Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
GR-88-044 Tetra Corporation -- Glen Street & Bal Boa (Stitzer, Johnson, Vahl, Engineering) 97 Yes
I-64-040 Grant Road West Industrial Center 17 Yes
I-72-021 Swan Road from Broadway to Speedway -- District Paving Improvement (Gomez & Associates) NOTE: AD Series AD-0551 62 Yes
I-76-012 GRANT ROAD from Silverbell Road to Santa Cruz River -- District Paving Improvement (Collins & Assoc.) NOTE: AD Series AD-0589 77 & 81 & 1 Yes
I-81-055 BEVERLY AVENUE, FAIRMONT NORTH -- Paving Project (Buchanan, Collins, Johnson, and Associates) 78 Yes
I-78-045 FREMMING AVENUE, Speedway North (Buck Lewis Western Tech.) 74 Yes
I-86-046 Esmond Loop in Rita Ranch Street Improvement (RGA Engineers) 91 Yes
K-009 Plan Number 2, Plans for buildings and arrangement of machinery 13 Yes
L-76-001 Hi Corbett Annex Baseball Field Lighting Yes
I-99-086 Ironwood Hills Drive Center Left Turn Lane NOTE: As Built By R.J. Loss; May 17th, 2002 147 Yes
S-321 Proposed Addition to Garden of Gethsemane Park at West Congress St Bridge 57 Yes
S-496 Proposed sewer easement, Eastland street to 18th Street 57 Yes
S-790 Proposed opening of widening of Adams Street in Block 12 of Speedway Addition Number 2 (3/61) 60 Yes
S-63-043 Right-of-way to be acquired on the West side of Wimot Road between Broadway Boulevard and Timrod Street (7/63) 57 Yes
GR-88-136 Speedway/Beverly Center (Alpha Engineering) 104 Yes
GR-90-097 Wilford P. Schmoll - Golf Links/Craycroft (Alpha Engineering) 115 Yes
S-87-053 Right-of-way to be acquired for Country Club Road from Prince to Fort Lowell Road 92 Yes
S-85-010 Right-of-Way to be Acquired on Prince Road East of Park Avenue 83 & 84 Yes
S-97-019 ''River / Backer'' Annexation District Yes
S-89-103 Pima Street from Craycroft Road to Wilmot Road P-28/5 to be acquired 118 Yes
S-90-033 Parcel I/2 To Be Acquired, on Country Club Road between Prince Road & Fort Lowell Road 118 Yes
H-2000-011 Record of Survey (Book20/Page88) Pantano Road between Golf Links Road and Escalante Road 142 Yes
S-2004-012 University of Arizona (U Of A) -- 10' Electrical Duct Bank, Docket Book 11523, Page 2061 -- Park Avenue at Lowell Street, north of 6th Street Yes
H-2005-020 Record of Survey of monument references on Ft. Lowell Road, from Avenida Laurel Real to Laurel Avenue, located in Sections 27 & 34, T13S, R14E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona (Castro) 155 Yes
GR-2000-009 River Road Professional Office, Phase 1, Prepared By Bruce Paton, Located North Of Limberlost Road, South Of River Road, East Of Mountain Avenue, West Of Campbell Avenue, Within A Portion Of Section 19, T13S, R14E, Reference Number, T00BU00927, Also Includes Paving Plans Yes
S-2006-030 University Of Arizona (U Of A) -- Public Ingress/Egress Easement And Vacation Of Right Of Way, Docket Book 10280 Page 1274 -- Park Avenue And Former Lowell Street -- Ordinance Number 8668, Docket Book 10280 Page 1256 -- RES-94-012 -- For More Vacated Streets And Alleys Within The University Area See Plan H-92-015 Yes
H-2006-021 Monumentation Ties -- Euclid Avenue: 1st Street To Helen Street -- Section 6, T15S, R14E -- (City of Tucson) -- Recorded As Record Of Survey Book 53, Page 10 158 Yes
GR-2007-044 Sierra Morado, Unit 3, Phase 1, Lots 807 Thru 871, Lots 948 Thru 1117, Common Areas A, B And C, Prepared By Stantec, Located North Of Bilby Road, East Of Drexel Road, Within Section 12, T15S, R15E, Gila And Salt Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Drainage Plans And Information, Reference Numbers, S06-056, T06BU01156 Yes
GR-2008-004 Puente Nuevo Plaza, Condominiums Units 101 Thru 115, 201 Thru 206, 209 Thru 212, Common Elements A, B-1 Thru B-11, Located North Of Fort Lowell Road, East Of Alvernon Way, Within Section 27, T13S, R14E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Paving. Horizontal Control And Landscaping Plans, Reference Plan Numbers C9-06-31, D07-0017, T07BU01729 Yes
S-2011-009 Pantano Road, Irvington Road To Escalante -- Right of Way Study -- Right of Way acquired after 1971 -- T14S, R15E, Sections 28, 29, 32, and 33-- Note: This was Prepared for ADOT Right of way Clearance not to be used on Subsequent project -- For reference only Yes
F-2017-001 Midvale Park Neighborhood Association - Project Number S232, Pima County Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Project Design. General Project Description: This project includes construction of 18 LED Street Lights along Oaktree Drive from Chardonnay Drive to Valencia Road. Section 10, T15S, R13E Yes
I-2001-005 Main Gate Shopping Center (Centerline Offset Inc.) Yes
I-2003-016 Riverhaven, Phase 2, Lots 45-373, Public Paving and Drainage Improvement Plans (Baker & Associates Engineering, Inc.) 159 Yes
A-048 BLOCK 228, shows misc. distances & lots, pencilled. 1 Yes
D-048 CULVERT EXTENSION on Park near 11th Street 2 Yes
D-77-001 Box Culvert @ SAN ANTONIO DRIVE & Cholla Wash 70 Yes
F-035 SOUTH STONE AVENUE Lighting, 18th. Street to Corral Street 3 Yes
H-219 Proposed opening of CHRUCH ST. 6TH Street to Ochoa 4 Yes
H-73-003 FIRE STATION NO. 12, Site Plan 110 Yes
H-93-004 Record of Survey (9/9) - Telesco Terrace Santa Rita Terrace Construction Monument Line Survey 122 Yes
H-99-012 Record of Survey (15/02) South Park Avenue - 19th. Street to 36th. Street 138 Yes
I-465 Mundo Vista and Morningside District Paving & Sewer Improvement. Note: Assessment Diagram Series AD-0149 is for the Sewer Improvements and Assessment Diagram Series AD-0151 is for the Paving Improvements 7 Yes
I-98-040 Harrison Village - Paving & Sewer Plans (Finn & Associates) 140 Yes
R-78-004 ELK'S CLUB - property (La Entrada Proj.) 77 Yes
I-99-038 Public Paving and Sewer Improvement -- PIA -- 24th Street East of 10th Avenue -- For Quijotoa, (S98-064) Lots 1 - 7 -- (AGARA Inc.) 147 Yes
I-81-018 KENYON TERRACE, Lots 1 thru 160 -- Paving and Sewer NOTE: Part Private (WBC) 78 Yes
GR-84-076 Pima Financial Park (Masscrella/Ruiz/Marco) 82 Yes