Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
GR-86-065 Dialysis Foundation -- Anklam Road (Ryan Engineering) 85 Yes
GR-88-043 Ilona's School of Dance Arts -- 3161 North Country Club (Greiner Engineering) 97 Yes
I-65-043 State Highway, Tucson Casa Grande Highway, 10th to 29th Street, I-10-4(22) {No Prints} NOTE: Cards Only 32 Yes
I-64-039 Bronx Park Addition District Paving Improvement (W & P) NOTE: AD Series AD-0441 36 Yes
I-72-020 Eastern Hills, Bedford Drive and 2nd Place -- Paving and Sewer Improvement (C. & B.) 52 Yes
I-81-054 SILVERBELL ROAD from Congress Street to Fresno Street, District Paving Improvement, As Built 77 Yes
I-78-044 GRADY AVENUE, Speedway Blvd. North (Buck Lewis Western Tech.) 74 Yes
I-86-045 Rita Road from Houghton Road to 660 Feet East (VEA Ltd.) 90 Yes
K-008 Plant Number 1, Foundation plans for Nordberg Pumping engine and complete details of L.P. and H.P. Valve motions for cross compound pumping engine. Specifications Also Barr and Plat pump foundation, details 13 Yes
M-94-001 Bus Shelters for Sun Tran 139 Yes
I-99-085 SPEEDWAY BOULEVARD @ Camino Miraflores OFFSITE Improvements for Montage Vista (MMLA) Yes
S-320 City Lot on West Speedway Lot 12 Section 2, T14, R13 57 Yes
S-495 Proposed vacating of a portion Arcade Street 57 Yes
S-789 Proposed opening of King Road & Vine Avenue in SW ¼, NE ¼, of Section 30, T13S, R14E (3/61) 60 Yes
S-63-042 Proposed opening of ''Arcadia Wash'' between Speedway Boulevard and 1st Street in Lot 1 of Block 1 of Speedway Tracts (7/63) 57 Yes
GR-88-135 Country Club Road Widening South of Transcon Way (O'Neill Engineering - Phoenix) 104 Yes
GR-90-096 AFCO Self Service Gas Station - 3601 North Oracle Road (Anthony G. Capps Architects) 115 Yes
S-87-052 Golf Links Road from Pantano Road to Pantano Parkway, Saddleback Drive Realignment 92 Yes
S-85-009 Proposed Annexation: Harding Ranch in Portions of Sections 13 & 24 in T13S, R13E 83 & 84 Yes
S-97-018 Golf Links Road: Between Pantano Rd & Bonanza Ave -- Right Of Way Acquisition Yes
S-89-102 Stone Avenue from Wetmore Road to Calle Arizona Parcel E/6 to be acquired 118 Yes
S-90-032 Parcels to be sold C/1, D/1, & E/1 on Speedway Boulevard between Silverbell Road & Santa Cruz Lane 118 Yes
I-2004-018 Stone Avenue - North of Thurston Lane - Deceleration Lane Yes
I-2005-015 River Road, Shannon Road To La Cholla Boulevard, Pima County Work Order 4TRLCC, No Originals, See Pima County Yes
GR-2000-008 Tucson's Cornerstone, 2485 North Swan Road, Prepared By OPW & Associates Incorporated, Located North Of Speedway Boulevard, South Of Grant Road, East Of Swan Road, Within A Portion Of Section 34, T13S, R14E, Reference Number, T00BU00642, Also Includes Site Plan Yes
GR-2006-017 4120 South 6th Avenue, A Commercial Development -- Grading, Paving, And Drainage Plan -- 6th Avenue And Palmsdale Street -- (Steve Corrales Engineering Corporation, Consulting Engineers And Land Surveyors) -- No Originals, Copy Made From Plans Borrowed From Development Services, Also Includes Paving Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number, T02BU0304 Yes
H-2007-006 Record Of Survey, El Rio Monument Study And Right Of Way Acquisitions, Located North Of Speedway, South Of Grant, East Of Silverbell Road, West Of Interstate 10, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona 159 Yes
GR-2008-003 Santa Cruz River, 1-19 And Irvington-Phase 2, Parque De Santa Cruz, Located North Of Drexel Road, South Of Irvington Road, East Of Midvale Park Road, West Of I-19, Also Includes Low Flow, High Flow, Tributary 1 Thru 5, North Access Road, Southeast Trail, Cultvert, Cross Section, Utility Location Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number T07BU01363 Yes
GR-2008-123 Casitas On Broadway, 2121 East Broadway Boulevard, Located North Of Broadway Boulevard, South Of 10th Street, East Of Olsen Avenue, West Of Plumber Avenue, Within A Portion Of The Southwest Quarter Of Section 8, T14S, R14E, Gila And Salt River Base And Meridian, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Number T08BU01755, Also Includes Horizontal Control Plans And Information Yes
I-2014-001 Old Vail Park and Ride - Old Vail Road Bus Pullout Yes
U-2017-007 Banner University Medical Center Offsite Expansion, Elm St,. Campbell Ave. Yes
I-2001-004 Pima Pointe - Maguire Avenue and Pima Street, Offsite Paving Plans (Rick Engineering) 148 Yes
M-2003-002 Sahuaro Bus Shelter by Attention Transit, 13' Length, Note: Reference Plan S-2003-001 Phase 1 Yes
A-047 BLOCK 208, CITY OF TUCSON, compl. survey or resurvey & adjustment with bearings & distances. Also a tracing showing later subd. of lots with a proposed alley. 5 Yes
D-047 CULVERT EXTENSION on 8th Street, near Park Avenue 2 Yes
F-034 EAST 6TH STREET Lighting Improvement, Stone to 1st Avenue and plans for Lighting High School Grounds, Block 6, City of Tucson 3 Yes
H-218 Access Road widening - MUNICIPAL AIRPORT NO. 2 4 Yes
H-73-002 Fire Station No. 15, Relocation McKinley Park, Block 7, at Mission Rd and San Juan Trail. Map showing results of survey of a parcel of land in the Northeast 1/4 of the Southeast 1/4 of Section 22, T14S, R13E, G&SRB&M, AND Showing Topographic Features Thereon. 110 Yes
H-93-003 Record of Survey (9/8) - Miraflores Number 3 Estates Lots 41-42 122 Yes
H-99-011 Record of Survey (14/98) Block 27, Tucson Heights, Elm Street and 3rd Avenue 138 Yes
I-464 Paving at NW Corner CONGRESS & 6TH (1st.) Block 195 7 Yes
I-94-039 RANCHO ANTIGUA 2 - PAVING, DRAINAGE & SEWER (OPW & Associates, INC.) 133 Yes
I-98-039 Tanque Verde Road - Roadway Improvements for Colonia Verde Plaza (Rogers Engineering;) Yes
R-78-003 TUCSON HOUSE - vacant land development project 77 Yes
I-99-037 Campbell Avenue - Grant Road to Elm Street. Street Paving Improvements. (David Evans and Associates) 152 Yes
I-81-017 CASA GALLEGO STREET -- Sewer Improvement (WBC) Note: Service and Conduit upgrade, As Built dated 8/8/03 on page 6. 77 & 78 Yes
E-72-001 Kinneson Wash Drainageway Alignment (Irvington North to Pantano) (Florian and Collins) (see Tony Paez) Yes
GR-84-075 Highland Ranch Lots (71-94)(103-106)(112-149) -- (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 82 Yes
GR-86-066 Christ Community Church -- 7801 East Kenyon Drive -- Grading Plan (RS Engineering) 85 Yes