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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
H-204 Proposed Crossing at 17th ST. 4 Yes
H-92-032 Not Recorded, See Record of Survey (8/50) -- Speedway Boulevard: 2nd Street to Forgeus Avenue -- Post Construction Monument Lines -- (Drawn by City of Tucson, COT, Registered Land Surveyor, Ron Platt) 122 Yes
H-98-024 Broadway Boulevard - 1st Avenue to Highland Avenue, Prelimary Monument Study 138 Yes
I-450 6TH STREET & 7th Avenue Drainage Improvement 5th Street at 6th & 7th Avenue, 6th Street, 7th Avenue, to Stone & C.B. Changes 7 Yes
I-98-025 Woodbridge (Phase 2) Public Paving, Sewer & Drainage Improvement Originally : Arrow Engineering Co. Present : Rogers Civil Engineering 139 Yes
R-76-007 COUNTRY CLUB RD. at GRANT RD. Proposed Inter. Widening 76 Yes
B-94-006 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 8515 (Location: Campana de Plata) Map/Plat Book 47 Page 22, Effective Date: July 12, 1995, File Name: MP-47-022 Yes
E-035 Block 21, Drakes Addition, change of arroyo channel between Mountain and Highland. 5 Yes
GR-84-061 White Office Building Grading (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 82 Yes
GR-86-052 Mountain Vista Mobile Home Park (Blanton & Company) 85 Yes
GR-88-029 Fort Lowell Court -- 1926 East Fort Lowell Road (Trimble Engineering) 96 Yes
I-65-033 Vista De Las Palmas Paving and Sewer (W & P) 36 Yes
I-64-026 Alley in Block Number 3, Alley Is Between Sylvane Street To 29th Street & Irving Avenue To Columbus Street, Alvernon Heights (Cella And Barr Engineers) 17 Yes
I-72-007 Street and Sewer Improvement for La Buena Visa Apartments, Portion of Manana Grande, Lot ''A'' M/P 16/34 (Wheeler, Petterson & Coffeen Engineering) 58 Yes
I-75-039 Handicapped Path PENNINGTON STREET 67 Yes
I-81-041 SAN ANTONIO NEIGHBORHOOD -- Paving Project 77 & 110 Yes
I-78-032 CHERRY AVENUE, North of Fort Lowell (Urban Engineering) NOTE CARDS ONLY 131 Yes
I-86-030 Sandpiper Avenue -- Paving Improvement -- North of Valencia Road (Camp, Dresser, & McKee Inc.) 87 Yes
L-75-001 Lakeside Park Area and Ballfield Lighting 63 Yes
S-307 Police Transmitting Antenna Valley Bank Roof 57 Yes
S-484 Block 65, University Heights, proposed vacating of existing alleys 57 Yes
S-776 Proposed widening of Tucson Boulevard in Block 11 of New Acres (Wade Rezoning C9-59-132) 57 Yes
S-63-033 Proposed right-of-way to be acquired for street & alley purposes in Block 4 of Avondale Addition (Marinis-Magnolia Rezoning C9-63-18) 57 Yes
GR-88-122 Citizen Storage & Transfer 2300 East Euclid (Alpha Engineering) 104 Yes
GR-90-058 Arby's Restaurant 5759 East Broadway Boulevard Between Craycroft & Chantilly (1) Sheet, Base Map (28) 14/14/12 110 Yes
I-691B MAYFAIR TERRACE Lots 244 thru 398 13 Yes
S-87-039 Area to be acquired Number T 3 & Number U 3 - Speedway Boulevard from Silverbell Road to Santa Cruz Lane 92 Yes
U-64-005 Broadway Boulevard & Columbus - Traffic Signal 24 Yes
S-97-005 Bus Shelter Program 1994 - 1995, Job Number 9040 135 Yes
S-90-020 Area Be Acquired (Next to Norvill Parcel) 118 Yes
H-2001-041 Record of Survey Book 24, Page 40, Survey of a portion of Section 13, T12S, R14E 145 Yes
S-2005-002 University Of Arizona (U Of A) -- Science And Technology Park -- Annexation District -- Annexed to the City Of Tucson Yes
GR-99-029 Mission De Oro, Prepared By Stantec, 7401 East Speedway Boulevard, Located North Of Speedway Boulevard, South Of Pima Street, East Of Kolb Road, West Of Pantano Road, Within A Portion Of Section 5, T14S, R15E, Reference Number T99BU3211, Also Contains Site And Paving And Drainage Plans Yes
S-2006-025 River Road And La Cholla -- Proposed Annexation District Number 1 -- See Reference Plan B-2006-001 Yes
I-2006-073 Public Improvement Agreement (PIA) -- Silverbell Road, intersecting with Kiley Court and Gracious Court -- Gracious Estates, Lots 1 to 30 -- (Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Incorporated) -- Note May Be Numbered Twice Also See I-2006-068 Yes
GR-2007-031 All Star Auto Exchange, Located North Of Irvington Road, East Of 15th Avenue, West Of 12th Avenue, Within Section 35, T14S, R13E, City Of Tucson, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Electrical, Landscaping, Irrigation, Site, Paving And Drainage Plans And Information, Reference Numbers, T06BU02734 Yes
D-2007-003 Mercado District of Menlo Park Storm Drain Easement -- 100 South Avenida Del Convento -- T14S, R13E, Section 14 Yes
S-2008-023 Highland Park Addition, Block 25, Located North Of Speedway Boulevard, South Of Helen Street, East Of Main Avenue, West Of Alder Avenue, Lots 19 And 20, 13 Feet Alley, Lot 21 And Lots 22, 23 And 24, Pima County, Arizona Yes
I-2010-002 Abraham Lincoln Park And Escalante Road Improvements Yes
GR-2011-027 Granite House III And IV, 2207 East First Street, Speedway Heights, Located North Of First Street, Section 8, T14S, R14E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Number T11BU00702, Also Includes Site, Landscape And Irrigation Plans And Information Yes
I-2017-007 U-HAUL of el Presidio, St.Mary's Road and Interstate 10,I-10 Yes
I-2000-077 Street Plans For Freeway Industrial Park, Street Plans -- Lots 1 to 19 and Common Area A (Ryan Engineering) 145 Yes
U-2003-007 Grant Road And Treat Avenue -- Pedestrian Signal Installation -- COT Job Number 8328 -- (Stantec Consulting) 155 Yes
A-034 RODEO FIELD, on S. 6th Avenue gives dimensions & acreage. 1 Yes
GR-87-101 Read Park Azz Hoffstock Enclosure (Gary Wittwer) 92 Yes
D-75-003A Prince Road - CHRISTMAS WASH Precast Bridge Deck (Tom Sacra) 78 Yes
F-88-007 TUCSON Boulevard - Grant Road to Speedway Boulevard District Lighting Improvement - (Accepted April 20, 1995) NOTE: AD Series AD-0785 Only 146 Yes
H-205 Tucson Controlled Access Highway FI Proj. 141 Right-of-Way NOTE: Dated 1949, 2 Large Rolls, Paper Only. Pima County Instrument 6675 97 & 127 Yes
H-70-001 Monument Study of Santa Catalina (Calle Ricardo) 110 Yes

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