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Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-65-046 Arizona State Highway -- Nogales Tucson Highway from Valencia Road to Interstate-10 (I-10) (Julian Wash) -- I-19-1(5)58 (NOTE: CARDS ONLY){Paper Copy only-on top of roll files} NOTE: Cards Only 33 Yes
I-64-042 Langley Avenue and Duquesne Drive District Paving and Sidewalks Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0424 17 Yes
I-72-023 Olive Grove, Lots 271 thru 395 -- Paving and Sewer Improvement NOTES: PAPER COPY - CARDS ONLY - Pima County Plans Yes
I-76-014 SUMMERFIELD, Lots41 thru 213 -- Street and Sewer Improvements (Wheeler, Petterson & Coffeen) 66 Yes
I-81-057 KINO PARKWAY from 22nd Street to Irene Vista (Southwest Engineers) 121 Yes
I-78-047 SILVERLAKE PARK, Lots 1 thru 29 Street and Sewer District Paving Improvement (Osborn, Peterson, Walbert, Wahl) 71 Yes
L-76-003 Sunnyside Junior High Park - Parks Department Plan No. A34-1005 (Architect One Limited) 141 Yes
S-001 Footing Design for Water Tank - Sewage Disposal Plant 58 Yes
S-324 Proposed Widening West Congress Street at Santa Cruz Road 57 Yes
S-498 C.M. Cross property Southwest ¼ Southwest ¼, Section 7, T14S, R14E, copied from Blanton & Cole D 7490 57 Yes
S-792 Sketch showing Right-of-way to be acquired & Existion structures in part of Lot 10, Block 64, Coronado Heights (Ross-Grant Road Rezoning C9-59-99) (4/61) 60 Yes
S-63-045 Drainage Easement to be acquired in part of Northeast ¼, Southwest ¼, Section 17, T14S, R14E (8/14/63) 57 Yes
GR-88-138 Rough Grading Plan - Broadway & Pantano Wash (MRB Engineering) 104 Yes
GR-90-099 Tucson International Airport - Public Entrance & Exit Roadways Tucson Boulevard/Airport Wash 113 Yes
I-706 SCARLET STREET - Old Pueblo Estates 13 Yes
S-87-055 Area to be acquired for Mission Road Between 36th Street to Ajo Way -- Across from private road Calle Del Rey -- (Original Description in database: Buffer Zone Concrete Fill In) 92 Yes
S-85-012 Proposed Vacation Of Portion Of 7th Street & Bean Avenue 83 Yes
S-97-021 ''South Valencia'' Annexation District Yes
S-89-105 Pima Street from Craycroft Road to Wilmot Road P-11/3 to be acquired 118 Yes
S-90-035 Area To Be Acquired for Right-of-Way on Stone Avenue between River Road & Wetmore Road = Total Take Parcel C/6 118 Yes
A-217 Block 172, City of Tucson 1 Yes
L-2004-001 Scott Avenue - Pennington St. to Broadway Blvd. Streetscape Improvements (Wheat-Scharf). NOTE: NOT BUILT - FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Paper Copy Only. Yes
GR-2000-011 Freeway Industrial Loop (Park), Lot 2, M&P, Bk. 54, Pg. 18, Topographic Survey, 3100 North I-10, WB Frontage Road, Prepared By Centerline Offset Incorporated, Located North Of I-10 (Interstate 10), South Of Union Pacific Rail Road, Within Portions Of Sections 27 & 34, T13S, R13E, Reference Number, T00BU01404, Also Includes Topographic Survey Yes
S-2006-032 University Of Arizona (U Of A) -- Elm Street, Lee Street, Adams Street, And Cherry Avenue (formely Cherry Street) Abandonments To The U Of A -- Road Number 432 Resolution -- RM Book 3 Page 132 -- For More Alley Vacations In The University Of Arizona (U Of A) Area See H-92-015 Yes
