th Street: Rosemont Boulevard to Wilmot Road -- Sidewalk Improvements -- COT Job Number SW05 155 Yes
U-2005-002 Tucson Boulevard And 3rd Street -- Traffic Intersection Improvements -- COT Job Number S94J -- (Kittelson And Associates / Catalina Engineering, Incorporated) -- Contract Number 052138 Yes
U-2005-001 Houghton Road and Bilby Road Road Traffic Signal Installation. (Catalina Engrs.) Note, VOID, To be constructed under I-2004-034. No
U-2005-000 - 2005 - Class ''U'' - TRAFFIC & PARKING CONTROL: Signals, Flow Maps, Striping, Overlay Programs, Paving on City Property, Bicycle Paths, & Barriers, Sidewalk - 2005 - No
U-2004-029 22nd Street: Wilmot Road to Kolb Road and Grant Road: Craycroft Road to Wilmot Road -- A Part Of The 2004 Road Recovery Program, A JOC -- Job Number SW85, Also Included With This Job Number Is Plan I-2005-019 -- For More Information On The 2004 Road Recovery Program Also See Plan S-2005-045 -- Note: Current Project No
U-2004-028 Broadway Boulevard & Niven Avenue, Pedestrian Signal Replacement, (Hawk Signal) GLHN Architect & Engrs. 161 Yes
U-2004-027 - Void - - Void - No
U-2004-026 Country Club Road - Glenn Street to Grant Road and Elm Street to Speedway Boulevard 155 Yes
U-2004-025 Campbell Avenue - River Road to Prince Road -- Pavement Rehabilitation, Overlay --COT Job Number SS05 -- (HDR/Johnson Brittain) -- Pages 12-17 are Water System Modification plans 157 Yes
U-2004-024 Wilmot Road - 22nd. Street to Golf Links Road Pavement Rehab, Overlay (HDR/Johnson Brittain) No
U-2004-023 12th Avenue: 38th Street To Jetty Avenue -- Striping Plans 154 Yes
U-2004-022 Overlay And Resurfacing Projects -- TEA Number 21D -- Tucson Boulevard: Grant Road To Mabel Street -- Tucson Boulevard: Fort Lowell Road To Prince Road -- Drexel Road: Calle Santa Cruz To Tucson Boulevard -- COT Job Number S10G -- (Parsons Brinckerhoff, PB) -- Created from Plan In Protest: Job Number U-2000-001 157 Yes