Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-2006-062 Valencia Crossroads, Revised Lot 6, Prepared By Ryan Architects & Engineers, Located South Of Valencia Road, East Of Headley Road, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Plans Acquired From Pima County Film Roll, No Originals Yes
I-2021-009 Valencia Crossing Phase II, (Between Julian Wash and I-10) Paving Improvement for a portion of Greenway Wash Drive and Julian Wash Drive - includes new pavement, curb, sidewalk, ramps, and scuppers - (Rick Engineering) No
I-2021-005 Valencia Crossing Phase I, (Between Julian Wash and I-10) Paving Improvement for E Street "A", E Street "B", S Street "C", S Street "D", and a portion of Valencia Crossing Drive - includes new pavement, curb, sidewalk, ramps, scuppers, storm drains, and drainage - (Rick Engineering) Yes
I-2013-017 Valencia Crossing Infrastructure Lots 1-4, Block A (private street) and common area A (drainage). Note: NOT-BUILT. Please see I-2018-008. Yes
B-2011-001 Valencia Crossing Annexation District Yes
S-2011-013 Valencia Crossing Annexation District No
GR-2007-154 Valencia Car Wash, Located South Of Valencia Road, West Of Headly Road, East Of Mission Road, Within A Portion Of The Northwest Quarter Of Section 15, T15S, R13E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Number T07BU02002, Also Includes Irrigation, Landscaping And Native Plant Preservation Yes
C-83-025 Valencia Branch Library Recarpeting No
C-84-051 Valencia Branch Library Re-roofing No
C-73-024 Valencia Branch Library Addition 68 No
C-68-002A Valencia Branch Library - Plot Plan No
C-68-002 Valencia Branch Library 50 No
B-98-003 Valencia / Craycroft District annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number 9822 Yes
I-98-002 Valencia / Alvernon Commerce Center, Phase 1 - Paving & Sewer (Rogers Engineering) 144 Yes
I-2003-006 Vail School District Civano Community School Parking Bay Improvement (George M. Feltovic, Civil Engineer) 150 Yes
I-98-073 Vail Elementary School at Rita Ranch - Bus Bay, Box Culvert & Pedestrain Bridge Yes
I-2014-010 VAIL CHRISTIAN CHURCH OFFSITE IMPROVEMENT PLAN, along Valencia Rd., Within Section 15, T15S, R15E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Gila And Salt River Meridian (Rick Engineering) -- As-Built. Yes
GR-2006-008 Vactor Ranch -- Lots 108 Thru 126 And Common Areas ''A'', ''B'', And ''C'' -- A Residential Cluster Project -- Grading And Drainage Plans -- Located Bewteen The Private Streets: Vactor Ranch Trail And Vuelta Rancho Mesquite Plus Vactor Ranch Place -- Being A Portion Of The Northwest Part Of Section 32, T13S, R15E -- (Coronado Engineering And Development, Incorporated) A Resubdivision Of Block ''A'' Of Vactor Ranch Lots 108-126, Block ''A'', Reference Plan Number, T05BU02883, C9-96-01, S04-190 Yes
S-2005-034 Vacation, Hacienda Del Oeste, Camino De Vista, Located North Of Goret Road, North Of Neosha Street, South Of Silverbell Road, East Of El Moraga Drive, Section 29, T13S, R13E, Pima County, Arizona Yes
S-68-004 Vacation of Santa Rita Avenue lying between Silverlake and Mountain: and alley in West ½, Block 11 of Mirasol Addition 57 Yes
S-2005-028 Vacation of Right-of-way at the Northeast Corner of Franklin Street and Main Avenue, Lot 7, Block 172, City of Tucson, Map and Plat, Book 3 page 71. Yes
S-2012-007 Vacation of Right of Way within Presidio Trail Subdivision -- Maps and Plats Book 63, Page 67 -- Ordinance Number 10892 -- Sequence Number 20121810334 -- RES 2012-033 -- Becknell Drive, 20th Street, and Wolfskill Way Yes
S-2012-009 Vacation of Right of Way -- To Arizona Board of Regents - University of Arizona (U of A) -- Alley between Helen Street and Speedway Boulevard, West of Vine Avenue -- Alley between Helen Street and Speedway Boulevard, East of Vine Avenue -- Alley between Warren Avenue and Cherry Avenue, North of Speedway Boulevard -- T14S R14E Section 6 -- Also see H-92-015 -- Sequence Number 20121880720 -- (City of Tucson) Yes
