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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-86-085 WOODBRIDGE Phase 2 - Paving, Drainage, and Sewer NOTE: Cards Only 131 Yes
I-2000-037 Woodbridge III, Lots 1 thru 45, Improvement Plans (T&T Engineering) Yes
I-2000-070 Woodbridge II - Channel Improvement Plans -- Book 53, Page 13 -- East Of Valley Road And Northwest Of Midvale Road And Oaktree Drive -- (T And T Engineering LLC) Yes
GR-85-044 Woodbridge At Midvale Park -- Midvale Park Rd & Colonial Heights -- Grading Plans (Dooley Jones & Associates, Inc : DJA) 82 Yes
GR-99-011 Woodbridge 3, Lots 1 Thru 45, Common Areas A Thru D, Prepared By LLC, Located North Of Drexel Road, South Of Irvington Road, East Of Midvale Park Road, West Of Santa Cruz River, Within A Portion Of Section 3, T15S, R13E, Reference Number T99BU1706 Yes
I-98-025 Woodbridge (Phase 2) Public Paving, Sewer & Drainage Improvement Originally : Arrow Engineering Co. Present : Rogers Civil Engineering 139 Yes
H-142 WOOD ST. OPENING, Main to El Paso Street 4 Yes
S-69-004 Women's Restroom & Lounge - for Water Department -- Steel Building At Plant Number 1 -- NOTE: See Sa-70-001 No
I-85-067 Winterhaven Townhomes, Lots 1 thru 85 & Common Area ''A'' Paving and Sewer Plans (Dooley-Jones & Associates, Inc.) 83 Yes
F-2003-001 Winterhaven Street Light Revitalization, Existing Overhead and Service replaced to underground. Yes
GR-86-061 Winterhaven Plaza -- 2921 East Fort Lowell (VEA) 85 Yes
GR-86-048 Winterhaven Gardens (VEA) 85 Yes
GR-86-173 Winterhaven Garden Center -- 2820 East Fort Lowell (Trimble Engineering) 89 Yes
G-375 Winterhaven District Sewer Improvement. Dated: September 1961 NOTE: 1.) AD Series AD-0332. 2.) Original Plans at Pima County Wastewater Management 20 Yes
I-72-071 WINTERFAIR SUBDIVISION -- Alley Paving Lots 27 thru 31 (E. Lewis) 61 Yes
I-74-011 WINTER HEIGHTS, District Paving Improvement (Pima County Highway Department) 58 Yes
I-70-013 Winter Fair Paving and Sewer Improvement C & B Lots 19 thru 31 49 Yes
I-69-011 Winter Fair Paving and Sewer Improvement 43 Yes
GR-84-047 Winstel Vista Apartments Grading (Acorn & Assoc.) 82 Yes
I-74-019 Winsett Street and Mistletoe Circle (11th Avenue) -- District Paving, Sewer and Lighting Improvement -- Note: AD Series AD-0561 63 Yes
I-84-047 WINSETT STREET - Treat Ave Toward Country Club Road -- Paving Improvement (Southwest Engineers) 85 Yes
I-76-006 WINSETT STREET - Cherry/Campbell Transition and Box Culvert 66 Yes
D-064 WINGWALL REPLACEMENTS, Arroyo, Culverts on Main Street & Granada Street approx. 100' S. of Saint Mary's Road. 2 Yes
GR-2007-058 Wingate, Block 6, Stone Bluff, Located East Of Wingate Boulevard, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Drainage Plans And Information, Reference Numbers, T06BU02605, S06-117 Yes
GR-2007-040 Wingate, Block 6, Prepared By Stantec, Located North Of Irvington Road, South Of Escalante Road, East Of Camino Seco Road, West Of Harrison Road, Within Section 34, T14S, R15E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Drainage Plans And Information, Reference Numbers, S06-117, T06BU02625 Yes
