Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-658B Coronado Heights District Sewer Improvement (Pima County) 9 & 100 Yes
I-626 Loma Linda, 16th Street District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0299 9 & 100 Yes
I-627 Arcadia Boulevard, District Paving and Sewer Improvement NOTE: Assessment Diagram Series AD-0309; Sheet 1 cover sheet, Sheet 2 Arcadia Boulevard, Speedway to Fairmount; Sheet 3 Arcadia Boulevard, Fairmount to Pima 9 & 100 Yes
I-628 Catalina & Jerrie Boulevard, District Sewer and Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0302 9 & 100 Yes
I-629 Alley in Solot Plaza Addition, District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0272 9 & 100 Yes
I-630 Arcadia Park -- Arcadia Blvd. And Fairmount St. -- Paving and Sewer Improvement (Warren Walker, Consulting Engineer) 9 & 100 Yes
I-616 Speedway, Bentley Avenue to Craycroft Road District Lighting and Widening NOTE: AD Series AD-0268 is filed with the construction Plans. 9 & 100 Yes
I-617 Hoffman Addition District Sewer and Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0301 9 & 100 Yes
I-632 Glenn Street, Cherry to Campbell District Paving and Sewer NOTE: AD Series AD-0282 9 & 100 Yes
I-633 Sunland Gardens, As Built Plan of Sewer and Pavement 9 & 100 Yes
I-635 Del Monte Village, As Built Plans of Sewer and Pavement 9 & 100 Yes
I-636 Adams Street, 7th Avenue and Arizona Avenue District Paving NOTE: AD Series AD-0282 9 & 100 Yes
I-637 South Campbell Avenuw and Silverlake Road District Paving 9 & 100 Yes
I-638 Linden Park --- As Built Plans 9 & 100 Yes
I-614 Casa Mesa, Darling Acres District Paving and Sewer Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0267 9 & 100 Yes
I-615 South 4th Avenue And 5th Avenue -- District Paving Improvement Plans (South Tucson Plans) NOTE: AD Series AD-0262 9 & 100 Yes
I-618 Paving in 8th Street, 9th Street, and Burns Place in Rosemont Park Subdivision NOTE: Cards Only 9 & 100 Yes
I-619 Ware Street and Ash Alley District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0265 9 & 100 Yes
I-599 CREST VIEW ADDITION Paving (Triangle Engineering - County) 9 Yes
I-86-086 RANCHO ANTIGUA Phase 1, Paving, Drainage, and Sewer Improvement Plans 89 & 136 Yes
I-83-003 SUNVISTA ACCESS ROAD NOTE: Private Street - Sheet 1A is on Film Roll #132 FS (Southwest Engineers) 89 & 132 Yes
I-83-004 VALENCIA PARK WAY Street Improvement NOTE: Private Street (Marco Engineers) 89 & 109 Yes
I-86-041 Water Ponding Relief @ South 6th Avenue and Walker 89 Yes
I-86-055 Rosewood Place, Lots 1 thru 18 - Paving, Sewer, and Drainageway Improvements (WLB Group) 89 Yes
I-79-023 PRINCE Road from 1st Avenue to Campbell Avenue, District Paving and Lighting Improvement, NOTE, AD Series AD-0689, Resolution Number 13172, Plans are As Built, April 1, 1987 89 Yes
GR-86-173 Winterhaven Garden Center -- 2820 East Fort Lowell (Trimble Engineering) 89 Yes
GR-87-001 First Interstate Bank -- 4669 East Broadway Boulevard (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 89 Yes
GR-87-002 Rancho Antiqua -- Rita Ranch Area (OPW Engineering) 89 Yes
I-86-088 ALLEY PAVING IMPROVEMENTS - North 8 feet, Lot 16, Block 5, Speedway Heights, Maps and Plats book 2, Page 29 89 Yes
GR-87-003 Bear Commercial Center -- Tanque Verde Road (WLB Group) 89 Yes
GR-87-004 Williams Plaza Block 10 & 11 (Simons, Li, & Associates) 89 Yes
GR-87-005 AGM Container Controls, Inc. 89 Yes
GR-87-006 Champagne At Starr Pass -- Grading Plans -- Streets included, Players Club Drive, Champagne Drive, Champagne Place, Caviar Place, (Collins Piña Consulting Engineers, Inc., CP) 89 Yes
GR-87-007 Hacienda Del Oro (Dooley Jones) 89 Yes
GR-87-008 Rillito Corporate Park (Southwest Engineering) 89 Yes
GR-87-009 Circle K @ Flowing Wells & Miracle Mile (Southgate Associates) 89 Yes
GR-87-010 Cambridge Court -- Rita & Grant Road (F & D Engineering) 89 Yes
GR-87-011 Oscar Contreras, 1420 South Santa Cruz 89 Yes
GR-87-012 Finance Senter -- 1085 North Finance Center (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 89 Yes
GR-87-013 Spanish Trail Lutheran Church -- 8701 East Old Spanish Trail (Arid Land Survey) 89 Yes
GR-87-015 Popeye's -- Ajo Way & South 6th Avenue (WLB) 89 Yes
GR-87-014 Chevron Station -- Broadway & Kolb (Robert H. Lee, Architect & Engineer) 89 Yes
I-82-020 CRAYCROFT ROAD, 22nd Street to Golf Links Road District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0694 89 Yes
I-87-012 Tucson Auto Mall 89 Yes
GR-87-016 Centre Plaza -- Speedway & Wilmot (Thomas Panno, Architect) 89 Yes
GR-87-017 Catalina Highway Commercial Center (WLB Group) 89 Yes
GR-87-018 V & R Condomoniums -- New Street & 24th Street (WLB Group) 89 Yes
GR-87-019 Whataburger -- 3872 North Oracle Road (O'Neil, Morea-Hall Engineering, Phoenix) 89 Yes
GR-87-020 Jim Click Auto Mall -- Tucson Auto Mall (Camp-Dresser-McKee Engineers) 89 Yes
GR-87-021 Benson Highway Business Park (Acorn Associates) 89 Yes