Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
D-74-002 BERKSHIRE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER, C.M.P. Storm Drain (Cella, Barr & Evans) 92 Yes
S-87-028 Right-of-way & Area to be Acquired for Granada Avenue 92 Yes
S-87-029 Proposed Annexation of Portions of Sections 26 & 35 T14S, R15E 92 Yes
S-87-030 Mission Road / Congress Street from Interstate-10 to 22nd Street - Map Prepared to send to State Historic Preservation Officer 92 Yes
S-87-031 Speedway Boulevard from Euclid Avenue to Tucson Boulevard - Phase I of Right-of-way Acquisition 92 No
S-87-032 Left Turn Bay on Miracle Mile at Romero Road 92 Yes
S-87-033 Parcel to be Acquired Number E 1 for T.C.E. and Drainage Easement Mission Road from 36th Street to Ajo Way 92 Yes
S-87-034 Kino Boulevard: Excess Right-of-way between 13th Street & 14th Street 92 Yes
S-87-035 Brick Sidewalk Details 92 Yes
S-87-036 Area to be acquired Number A 3 Speedway Boulevard from Silverbell Road to Santa Cruz Lane 92 Yes
S-87-037 Area to be acquired Number H 3 Speedway Boulevard from Silverbell Road to Santa Cruz Lane 92 Yes
I-84-029 DREXEL ROAD, West Branch Channel to Santa Cruz River 8NOTE: For Midvale to Santa ruz River see Paper copy in drawer 91 & 108 Yes
I-86-047 Rankin Loop in Rita Ranch Street Improvement (RGA Engineers) 91 & 107 Yes
I-86-046 Esmond Loop in Rita Ranch Street Improvement (RGA Engineers) 91 Yes
I-86-048 Rees Loop in Rita Ranch Street Improvement (RGA Engineers) 91 Yes
D-86-005 North Channel at MIDVALE PARK COMMERCE CENTER II (Dooley-Jones & Assoc.) 91 Yes
E-86-005 Midsection Channel at Midvale Park, Headly Road to Midvale Road 91 Yes
E-86-007 Silvercroft Wash Bank Protection (F & D Associates) 91 Yes
F-85-008 GRANT Road - Wilmot Road to Tanque Verde Road District Lighting Improvement (Johannessen & Girard) NOTE: AD Series AD-0692 91 Yes
I-84-043 LIMBERLOST DRIVE from Oracle Road to 1st Avenue District Paving Improvement 91 Yes
F-85-013 GRANT ROAD - I-10 to Miracle Mile District Lighting Improvement (Nabours Eng.) NOTE: AD Series AD-0699 91 Yes
F-85-016 22ND. STREET - Kino Boulevard to Tucson Boulevard District Lighting Improvement (Robert E. Nabours Cons. Elec. Eng.) NOTE: AD Series AD-0701 91 Yes
I-85-086 Oaktree at Midvale - Lots 621 thru 740 Sewer and Paving Improvement 91 Yes
I-84-056 MIDVALE ROAD Phase I from Valencia Road to Irvington Road (Dooley-Jones & Associates) 91 Yes
I-86-025 Oaktree II, Street and Sewer Improvement Lots 741 Thru 951 (Trimble Eng.) 91 Yes
I-86-045 Rita Road from Houghton Road to 660 Feet East (VEA Ltd.) 90 Yes
I-86-076 Reid Park - 22nd Street and Country Club Improvements at New Entrances (RGA Engineers) 90 Yes
I-86-079 Silverbell Plaza at Grant Road 90 Yes
I-86-082 EAST POINT ESTATES II, Lots 1 thru 108 - Paving and Sewer Plans 90 Yes
I-86-087 ELLIOTT HOMES at Rita Ranch Phase I - Paving, Drainage, and Sewer Improvement Plans 90 Yes
U-85-008 Greasewood Road between Anklam & Speedway - Bike Path 90 Yes
GR-87-025 A Mountain Center -- 1665 South La Cholla (Albert Nelson Hopper, Architect) 90 Yes
GR-87-026 Heather Village Apartments - 4175 East Fort Lowell Road (Urban Engineering) 90 Yes
U-85-011 Tanque Verde Road Bridge @ Pantano Wash New Expansion Joints (in house) 90 Yes
GR-87-027 Sunnyside Swimming Facilitities -- Bilby & Campbell (City of Tucson, Architect) 90 Yes
U-85-012 Box Culvert Dados & Guardrail (W/Spring 1986 3-R overlay) 90 Yes
GR-87-028 Circle K @ I-10 & Congress (Southgate & Associates - Phoenix) 90 Yes
GR-87-029 The Greens At Midvale -- Oak Pin Dr And Drexel Rd -- Grading Plan (Dooley Jones And Associates, Inc : DJA) 90 Yes
U-86-001 Roger Road & Cherrybell Stravenue Drainage Spot Improvement 90 Yes
GR-87-030 Ajo Center Business Park -- Ajo Way & Benson Highway 90 Yes
U-86-002 Country Club Road @ Drexel Road Spot Improvement 90 Yes
GR-87-031 B.C. Apartments East Milton & South Jeannette (Howard Peck, Architect) 90 Yes
GR-87-032 La Casa Esperanza Fairmount -- 6161 East Faimont (Altracon, Architect) 90 No
GR-87-033 Retail Center -- 5801 East 22nd Street (Howard H. Peck & Associates) 90 Yes
GR-87-034 Mission Road Self Storage -- 2550 South Mission Road (Southwest Engineering) 90 Yes
GR-87-035 Drainageway Improvement for Darling Building -- Speedway & Pantano Wash (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 90 Yes
GR-87-036 Highland Ranch Lots 168-174 (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 90 Yes
GR-87-037 Missiondale Apartments -- 5100 South Missiondale Road (Howard Peck, Architect) 90 Yes
GR-87-038 Holmes Tuttle Ford -- Tucson Auto Mall (Karl Kai Chann, Architect) 90 Yes
GR-87-039 22nd Street Business Plaza -- 22nd Street & Sarnoff (Buck Lewis Engineer) 90 Yes