Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
W-75-001 Tucson International Airport land Acquisition Map (Blanton & Co.) No
I-89-040 TUCSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- Public Entrance and Exit Roadways NOTE: PAPER COPY ONLY 110 & 132 Yes
B-93-007 Tucson International Airport -- District annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona, by Ordinance Number_______? No
GR-90-099 Tucson International Airport - Public Entrance & Exit Roadways Tucson Boulevard/Airport Wash 113 Yes
A-66-001 TUCSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - Airport Layout Plan 13 No
C-80-044 Tucson House Renovation, Phase IV, Apartment & General Retrofit No
C-79-009 Tucson House Renovation, Phase III - Life Safety System (Friedman & Jobusch) No
C-78-047 Tucson House Renovation, Phase II - Mechanical Retrofit (Friedman & Jobusch) 72 No
C-77-034 Tucson House Renovation 75 No
R-78-003 TUCSON HOUSE - vacant land development project 77 Yes
C-84-011 Tucson House - Exit Door & Card Reader No
C-77-033 Tucson House - 1/2 Size Vellums No
L-75-003 Tucson High School Tennis Court Lighting 66 Yes
D-72-002 TUCSON HIGH SCHOOL STORM SEWER, 1st Avenue - 7th Street to 8th Street 61 Yes
C-70-028 Tucson High School Site Development At 7th St. & 2nd Ave. No
I-91-033 Tucson High School Improvement, 6th Street, 8th Street, and Euclid Avenue (Trimble) 127 Yes
GR-86-137 Tucson High School (DMJM) 86 Yes
I-74-024 TUCSON HIGH SCHOOL -- Street and Drainage Improvement ~ 1st Avenue and Euclid Avenue Yes
GR-2009-037 Tucson High Magnet School, TUSD, Athletic-Interscholastic Facility Projects And Parking Structure, 325 North Euclid Avenue, Located North Of 8th Street, East Of 3rd Avenue, West Of Euclid Avenue, Within Section 7, T14S, R14E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Number, T09BU00925, Also Includes Paving, Drainage, Topo-Culture, Site, Demolition, Utility And SWPPP Yes
I-457 TUCSON HEIGHTS & NORTH 6TH AVENUE District Paving & Sewer Improvement . Note: AD Series AD-0143 7 122 Yes
S-302 Tucson Gas, Electric Light & Power Co. Land adjacent to Out fall Sewer 57 Yes
D-77-003 Tucson Gas & Electric Bank Power Protection at SANTA CRUZ RIVER & 22ND STREET 78 Yes
C-206 Tucson FREE Library Remodeling, Construction, Tracings 22 No
GR-2007-151 Tucson Electric Power, TEP, El Camino Del Cerro Substation, Assessors Parcel Number 101-19-007D, Located North Of El Camino Del Cerro, East Of Silverbell Road, South And West Of The Santa Cruz River, Within Section 17, T13S, R13E, Gila And Salt River Base And Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Numbers T07BU01857, D06-0059 And SPA-06010, Also Includes Landscape And Development Plans Yes
P-97-001 Tucson Electric Power Underground Lines in the Downtown Area 137 Yes
GR-2007-095 Tucson Dodge, Parcel Number 130-14-0230, Located North Of 29th Street, South Of 22nd Street, East Of Alvernon Way, West Of Columbus Boulevard, West Of Swan Road, Within The Northeast Quarter, Of The Northwest Quarter Of Section 22, T14S, R14E, Pima County, Arizona, (DCC - Design Construction Consultants), Also Includes SWPPP, Paving And Drainage Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number, T06BU02595, T06CM05677 Yes
V-68-001 TUCSON DIVERSION CHANNELL - Army Corps of Engineers No
U-2002-009 Tucson Diversion Channel, Veterans Administration Bike Path, 44th Street to Park Avenue (Pima County W.O. Number 4TVABP) Note, Project consultant, Entranco Engrs. Paper copy only obtained from Pima County None Yes
E-63-005 Tucson Diversion Channel, Part II, Army Corps of Engineers Plans (Final) -- (half sized vellums) 39 Yes
E-65-003 Tucson Diversion Channel, Army Corps of Engineers, Part III (½ size Paper) 39 Yes
I-66-031 Tucson Diversion Channel Park III Roadways Yes
L-2000-003 Tucson Diversion Channel Landscape - Country Club Road to Park Avenue, 44th Street to Interstate-19 (I-19) (On Top Of Landscaping Plans Cabinet) 142 Yes
D-62-007 TUCSON DIVERSION CHANNEL BRIDGE at S. 12th Avenue 23 Yes
E-094 Tucson Dirversion Channel 5 Yes
GR-2001-060 Tucson Development LLC, 3305 North Freeway, Prepared By Oracle Engineering Group LLC, Located North Of Fort Lowell Road, South Of Prince Road, East Of La Cholla Boulevard, West Of I-10 (Interstate 10), Within A Portion Of Section 27, T13S, R13E, Also Includes Paving, Striping And Horizontal Control Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number T01BU02259 Yes
GR-2001-014 Tucson Decorator Center, 333 West King Road, Prepared By Brady - Aulerrich & Associates, Located North Of Prince Road, South Of Roger Road, South Of King Road, East Of Oracle Road, West Of Stone Avenue, Within A Portion Of Section 25, T13S, R13E, Also Includes Paving And Drainage Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number T01BU00477 Yes
GR-2001-050 Tucson Country Day School, Phase 1 (Phase I), 9239 East Wrightstown Road, Prepared By David Evans & Associates Incorporated, Located North Of Wrightstown Road, South Of Tanque Verde Wash, East Of Camino Seco, Within A Portion Of Section 3, T14S, R15E, Also Includes Development And Sewer Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number, T01BU01991 Yes
I-2002-008 Tucson Country Day School on Wrightstown Road, Pavement Widening (David Evans & Assoc.) 154 Yes
U-2019-003 Tucson Country Club Estates Entry - Public/Private Paving Improvement Plans located within Section 31, T13S, R15E and Section 6, T14S, R15E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona (Baker & Assoc.) No
B-2002-006 Tucson Country Club Estates Annexation District No
S-2002-025 Tucson Country Club Estates Annexation District No
GR-88-051 Tucson Cooperative Warehouse -- South Toole Avenue (Buck Lewis Engineering) 102 Yes
S-89-064 Tucson Convention Center Expansion, Condemnation of Lot 1, Block 5, of Cottonwood Addition 118 Yes
GR-90-013 Tucson Convention Center Expansion Parking Grading Plan (Norville Parcel) 109 Yes
GR-90-024 Tucson Convention Center Expansion Parking Grading Plan (Collins Pina Consulting Engineering, Inc.) 109 Yes
I-92-024 Tucson Convention Center Expansion Parking (Parking Lot paving, Drainage, Lighting, and Landscaping) 119 Yes