Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
GR-87-022 Circle K @ Tanque Verde & Kolb Road (Southgate Engineers, Phoenix) 89 Yes
GR-87-023 Toys ''R'' Us -- 4525 North Oracle Road -- Grading Plans(Dooley Jones And Associates, Inc : DJA) 89 Yes
GR-87-024 COCOSPERA Lots 1-108 -- Prince & Allen (Johnson & Brittain) 89 Yes
D-84-006 GRANADA PLACE Lots 1 thru 15 Storm Sewer Improvements (WLB Group Engrs) 89 Yes
GR-86-142 Arizona Mail Order Office Building Number 3, 3740 East 34th Street (William Podolsky Architect) 89 Yes
GR-86-143 North Channel At Midvale Park Commerce Center II -- Midvale Park Rd And Valencia Rd -- Drainage Channel Outfall -- (Dooley Jones And Associates, Inc : DJA) 89 Yes
GR-86-144 Dobbs Honda Dealership -- Tucson Auto Mall (James Brag & Associates) 89 Yes
GR-86-145 Paving & Sewer for Links Valley At Starr Pass -- Starr Pass Subdivision -- Streets Included, Deer Valley Loop, Deer Valley Place, Links Valley Drive, And Players Club Drive (Collins Piña Consulting Engineer, Inc., CP) 89 Yes
GR-86-146 Campbell Avenue Retail -- Lind/Campbell (Acorn Associates) 89 Yes
GR-86-147 Broadway Proper Elderly Housing -- Prudence (Richard Reif, Architect) 89 Yes
GR-86-148 Centuras Office Building -- Pima & Magnolia (Ryan Engineering) 89 Yes
GR-86-149 American Self Storage II -- Wilmot & Golf Links (Arid Land Survey) 89 Yes
GR-86-150 Lakeside Catered Living -- Lakeside Parkway (Carter & Associates) 89 Yes
GR-86-151 Fort Lowell Automotive Center -- 223 East Fort Lowell (Thomas Pano, Architect) 89 Yes
GR-86-152 1st & Prince Retail Office (Tyson & Associates, Architect) 89 Yes
GR-86-153 R.C. Partners Building -- 924 North Alvernon (Kim Acorn & Associates) 89 Yes
GR-86-154 New Building 5755-59 East 22nd Street (Sun-Civil Engieers, Planners) 89 Yes
GR-86-155 Amherst South (Anderson & Passerelli) 89 Yes
GR-86-156 Los Portales Apartments (Southwest Engineers) 89 Yes
GR-86-157 Charter Hospital -- Financial Center (Carter & Burgess) 89 Yes
D-85-015 GREASEWOOD WASH BOX CULVERT At Silverbell Road. (Johnson-Brittain & Assoc.) 89 Yes
GR-86-158 Pima Ofice Plaza (Earl Lai Chann, Architect) 89 Yes
GR-86-159 New Building for Koedyker Construction -- Ginter Road (Acorn Associates, Architect) 89 Yes
GR-86-160 Grading Plan Northwest Corner Lot -- Prince & Romero (Greiner Engineering) 89 Yes
GR-86-161 Lot 25A East Side Commerce Center (Kim Acorn, Architect) 89 Yes
GR-86-162 The Arboretum @ Midvale Park (Camp, Dresser, & McKee) 89 Yes
I-82-057 MISSION ROAD from 22nd Street to 36th Street -- District Paving Improvement NOTE: ''Plans Are As Built''; Assessment Diagram Series AD-0680 89 Yes
GR-86-163 Tucson Shelter for the Homeless (RS Engineering) 89 Yes
GR-86-164 Woodridge Phase II -- Midvale (OPW Engingeering) 89 Yes
GR-86-165 Links Valley At Starr Pass -- Paving And Sewer Plans -- Fox Hideaway -- Starr Pass A Master Planned Community -- Streets Included, Foxes Meadow Drive (Deer Valley Loop), Foxes Meadow Place (Deer Valley Place), Fox Den Drive (Links Valley Drive), And Players Club Drive (Collins Piña Consulting Engineers, Inc., CP) 89 Yes
GR-86-166 Campbell & Fair Shopping Plaza (Stitzer-Johnson, Vahl Engineering) 89 Yes
GR-86-167 Lincoln Regional Park (Rogers, Gladwin, & Harmony, Architect) 89 Yes
GR-86-168 Hacienda Del Oro Phase I -- Rita Ranch (Dooley Jones) 89 Yes
GR-86-169 Silverado Apartments (Southwest Engineers) 89 Yes
GR-86-170 St. Joseph's Hospital -- Medical (Greiner Engineering) 89 Yes
E-84-015 Alamo Wash -- at Pima Street -- Drainage Improvements 89 Yes
GR-86-171 G & N Appliance Parts -- 1535 South 4th Avenue (Southwest Engineering) 89 Yes
GR-86-172 Highland Ranch Lots 168-174 (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 89 Yes
E-85-008 Rose Hill Wash Channel Protection -- North of Grant Road 89 Yes
I-85-013 LAUREL HEIGHTS Paving and Sewer Lots 1 thru 247 (Dooley-Jones Associates, Inc. : DJA) 89 Yes
I-83-048 MISSIONDALE ROAD Street Improvements (CBA & Associates) 89 Yes
E-87-001 Pantano Wash -- Broadway Boulevard to Kenyon Drive 89 Yes
I-84-012 22nd STREET WIDENING, from Pantano Parkway to Camino Seco 89 Yes
I-84-041 IRVINGTON ROAD from Valley Road to 6th Avenue District Paving Improvements (Greiner Engineers) NOTE: AD Series AD-0697 89 Yes
I-86-002 Olsen Avenue-19th Street to 20th Street and 20th Street-Olsen Avenue to Plumer Avenue District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0695 89 Yes
I-86-003 Los Ranchitos Number 3, District Intrim Paving Improvement (C.O.T.) NOTE: AD Series AD-0693 89 Yes
E-83-012 Pantano Wash -- Lot 10 - Monte Catalina Estates -- Additional Bank Protection Improvements (Trimble Engineering) 88 Yes
I-73-031 WHISPERING HILLS, Lots 1 thru 48 -- Paving and Sewer Improvement (C. & B.) NOTE: PAPER COPY ONLY 87 & 90 Yes
I-84-028 COMMERCE COURT North of Valencia at Midvale Park, Health Services Campus, Lots 1- 6 & Block A, Book 38, Page 35 -- Paving & Sewer Plans 87 & 89 Yes