Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
GR-88-048 The Greens @ Midvale Park (Dooly Jones & Associates) 97 Yes
I-64-044 Serrano Villa District Paving and Sewer Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0430 17 Yes
I-72-025 Villa Serenas Apartments, Alley paving, Carriage Hills Number 1 and Number 2 (Gomez Engineering) 56 Yes
I-76-016 GREEN VALLEY Addition -- District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0570 67 Yes
I-78-049 CONGRESS STREET from GRANADA AVENUE to INTERSTATE-10 (I-10), District Paving (Cella, Barr, Evans & Associates) NOTE: AD Series AD-0638 86 Yes
I-86-048 Rees Loop in Rita Ranch Street Improvement (RGA Engineers) 91 Yes
L-76-005 MU Court Lighting @ Rincon High School, Vail Junior High School, and Gridley Junior High School (Parks Department) 66 Yes
S-015 Form for Combination Filling System (B.W.S.) 58 Yes
S-326 Proposed Lease for Handling Paper Section 11, T14, R14 58 Yes
S-500 Conditions at Fairmont & Country Club Road 57 Yes
S-794 Proposed vacations & dedications of alleys in Block 11 of the City of Tucson (OFFERS 141 & 143) (4/61) 60 Yes
S-63-047 Proposed opening of Calle Aurora and Erin Avenue all in Northwest ¼, Southwest ¼, Section 22, T14S, R14E (8/28/63) 57 Yes
GR-89-001 Pep Boys 7225 East 22nd Street (Gervasio & Associates - Phoenix) 104 Yes
S-75-013 Alley Connection, at SW Corner of North Campbell Estates -- Copper Street East of Campbell Avenue Established with Road Proceedings Number 0351 68 Yes
I-708 CARLISLE PARK (Windsor Street, and Greenlee Street - Freemont) 13 Yes
S-87-057 Condemnation of Parcel Number L 1 - Mission Road from 36th Street to Ajo Way 92 Yes
S-85-014 Speedway Boulevard from Pantano to Camino Seco - Right-of-Way 83 Yes
S-97-023 ''Rio Vista'' Annexation District Yes
S-89-107 Pima Street from Swan Road to Craycroft Road Parcel A/4 to be acquired 118 Yes
S-90-037 Right-of-Way to be Acquired on Silverbell Road between Speedway Boulevard & Saint Mary's Road, Parcel H/2 118 Yes
E-074A Location proposed Flood Control Channel (Kinnison Ditch Number 2) 3 Yes
H-2002-004 Record of Survey - (CoT) Intersection of Wilmot Road and Golf Links Road 1/2 Mile in each Direction (T14S, R14E, Sections 24 & 25 and T14S, R15E, Sections 19 & 30) 146 Yes
C-68-023 El Presidio Park Underground Garage -- NOTE: see L-95-004 -- ALSO NOTE: PARTIAL SET ONLY Yes
U-2004-008 10th Avenue: 22nd Street To 43rd Street -- Revitalization Project -- Pedestrian And Bicycle Enhancements, Hardscape, Planting -- Landscape And Irrigation -- COT Job Number S185 -- (Tetra Tech) 158 Yes
I-2005-016 High Forty Paving Improvement Plans, Includes Circle D Way, Pima County Plan Numbers 806 and 838, No originals, see Pima County. Yes
GR-2000-013 Paraiso, Lots 1 Thru 106, Common Areas A & B, 6722 South Headley Road, M&P, Bk. 37, Pg. 67, Prepared By Frank G. Castro, Located North Of Los Reales Road, South Of Valencia Road, West Of Santa Cruz River, West Of Valley Indian Agency Connection Road, West Headley Road, Within A Portion Of Section 5, T15S, R13E, Reference Number, T00BU01484 Yes
S-2006-034 University Of Arizona Area (U Of A) -- Alley North Of Speedway Boulevard Between First Avenue And Euclid Avenue -- Docket Book 8764, Page 1477 -- Ordinance Number 7388 -- For More Vacated Streets And Alleys Within The University Area See Plan H-92-015 Yes