S-2003-020 Vacation Of Right of Way -- Northwest of 21st Street and Tucson Boulevard -- T14S, R14E, Section 17 -- Docket Book 12905, Page 01110 (12905/01110) -- Ordinance Number 8614 -- Real Estate Plan Number RES-2003-084 Yes
H-93-056 Vacation of Right of way -- Cherry Avenue (formerly Cherry Street) from Chauncy Street to Linden Avenue -- Campus Drive to 1st Street -- Note: Paper Copy Only 126 & 127 Yes
S-66-026 Vacation of alleys in Blocks 149, 150, 169, & 170 of the ''City of Tucson'', lying within ''Santa Rosa Park'' 57 Yes
S-2007-021 Vacation of all public rights of ways, public parks, public well sites, public drainage easements, public water easements, and any interest the City of Tucson may have in any of the publick utility and slope easements as dedicated in the Final Block Plat of La Estancia De Tucson (MP 54/22) -- T15S, R15E, Sections 18 and 19 -- Docket Book 12929, Page 2028 (12929/2028) -- Real Estate Plan Number RES-2006-064 Yes
H-2011-006 Vacation of a portion of Wyoming Street, west of Swan Road, T15S, R14E, Section 3 (Precision) Yes
S-2005-044 Vacation of a portion of Oracle Rd.and Drachman Right-of way, Northeast corner No
S-2006-043 Vacation of a Portion of K Avenue north of 23rd Street (Racken Survey Consultants) Docket Book 12763, page 01337. Yes
S-2006-044 Vacation of a portion of Block 221, City of Tucson as recorded in Book 3 of Maps and Plats at Page 70. Northeast corner of El Paso Avenue and Simpson Street Yes
S-79-028 Vacation Of A Portion Of Alley Fletcher Road, In Rodeo Addition 72 Yes
S-80-014 Vacation of 19th Street & Portion of Alley in Block 138 of City of Tucson -- West of Osborne Avenue -- Ordinance 5189 -- Docket Book 6313, Page 862 -- June 1980 77 Yes
S-2008-003 Vacation and Sale Of Street Right of Way -- Southwest Corner of 22nd Street and Kolb Road -- T14S, R15E, Section 20 -- Docket Book 13111, Book 3310 (13111/3310) Yes
S-2007-025 Vacation and Sale of RP 712 -- South of Valencia And Randall Boulevard -- Quitclaim deed to United States of America -- T15S, R14E, Section 18 -- Docket Book 12947, Page 3578 (12947/3578) -- Real Estate Plan Number RES-2003-066 Yes
S-2006-114 Vacation and Sale of alley right of way -- Located between 7th Street and 8th Street and also Park Avenue and Fremont Avenue -- Docket Book 12853, Page 02479 -- Ordinance Number 10077 -- RES-2006-071 -- T14S, R14E, Section 7 Yes
S-2005-056 Vacation And Sale Of Alley Right Of Way -- West Of Cherry Avenue, Between 16th Street And 17th Street -- T14S, R14E, Section 18 -- RES-2005-068 Yes
S-2005-060 Vacation & Sale Of Street & Alley, Right Of Way, Southwestern Addition, Block 221, Located North Of 22nd Street, North Of Simpson Street, South Of Broadway Boulevard, South Of Cushing Street, East Of El Paso Avenue, West Of 10th Avenue - Main Avenue Yes
S-2005-057 Vacation & Sale Of Right Of Way, Located North Of Rillito Street, South Of Grant Road, Just West Of 6th Avenue Yes
S-2005-050 Vacation & Sale Of Crosswalk, Located North Of Pueblo Vista Boulevard, East Of San Jacinto Drive, Within Section 22, T14S, R13E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona Yes
S-2005-055 Vacation & Sale Of A Portion Of Alameda Right Of Way, Located North Of Alameda Street, South Of Franklin Street, West Of Westmoreland Avenue, Reference Number RES-2005-063 Yes
S-92-029 Vacation & Maintenance of Camino Principal - Tanque Verde to City Limits 131 Yes
S-268 Vacating of Vine Avenue between Southern Pacfic Railroad Right-of-Way and Factory Avenue 57 Yes
S-69-016 Vacating & Closing portions of 9th Avenue, 20th Street, 21 Street, & North-South Alley in Blocks 140 & 157 in La Reforma Housing Project 57 Yes
H-92-015 Vacated Streets and Alleys within the University Area ( U of A ) Yes
S-2008-020 Vacated Alley Right Of Way, Bronx Park Addition, Block 31, Lots 12, 13 And 14, Located North Of Lester Street, South Of Plata Street, East Of Oracle Road, Within Section 1, T14S, R13E, Pima County, Arizona Yes
C-70-025 V.F.W. Building Remodeling, 161 E. Broadway, For Model Cities No
GR-87-018 V & R Condomoniums -- New Street & 24th Street (WLB Group) 89 Yes