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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
U-99-009 Santa Cruz Multi-Use Path -- Miscellaneous Bikeway Projects -- Congress Avenue: Cottonwood Lane To Ajo Way -- West Bank Of The Santa Cruz River -- COT Job Number S09F (Old Job Number 9238) -- (GLHN) Note: Current Project No
U-99-008 TEA 21C -- Number 4 -- Overlay & Resurfacing Project -- 1. 22nd Street At Craycroft -- 2. Broadway Boulevard At Wilmot Road -- 3. Cherrybell Stravenue: 22nd Street To Silverlake Road -- 4. Craycroft Road At 22nd Street -- 5. Cushing Street: Granada Avenue To Stone Avenue -- 6. Elvira Road: Tucson Boulevard To Country Club Road -- 7. Euclid Avenue At Grant Road -- 8. Grande Avenue / Mission Road At Starr Pass -- 9. Greasewood Road: Speedway Boulevard To Anklam Road -- 10. Rocket Stravenue / Harrison Road Near Rita Road And Brekke Road -- 11. Houghton Road At Rita Road -- 12. Main Avenue: Cushing Street To 18th Street -- 13. Oaktree Road At Drexel Road -- 14. Swan Road Near 22nd Street And 29th Street -- 15. 10th Avenue Near 18th Street And 22nd Street -- 16. Valencia Road: Pantano Road To Houghton Road -- 17. Wilmot Road Near Speedway Boulevard And Broadway Boulevard -- COT Job Number 9174 -- (EEC, Engineering And Environmental Consultants, Incorporated) -- Project On Hold And Being Divided Into Seperate Parts, See U-2005-019 For TEA-21C Number 4B No
U-99-007 Pedestrian Crossing Warning Devices Phase IV 1.) Alvernon Way/27th Street 2.) Arcadia Avenue/5th Street 148 Yes
U-99-006 Pedestrian Crossing Warning Devices Phase 5 -- Golf Links Road at Calle Polar -- Calle Betelgeux at Kolb Road -- Craycroft Road at South Wilshire Drive -- Note: Also shown but omitted as it was NIC (Not In Contract) is the intersection of Camino Seco And Stella Road -- Pedestrian Crossing Warning Devices, Phase 5 -- COT Job Numbers 9219 And 9220 156 Yes
U-99-005 Miscellaneous Bikeway Projects II A Dodge between Speedway & Glenn Irvington Road between 6th Avenue & Park Avenue Pima Street between Pantano Road & Camino Seco (GLHN) 148 Yes
U-99-004 22nd Street/Randolph Way Traffic Signal 152 Yes
U-99-003 Old Nogales Highway Bicycle/Pedestrian Overpass (BKS Engineering) No
U-99-002 VOID: SEE L-2000-002 Fort Lowell Nieghborhood Enhancement Project - Sidewalks, Landscaping, Traffic Circles (Sage Landscape) VOID: SEE L-2000-002 - Void - No
U-99-001 Park Avenue between Grant Road & Fort Lowell Road - Striping Plans NOTE: Also See S-98-023 for paving (City Engineering - Mary Lou Arbaugh) No
U-99-000 - 1999 - Class ''U'' - TRAFFIC & PARKING CONTROL: Signals, Flow Maps, Striping, Overlay Programs, Paving on City Property, Bicycle Paths, & Barriers, Sidewalk - 1999 - No
U-98-009 Type-E Bus Shelter Installation And Improvement -- Lester Street: Huachuca Street to Chiricahua Avenue -- COT Job Number 9137 -- Part Of The On Call Construction Program 1998 146 Yes
U-98-008 Pedestrian Crossing Warning Devices III -- San Fernando Avenue And Valencia Road -- Irvington Road And 9th Avenue --Broadway Boulevard And Park Avenue -- Drexel Road And Oak Tree Drive -- Note: Paper Copy Only 156 Yes