GR-2006-064 Sunrise at River Road -- 4975 North First Avenue (1st Avenue) -- Being a portion of Lot 8, in Block 1 of Foothills Heights (MP 6/32) -- T13S, R13E, Section 13 -- This Record Was Made From Development Services Copy, Also Includes Drainage And Utility Plans And Information, Reference Plan Numbers, T06BU01511, T06CM03977, D05-0032 Yes
GR-2008-008 Whataburger, 6504 East 22nd Street, Tierra Del Sol, Lot 1, Located South 22nd, East Of Wilmot Road, East Of Avenida Polar, Within The North Half, Of The Northwest Quarter Of Section 19, T14S, R15E, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Site, Utility, And Paving Plans And Information, Reference Plan Numbers, T07CM02433, T07BU01296 Yes
I-2008-036 Downtown Infrastructure Improvement Project, Broadway Boulevard-Granada Avenue to 5th Avenue (Stantec) - NOTE: NOT BUILT, 75% Plans in Plan Library. Yes
GR-2010-004 Garden Of The Ancestors, All Faiths Cemetery, Located North Of Golf Links Road, North Of Old Spanish Trail, South Of 29th Street, East Of Avenida Los Reyes, West Of Melpomene Road, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Number T09BU01880, Also Includes Site Plans And Information Yes
D-2011-001 Calle Santa Cruz Box culvert project, 1700' south of Drexel Road. (JE Fuller) ref I-81-042 Yes
B-2014-002 AERO PARK ANNEXATION DISTRICT Annexed to the CITY OF TUCSON,ARIZONA by Ordinance Number 11213 20143230547 Yes
F-2017-004 Country Glenn Neighborhood Association - Project Number S161, Pima County Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Project Design. General Project Description: This project includes construction of solar lights and traffic mitigation basins along Treat Avenue from Glenn Street to Grant Road. Section 32, T14S, R13E Yes
I-2003-040 - Protested - Not Built - Irvington Road Left Turn Lanes - Kolb Road to Camino Seco -- (Tetra Tech Engineers) -- Also Traffic Signal Sheets At Irvington Road And Pantano Road Have Been Removed, To Be Built As A Seperate Project -- See Plan U-2005-016 -- Note: Protested, Not Built RefOnly Yes
D-77-005 MISSION ROAD Box Culvert at Brown Drive 69 Yes
F-039 5TH STREET - Lighting, Main to Park 3 Yes
H-223 Proposed Widening of COUNTRY CLUB ROAD (Speedway to Broadway) 4 Yes
H-74-002 Property Line, Topographic, & Utility Map Housing for the Elderly 110 Yes
H-93-008 Record of Survey (9/13) - Monument Lines on Adams Street Section 5, T14, R15 122 Yes
H-99-016 Record of Survey (16/91) Billboard in the west 100 feet of Lot 9, Fontana Avenue 138 Yes
I-469 CAMPBELL AVENUE, Elm to Copper Sts. District Paving & Sewer Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0155 7 Yes
I-94-044 ELLIOTT HOMES @ RITA RANCH, PHASE 6 & 7 (OPW Engineering) Yes
I-98-044 Starr Pass Shadows - Phase 1 -- Paving & Sewer Improvements -- Including: Starr Shadow Drive, Sunstar Place, Sunstar Court (Rogers Civil Engineering) 143 Yes
R-79-002 HIRAM BANKS Acres/Plainview Heights 77 Yes
I-99-042 Ocotillo Cove Paving Plan - Lots 1-34 & Common Areas 1-3 - East of Harrison Road (Physical Resource Engineering, Inc.) 146 Yes
E-72-006 U-Totem Market, 36th Street and Country Club Road -- Drainage Yes
GR-84-080 Prince Road Apartments 82 Yes
GR-86-071 Harrison Hills Mobile Home Park (Ashton) 85 Yes
GR-88-049 Rancho Antiqua Phase III (OPW Engineering) 97 Yes