Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
GR-88-041 Deconcini Property -- Wilmot, Stella, Calle Polar & Golf Links (Letter for File) 97 Yes
I-65-041 State Highway, Speedway Underpass and Approach USG247(6) 36 Yes
I-64-037 Ferry Addition District Paving and Sewer NOTE: AD Series AD-0410 17 Yes
I-72-018 Model Cities Paving Project , Phase I Area II, Continued Number 1 and Number 2 61 Yes
I-76-009 IRVINGTON ROAD @ Benson Highway 67 Yes
I-81-052 LINCOLN RIDGE ESTATES, Lots 208 thru 324 -- Paving and Sewer Improvements 77 Yes
I-78-042 DESERET HEIGHTS, District Paving and Sewer Improvements NOTE: AD Series AD-0600 76 Yes
I-86-043 Midvale Park Commuity Chopping Center - Accel - Decel Lanes (Dooley-Jones & Assoc.) 95 Yes
L-75-011 Prudence Park (now known as Stefan B. Gollob Park) Tennis Court and Ballfield Lighting 66 Yes
I-99-083 PRUDENCE ROAD - North of Speedway OFFSITE Paving Improvements Yes
S-318 Pumping Plant Southwest corner 1st Street & Tucson Boulevard 57 Yes
S-493 Proposed area to be annexed to the City of Tucson, Colonia Del Valle 57 Yes
S-787 Proposed opening of Glenn Street from Flowing Wells Road to Calle Poniente (SEE H-329) (3/61) 60 Yes
S-63-040 Sketch showing the Tucson Diversion Channel (Julian Wash) at Ajo Way and Park Avenue 57 Yes
GR-88-133 Jiffy Lube International (Thomas Pano-Architects) 104 Yes
GR-90-094 Chevron U.S.A. Asphalt Plant/Simpson Street/Sentinal Avenue 115 Yes
I-701 WILMOT DESERT ESTATES -- Resubdivided Blocks 23 and 24 NOTE: See I-696 13 Yes
S-87-050 Proposed Annexation of Portions of Sections 23 through 26, T14S, R15E 92 Yes
S-85-007 Parcel RP Number 529 83 & 84 Yes
S-97-016 Construction Program 1997 Number 17 - Widen Northeast & Southwest Corners Greasewood Road at Speedway Boulevard Yes
S-89-100 Country Club Road from Prince Road to Fort Lowell Parcel Parcel B/3 to be acquired 118 Yes
S-90-031 Parcel P-1/2, on Speedway Boulevard between Euclid & Tucson Boulevard To Be Acquired for Right-of-way 118 Yes
H-2005-018 Record of Survey for Bus Pullout Lane, Phase 2, Prince Road at Campbell Avenue Intersection (HDR Engrs.) 153 Yes
GR-2000-006 Midvale Terrace, Lots 1 Thru 59, Block 1, Common Areas A & B, A Residential Cluster Project, 5051 South Midvale Park Road, Prepared By Presideo Engineering Incorporated, Located NE Of Oaktree Drive, South Of Irvington Road, East Of Midvale Park Drive, Within A Portion Of Section 3, T15S, R13E, Reference Number, T00BU00481 Yes
I-2006-010 Tully Elementary School Busbay Modifications on El Rio Drive west of Dragoon St. (Sakeller Associates) 159 Yes
I-2006-075 Private Improvement Agreement (PIA) -- Sunset Pointe at Midvale Park -- Lots 1 thru 55 and Common Area A and B -- A residential Cluster Project (All Streets Are Public -- A Resubdivision Of Cambrie at Midvale Park, Block A and Common Areas (MP 52/58) -- Sandpiper Avenue, North Of Valencia Road -- T15S, R13E, Section 10 -- (Leadstar Engineering) 159 Yes
GR-2007-042 Rillito Riparian Restoration Project, Areas 2 And 3, Prepared By Recon, Located Within Section 26, T13S, R14E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Numbers, T07CM00560, T07OT00560, Job Number, 4400, Missing Sheets 1 And Sheets 4 Thru 10 (No Originals Received) Yes
GR-2008-001 Rodeo Addition Number 3, Lots 29 Thru 34, Lots 35 Thru 39, 5301 Thru 5385 South Nogales Highway, Located North Of Drexel Road, South Of Irvington Road, East Of Tucson-Nogales Highway, West Of 1st Avenue, Within Section 1, T15S, R13E, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Map And Plat, Book 13, Page 20, Reference Plan Number T07BU00291, Also Includes Native Plant Preservation Plan Yes
GR-2008-121 Copper Vista II, Lots 1 Thru 31 Common Areas A, B, C, D, A Resubdivision Of Los Ranchitos Number 6, Lots 216 And 221, Located North Of Milton Road, South Of Drexel Road, East Of Jeanette Boulevard, West Of Campbell Avenue, Within Section 7, T15S, R14E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Number T07BU01586, S05-187 Yes
S-2014-004 Tucson Airport Authority 2 Annexation District Yes
R-2017-005 Monument Study & Record of Survey Grant Road at the UPRR Underpass within Section 35, T13S, R13E & Section 2, T14S, R13E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona Yes
I-2001-002 Iman Avenue - Mirabella Subdivision Phase II (Rick Engineering) Yes
I-2003-014 Rancho Santa Fe, Lots 1-31, Public Paving and Sewer Plans (Presidio Engineering, Inc.) 152 Yes
D-045 Design for REINFORCED CONCRETE BOX CULVERT, thru Lot 7, Block 74 City of Tucson 2 Yes
D-76-008 PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE & SPILLWAY DETAILS (Pima College Eastside Branch) C.B.E. Assoc. 78 Yes
H-216 Intersection of 22ND ST. AND TUCSON ACCESS HIGHWAY 4 Yes
H-93-001 Record of Survey (9/2) - Main Avenue, Drachman Street to Street Mary's Road 122 Yes
H-99-009 Record of Survey (14/75) 5TH Street - Craycroft Road to Chantilly Drive 138 Yes
I-98-037 Minorka Subdivision At Park Ave. & Minorka Rd. - Public Street Improvement (Rogers Civil Engineering). NOTE: As Built By Engineer Of Record Not Accepted by City of Tucson for Maintenance & Operations. 149 & 151 Yes
R-78-001 SANTA CRUZ RIVERPARK-proposed E. boundary: between Mission Lane & 22nd St. 77 Yes
I-99-035 Adobes Del Bosque Paving Plans (Presidio Engineering) 143 Yes
B-93-002 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 8151 (Location: Valley Indian Agency) Map/Plat Book 45 Page 51, Effective Date: Dec 22, 1993, File Name: MP-45-051 Yes
B-243 Territory Annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number 954 Plumer Avenue and 15th Street District NOTE: Book 7 Page 37 File Name MP-07-037 Yes
I-81-015 FRANCES BOULEVARD from Seneca Street to Pima Street -- District Paving Improvement NOTES: West Side; AD Series AD-0632 79 Yes
E-71-005 Contour Maps by the University of Arizona, At. Mary's Road to 22nd Street, West of silverbell Road. Yes
GR-84-073 Popeyes -- Campbell and Blacklidge (Howard Peck) NOTE: POOR IMAGE 82 Yes
GR-86-064 Sullivan Lumber Yard -- North Oracle Road (McCarty Engineering) 85 Yes
GR-88-042 Forum at Tucson, Rosemont BLVD (Jerry Jones Engineering) 97 Yes