Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-91-027 Utterback Middle School Pinal Vista and Sunland Vista Street (URBAN) Yes
S-89-023 Area to be Acquired for Right-of-Way for Speedway Boulevard from Euclid Avenue to Tucaon Boulevard No
X-0014 Construction Schedule and Progress Chart (6/61) No
I-2006-099 Bilby Road -- Sierra Morado -- Unit 3 -- Including Hawk's Hollow Court and Arolla Pine -- T15S, R15E, Section 1 and Section 12 -- (Stantec Consulting, Incorporated) No
D-68-003 Downtown Drainage Map, Existing & Proposed, February 1968 Yes
L-92-001 MaGee Middle School Landscaping No
S-95-039 Miscellaneous Spot Construction Program - Valencia Road @ Midvale Road Median Modification No
X-015 Assessment Sale Book Sheets (7/61) No
I-2002-047 Interstate-10 (I-10) / Interstate-19 (I-19) Interchange, South 12th Avenue Underpass under I-19, State Highway ACIM-10-4(175)A and 010 PM 260 Volumes 1 & 2 (ADOT) NOTE: Located in I-10 Drawer Yes
B-2002-005 Amended ''Marvin'' District Annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number 9765 Recorded in Pima County Recorders Office Book 56 Maps and Plats at Page 67, File Name MP-56-067 Scrivener's Error NOTE: Ref Plan No. See S-2002-009 and B-2002-003 Yes
P-86-001 Southern Transcontinental Lightguide-system, El Paso to Tucson, Plans for construction (American Telephone & Telegraph) No
S-70-025 Menlo Park Swimming Pool Underwater Lighting Ground Protection System NOTE: Missing OR Not Done? No
I-72-055A Eastside Service Center, Fremming Avenue Paving (Prob.) Yes
T-67-004 Tentative Street Grades for EUCLID AVENUE from 6th Street to Lester Street No
T-67-005 Grading Plan for CAMINO SANTIAGO North of San Marcos Boulevard No
X-018 Sewage Plant Flow Chart (9/61) No
S-92-020 Parcles C, D/11 & I/11 to be Acquired on Speedway from Tucson Boulevard to Alvernon Way Yes
R-70-001 MOTOROLA PLAT M/P 24/15 No
T-67-006 Grading Plan - WEST SPEEDWAY BOULEVARD, Silverbell Road to La Cholla Boulevard No
X-019 Functions of a Right Triangle No
S-2003-007 Staging and Access easement at Walsh Building, corner of Broadway Boulevard and Scott Avenue, Block 208 of the City of Tucson Yes
R-93-002 VETERANS AVE. @ 12th AVE. No
I-88-003 Rancho Antiqua Phase IV, Paving, Drainage, and Sewer Improvements NOTE: To be constructed in phases not under this plan. 3/31/93 Yes
R-138 Monument Line Survey, of Blenman Addition, Dated: October / November of 1949 NOTE: See Drawing H-208 Yes
F-82-018 Congress Street Beautification between Scott Avenue and Church Avenue NOTE: See Plan I-86-073 No
T-68-001 Proposed paving - CHERRYBELL STRAVENUE, 22nd Street to 29th Street No
X-021 Quantities Breakdown Map No
M-004 Manhole Standard Drawing, Dated: July 1921 Yes
F-2003-001 Winterhaven Street Light Revitalization, Existing Overhead and Service replaced to underground. Yes
B-99-002 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 9233 (Location: Wilmot/Old Vail) Map/Plat Book 52 Page 57, Effective Date: Aug 5, 1999, File Name: MP-52-057 Yes
T-68-002 DODGE BOULEVARD Pavement Repairs - Between Monte Vista & Blacklidge No
B-99-003 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 9216 (Location: Campbell Avenue Right-Of-Way) Map/Plat Book 52 Page 48, Effective Date: June 1, 1999, File Name: MP-52-048 Yes
T-68-003 Grading Plans for New Cholla High School Area - LA CHOLLA BOULEVARD from 22nd Street to San Juan Trail & San Marcos Boulevard from La Cholla Boulevard to Camino Santiago No
X-62-001 Computation Tables and Charts No
S-96-014B Propose right-of-way To Be Acquired on Silverlake Road Between Mission Road and Interstate-10 for Paving Improvement Project Yes
I-2005-069 Rogers Elementary School - 15th Street, between Del Valle Avenue and Alamo Avenue, (RS Engineering) No
B-99-004 Department of Corrections/State Land -- District annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number_______? No
I-74-024 TUCSON HIGH SCHOOL -- Street and Drainage Improvement ~ 1st Avenue and Euclid Avenue Yes
T-68-004 Alley Grading Between 4th Street & 5th Street North of El Camino Del Norte No
X-62-002 Computation Tables and Charts No
S-97-028A Silverlake Road Proposed Parking Facilities Yes
I-2003-030 Pueblo de las Catalinas, Lots 1 - 44, Located in the Southeast 1/4 of Section 19, T13S, R14E, G&SRB&M, Pima County, Arizona Note: Scanned from Pima County Microfilm, no originals Yes
U-2003-009 Solar Powered Fire Flasher at Grant Rd and Dragoon St (Electric Shop) NOTE: FS-0340 has been entered on Mapguide TS map No
I-97-029 Sunnyside School District -Public Street Improvements Elvira and Teton (WLB Engineering) Yes
B-99-005 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 9256 (Location: Silverbell Right-Of-Way) Map/Plat Book 53 Page 57, Effective Date: April 11, 2000, File Name: MP-53-057 Yes
E-63-002 North Side Drainage Study, future and existing drainage facilities Yes
T-68-005 Radio Communication Tower Site North Campbell Avenue Grading of New Road No
B-99-006 Craycroft/Los Reales -- District annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number_______? No