GR-2006-062 Yavapai Condominiums -- 431 East Yavapai Road -- Yavapai Road Between Geronimo Road and Los Altos Road -- (AMEC Infrastructure, Incorporated) -- This Record Was Made From Development Services Copy, Also Includes Horizontal Control And Paving Plans And Information, Reference Plan Numbers, DS06-14, S05-117, T06BU01666 Yes
GR-2007-046 Sierra Breeze, Prepared By Delph Engineering Incorporated, Located North Of Drexel Road, South Of Bantam Road, East Of Randal Boulevard, West Of Campbell Avenue, Within Section 6, T15S, R14E, Gila And Salt River Base Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Numbers T06BU00280 Yes
GR-2008-006 Teresa's Mosaic Cafe, Located North Of Ironwood Hill Drive, West Of Silverbell Road, Within Section 33, T13S, R13E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Site And Landscaping Plans And Information, Reference Plan Numbers T07BU01082, T06CM02533, C12-96-91, C09-71-163 And C10-07-14 Yes
U-2008-012 Euclid Avenue at 6th Street Bus Pullout - RTA Package 4 - (Stantec Consulting) Yes
GR-2010-002 In N Out Burger, 7111 East Broadway Boulevard, Located North Of Broadway Boulevard, East Of Kolb Road, Within Section 8, T14S, R15E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Number T09BU01687 Yes
H-2014-002 Irvington Rd/Benson Hwy, southwest corner, Lot survey in Section 5, T15S, R14E (Arrow) Yes
F-2017-003 Santa Cruz Southwest Neighborhood Association - Project Number S162, Pima County Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Project Design. General Project Description: This project includes construction of seven solar lights, four speed humps, six chicanes and a multi-use path with cable fencing along Cottonwood Lane from Silverlake Road to 36th Street. Section 23, T14S, R13E (Record Document Dated: 01/22/2019) Yes
L-2001-002 Ajo Way Landscaping from Freedom Drive to Santa Cruz River 149 Yes
H-2000-021 Record of Survey (Book 21 / Page 90) Survey of Drainageway in Harrison Heights. Map & Plat Book 26 / Page 43 143 Yes
A-050 CITY FARM, lands in Santa Cruz Valley, acreage, RR thru & section lines. No distances. 1 Yes
D-050 SOUTH SIDE STORM SEWERS - 19th Street 2 Yes
D-77-003 Tucson Gas & Electric Bank Power Protection at SANTA CRUZ RIVER & 22ND STREET 78 Yes
F-037 STONE AVENUE - Paving & Lighting, S.P.R.R. to Drachman Street (Speedway) 3 Yes
F-91-003 Campbell Avenue from Drexel Road to Valencia Road, District Lighting Improvement, NOTE: AD Series AD-0768 133 Yes
H-221 Monument Line Survey of PLUMBER & STEWARD NO. 2 4 Yes
H-93-006 Record of Survey (9/11) - San Clemente Subdivision Intersection of Columbus & Timrod 122 Yes
H-99-014 Record of Survey (16/37) Palo Verde North, Annexation Survey 138 Yes
I-467 EL ENCANTO, CASAS BONITAS & EAST BROADWAY District Sewer & Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0153 7 Yes
I-98-042 Starr Pass Shadows -- Phase II -- Public Sewer And Paving Improvements -- Brandy Crest Drive (Rogers Civil Engineering.) 143 Yes
I-99-040 Hacienda Del Oro, Phase IV, Paving, Sewer, and Drainage (OPH & Associates, Inc) 143 Yes
I-81-020 KOLB ROAD EXTENSION from Tanque Verde Road to Speedway Boulevard (Pima County Highway Department) 75 & 111 Yes
E-72-004 Los Ranchitos Number 3, Lot Number 178, Number 179, Topographical and Grades Yes
GR-84-078 Feig Commercial Rev. -- Grant Between Ralph/Catalina (Peck) 82 Yes
GR-86-069 Bay Colony Technology Lots 9 & 10 (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 85 Yes