U-98-007 Overlay & Resurfacing Project, TEA21 #2 (City Engineering - McCullough) No
U-98-006 Overlay & Resurfacing Project- - Striping Plans -- COT Job Number 9171 -- Grant Road: Fairview Avenue To Oracle Road -- Campbell Avenue: 9th Street To 2nd Street -- Ajo Way: Park Avenue To Benson Highway -- Park Avenue: Irvington Road To Benson Highway -- Grant Road: Craycroft Road To Wilmot Road -- 5th Street: Sahuara Road To Wilmot Road -- Speedway Boulevard: Pantano Road To Camino Seco -- Pantano Road: Broadway Boulevard To Speedway Boulevard -- Broadway Boulevard: Pantano Road To Camino Seco -- Pantano Road: Research Loop To 22nd Street 155 Yes
U-98-005 1997-1998 RRR Striping -- Broadway Boulevard: Camino Seco To Houghton Road -- Speedway Boulevard: Camino Seco To Harrison Road -- Palo Verde Road: Fort Lowell Road To Glenn Street -- Dodge Boulevard: Fort Lowell Road To Glenn Street -- NOTE: Also See S-98-012 For Overlay -- COT Job Number 9152 -- (City Engineering - Mo Riback) 155 Yes
U-98-004 Overlay & Resurfacing Project, ISTEA 6 Phase B, Pavement Marking Plan NOTE: Also See S-96-008 for Overlay (City Engineering - Ed Kessler) 142 Yes
U-98-003 ISTEA 6 -- Phase A -- Striping -- 1st Avenue: Prince Road To Grant Road -- Ajo Way: 16th Avenue To 6th Avenue -- Alvernon Way: 2nd/3rd Avenue To Broadway Bouldevard -- Campbell Avenue: Fort Lowell Road To Elm Street -- Prince Road: Southern Pacific Roalroad (SPRR) Tracks To Oracle Road -- Speedway Boulevard: Alvernon Way To Rosemont Boulevard -- COT Job Number 6015 -- Note: Also See S-96-007 for Overlay -- (City Engineering - Frank Reyes) 156 Yes
U-98-002 ISTEA 5 -- Phase B -- Striping -- Note: Also See S-96-006 for Overlay And Resurfacing -- COT Job Number 6013 -- (City Engineering - Frank Reyes) 155 Yes
U-98-001 Sleepy Hollow District Traffic Mitigation Improvement For Speed Humps -- Sleepy Hollow Avenue At 25th Street 154 Yes
U-98-000 - 1998 - Class ''U'' - TRAFFIC & PARKING CONTROL: Signals, Flow Maps, Striping, Overlay Programs, Paving on City Property, Bicycle Paths, & Barriers, Sidewalk - 1998 - No
U-97-006 Orange Grove Road/Oracle Road Signalization (Pima County) Signed But Not Stamped, From The Year 1983 139 Yes
U-97-005 Broadmont Drive/Palo Verde Signalization (Pima County) 139 Yes
U-97-004 Flowing Wells Road between Roger Road to Miracle Mile - District Sidewalk Improvement 148 Yes
U-97-003 Richland Heights East (Speed Bumps & Traffic Circles) Fort Lowell Road, South to Prince Road & Campbell Avenue, East to Tucson Boulevard NOTE: Also See AD Series AD-0803 154 Yes
U-97-002 The Snake Bridge Broadway Bicycle/Pedestrian Overpass (Tylin International) No
U-97-001 Pedestrian Crossing Warning Devices Phase 2 -- 22nd Street and Avenida Polar, Pantano Road At Santa Rita High School, Speedway Boulevard and Treat Avenue, and Speedway Boulevard At East Side City Hall(FREMMING Avenue is the entrance to the East Side City Hall) 142 Yes
U-97-000 - 1997 - Class ''U'' - TRAFFIC & PARKING CONTROL: Signals, Flow Maps, Striping, Overlay Programs, Paving on City Property, Bicycle Paths, & Barriers, Sidewalk - 1997 - No
U-96-006 South Sam Hughes Speed Humps District Traffic Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0801 138 Yes
