Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
S-2002-005 Chauncey Street and Campbell Avenue, Tax Code 123-18-043A, Area to be Acquired No
C-69-021 Police Academy Dormitory Remodeling No
H-2007-004 Los Ranchitos Number 2 (MP 7/63) -- T15S, R14E, Section 17 -- Valencia Road, South of the end of Campbell Avenue To Country Club Road -- Elvira Road, Tucson Boulevard to Country Club Road -- Corona Road, El Vado Road, Petty Avenue, Medina Road, Corona Road, and Los Reales Road Yes
B-97-003 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 8854 (Location: Alvernon/Alvord) Map/Plat Book 49 Page 50, Effective Date: May 21, 1997, File Name: MP-49-050 Yes
Q-65-006 Proposed Tucson Boulevard Alignment of Airport Access Route No
S-95-070 Wrightstown Road / Wrightstown Terrace - Guardrail Placement No
T-72-007 KOLB ROAD South of Speedway West Gutter Grading No
S-2002-006 ''Raytheon'' Annexation District No
C-69-022 City Hall - 9th Floor West Interior Modification No
I-2006-004 Fontana Estates, Lots 1 thru 16 and Common Area A (Retention) Public Paving and Sewer Plans. (PRE, Physical Resource Engineering) No
E-93-004 Arroyo Chico Detention Basin Study, I-10 to Columbus, Mylar Copies from Pima County Flood Control District including Aerials Yes
H-155 STONE AVENUE WIDENING & PAVING - 3RD to Drachman (4.5. H.D.) (W.P.A.) NOTE: MISSING No
B-97-002 River/Campbell -- District annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number_______? No
Q-65-007 Proposed Realignment of, and Geometrics on Park Avenue from Manlove to 18th Street No
T-72-008 ROMERO ROAD South of Fort Lowell Road Grades No
X-66-005 Paving Projects 1966-1967 No
S-2002-007 Area to be Acquired at 304 North Melwood Avenue & Fresno Street Yes
F-85-003 MOUNTAIN VIEW ACRE FARMS - Terra De Francisco District Lighting Improvement (Phase 1) No
B-97-001 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 8810 (Location: Silverbell/Ironwood Hill) Map/Plat Book 49 Page 28, Effective Date: Feb 26, 1997, File Name: MP-49-028 Yes
Q-65-008 Grant Road Proposed Geometrics, Alvernon Way to Sahuara Avenue No
S-95-072 Roger Road Between 1st Avenue and Campbell Avenue Bike Path No
X-66-006 Organizational Chart No
S-2002-008 14th Avenue at Esquire Park (S & S Survey) Ref: RES-2002-030 T14S, R13E, Section 2 No
C-69-024 Police Academy - Bullet Trap No
Q-65-009 Grant Road Proposed Geometrics, Swan Road to Sahuara Avenue No
C-69-025 El Rio Neighborhood Center No
D-001 Proposed Wooden Bridge for Arroyo on North 10th Avenue. J.B. Wright, City Engineer, April 1906 Note: Plan has ''Bill of Materials'' with the cost of the lumber totaling $587.30. Also, list of Iron bolts and tie rods but does not provide cost for these items. Yes
B-96-012 Sunset -- District annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number_______? No
Q-65-010 Valencia Road Proposed Geometrics, Nogales Highway to Country Club Road No
S-95-074 Wilmot Road & 5th Street - Disabled Access Improvements No
T-73-001 COLUMBUS BOULEVARD Tentative Grades Monte Vista to Blacklidge No
D-002 Bridge Across Arroyo for 6th Avenue, North of Southern Pacific Railroad Tracks. Philip Contzen, City Engineer. May 1, 1899 Yes
B-96-011 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 8795 (Location: Interstate-10/Rillito) Map/Plat Book 49 Page 24, Effective Date: Feb 26, 1997, File Name: MP-49-024 Yes
Q-65-011 22nd Street Proposed Geometrics, Tucson Boulevard to Alvernon Way No
U-77-004 Traffic Signals @: 1.) Prince Road & Fairview 2.) Grant Road & Fairview (Calle Poniente) 3.) Carondelet & Wilmot 4.) 36th Street & Campbell Yes
X-67-001 Engineering Master Plan-Net (Scheduling Chart) No
S-2002-010 Citation Wash, Maintenance Easement, T14S, R14E, Section 21 (Arrow land Survey) No
C-70-001 New City Hall Floor Plan (Room Arrangemnet & Room Numbers) No
H-160 Traverse of JEFFERSON PARK establishing st. lines, angles and distances. NOTE: MISSING No
R-72-003 PARK AVE. - EUCLID AVE. TRANSITION R/W PLAN - Blanton & Company No
B-96-010 Northridge -- District annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number_______? No
Q-65-012 Proposed Geometrics for Valencia Road from Interstate-10 to Tucson-Nogales Highway No
S-2002-011 Harrison Road Walking Path No
Q-65-013 6th Street - 9th Avenue - Southern Pacific Railroad Proposed Crossing Improvement No
S-96-001 ISTEA 4 Overlay & Resurfacing. Note: For Added Sidewalk Ramps, See Pgs. 103-125. Yes
T-73-003 BILBY ROAD - Proposed Grades (Pat Henry) No
S-2002-012 Euclid Avenue from Speedway Boulevard to Broadway Boulevard Acquisition at the Southeast Corner of Euclid Avenue and Speedway Boulevard (Catalina Engineers) Yes
S-2004-004 Tucson Arroyo Wash at St. Mary's Road, Additional Guardrail, Handrail and Retaining Wall. Yes