GR-2006-079 Wingate Lot 3 -- Lots 1 to 336, Common Areas A and B -- Camino Seco, Linderbrook Drive, Stone Butte Road, Windgate Boulevard -- T14S, R15E, Section 34 -- (Stantec Consulting, Incorporated) -- Development Services Grading Plan Number T06BU02122 -- This Record Was Made From Development Services Copy, Reference Plan Numbers, T06BU02122, S06-117, DS06-35, DS06-49 Yes
I-2007-002 Wingate -- Lot 3 -- Lots 1 to 336, Common Areas A to F -- Camino Seco, Wingate Boulevard, Hail Stone Drive, Shale Stone Drive, Basalt Stone Road, Gate Stone Drive, Pebble Stone Street, Stone Bluff Trail, Stone Summit Court, Stone Butte Road, Stone Mesa Drive, and Stone Outlook Drive -- T14S, R15E, Section 34 -- (Stantec Consulting, Incorporated) No
I-84-069 WINDSOR STREET Paving Improvements (Cella Barr & Associates Engineers) 83 Yes
I-86-020 Windsor Street - Paving Improvement to Serve Oracle Road Commerical 119 Yes
I-68-002 Windsor Park Paving and Sewer Lots 1-55 (W.P & C.) 47 Yes
I-68-013 Windsor Park Number 3 -- Paving and Sewer Improvenent 49 Yes
I-65-032 Windsor Park Number 2, Paving and Sewer (W&P) {Outside the City} 47 Yes
GR-97-016 Window Rock East, Lots 1 Thru 239, Common Areas A, C & E Thru G, Including Private Streets, Located North Of Los Reales Road, NE Of I-10 (Interstate 10), South Of Julian Wash, East Of Craycroft Road, East Of McKinley Avenue, West Of Wilmot Road, Reference Number T97BU00342, Also Contains Drainage Plans Yes
I-2000-067 Window Rock East Unit 2, Los Reales Road Paving Improvements NOTE: As Built: 5/10/2001 147 Yes
I-97-074 Window Rock East - Wilmot Road Paving Improvement Plans, North of Los Reales Road, Map & Plat Book 50, Page 16 (Stadler Consulting Engineering) 144 Yes
C-80-010 Window & Door Replacement Program for Tucson Awareness House No
S-525 Windes & Teel (T. & W. Farms Co.) lease of City Property adjacent to Prison Farm and Old Sewer Treatment Plant 57 Yes
S-525A Windes & Teel (T. & W. Farms Co.) lease of City Property adjacent to Prison Farm and Old Sewer Treatment Plant 57 Yes
GR-85-078 Wilton Commons (M. McCarthy Engineering) 83 Yes
S-662 Wilson-Grant Road Rezoning - Right-of-way to be acquired for alley in Lot 4, Section 1, T14S, T14E (8/60) 57 Yes
GR-2001-052 Wilson Residence, Rancho Cancion West, Lots 147, M&P, Bk. 48, Pg. 71, 10775 East Placita Merengue, Prepared By Envision Corporation, Located North Of Keystone Road, NW Of Placita Merengue, South Of Escalante Road, East Of Houghton Road, West Of Melpomene Way, Within A Portion Of Section 36, T14S, R15E, Also Includes Site Plan And Information, Reference Plan Number T01BU02088 Yes
S-2000-016 Wilson Avenue Vacation, A portion of section 29 T13, R14, G. & S. R. M. Tucson, Arizona, Docket 11560/9418, See also RES-2000-037. Yes
E-110 Wilson Avenue Drainage way, Grant Road and Glenn 3 Yes
D-87-011 Wilson Avenue Channel Improvement Glenn Street to Copper Street 97 Yes
S-2000-020 Wilson Avenue Acquistion A Portion of Section 29, T13, R14, G. & S. R. M. Tucson, Arizona, Docket 11560/9413, See also RES-2000-037. Yes
I-397 WILSON AVENUE ½ Street, Speedway to Alley South 6 & 98 Yes
I-773 WILSHIRE TERRACE Paving and Sewer (Maddox & Assoc.) 34 Yes
I-699 WILSHIRE PARK Paving and Sewer -- Whittier Street 13 Yes

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