U-96-005 Pedestrian Crossing Warning Devices -- Euclid Avenue and 7th Street -- Saint Mary's Road And Melrose Avenue -- Speedway Boulevard And Plumer Avenue -- Fort Lowell Road And Fontana Avenue -- COT Job Number 9081 -- No Original Mylars Found -- Paper Copy Only (GLHN Architects And Engineers, Incorporated) 155 Yes
U-96-004 Construction Program 1997: Northwest corner of Church Street & Alameda Street. 150 Yes
U-96-003A Construction Program 1997, Catalina Avenue - Speedway Blvd. to 2nd Street Sidewalk Improvement. 151 Yes
U-96-003 Contingency Sidewalk Program 1996-1997. 151 Yes
U-96-002 Balboa Park Sidewalk Improvement 153 Yes
U-96-001 Columbus Boulevard: Broadway Boulevard to 29th Street -- Miscellaneous Bikeway Improvements -- RRR, Resurfacing, Reconstruction, And Rehabilitation -- Roadway Recovery -- 1995 ISTEA 4, Phase A -- COT Job Number 3222 (824E) -- (Johnson - Brittian) 155 Yes
U-96-000 - 1996 - Class ''U'' - TRAFFIC & PARKING CONTROL: Signals, Flow Maps, Striping, Overlay Programs, Paving on City Property, Bicycle Paths, & Barriers, Sidewalk - 1996 - No
U-95-004 Golf Links Road - Swan Road to Craycroft Road - Bikeway (Johnson - Brittain) 139 Yes
U-95-003 Miscellaneous Bikeway Improvements on Mountain Avenue from Rillito River Park to Roger Road (Johnson - Brittain) Yes
U-95-002 New Park and Ride Lot at Irvington Road and Valley View Road 139 Yes
U-95-001 Golf Links Road to Escalante Road Bike Path & Landscape 139 Yes
U-95-000 - 1995 - Class ''U'' - TRAFFIC & PARKING CONTROL: Signals, Flow Maps, Striping, Overlay Programs, Paving on City Property, Bicycle Paths, & Barriers, Sidewalk - 1995 - No
U-94-007 Water Street from Campbell Avenue to East of Drainageway NOTE: AD Series AD-0794 139 Yes
U-94-006 Terra Del Sol (speed humps) District Traffic Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0784 133 Yes
U-94-005 Miscellaneous Bikeway Improvements Santa Cruz River Park Bike Path from Speedway Boulevard to Mission Lane (Johnson - Brittain) 142 Yes
U-94-004 Miscellaneous Bike Paths: La Cholla Boulevard from Starr Pass Boulevard to Ajo Way -- (JBA. Johnson, Brittain And Associates, Incorperated) 139 Yes
U-94-003 Miscellaneous Bike Paths: Craycroft Road from Bellevue Street to Speedway Boulevard (Johnson - Brittain) No
U-94-002 Miscellaneous Bike Paths 1) Bilby Road - Park Avenue to Tucson Boulevard 2) Tanque Verde Road - Grant to Sabino Canyon 3) 36th Street - La Cholla Boulevard to Mission Road (Johnson - Brittain) 139 Yes
U-94-001 - Protested - Not Built - Camino Pio Decimo: Edison Street To Pima Street And Grady Avenue: Pima Street To Fremont Street -- District Traffic Improvement -- Note: Protested, Not Built RefOnly No
U-94-000 - 1994 - Class ''U'' - TRAFFIC & PARKING CONTROL: Signals, Flow Maps, Striping, Overlay Programs, Paving on City Property, Bicycle Paths, & Barriers, Sidewalk - 1994 - No
U-93-004 Arroyo Chico Bike Path from Cherry Avenue to Santa Rita 133 Yes
U-93-003 Mountain Avenue between Rillito River to 2nd Street - Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Landscape NOTE: Reduced paper Copy Only 123 Yes