Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
E-72-006 U-Totem Market, 36th Street and Country Club Road -- Drainage Yes
GR-84-080 Prince Road Apartments 82 Yes
GR-86-071 Harrison Hills Mobile Home Park (Ashton) 85 Yes
GR-88-049 Rancho Antiqua Phase III (OPW Engineering) 97 Yes
I-65-049 Grant Park Shopping Center - Curb Cuts (Grant Road and 1st Street) 50 Yes
I-64-045 Mission and Valley Road Repair 17 Yes
I-72-026 Cedar Grove. Lots 1 thru 100 -- Paving and Sewer Improvement (Florian & Collins Engineering) NOTES: PAPER ONLY - CARDS ONLY - COUNTY PLANS Yes
I-76-017 ARCADIA AVENUE from 5th Street to Broadway Boulevard (C.B.E. & A.) 68 Yes
I-81-059A Campbell Corridor, Campbell Avenue to Bantum Road 112 & 120 Yes
I-86-049 Old Vail Road from Rita Road to Houghton Road NOTE: Sheet #1 on Film Roll 132 (Johnson, Brittain & Associates) 107 & 132 Yes
S-016 Form for ''Tabulation of Data for Flow in Sanitary Sewers'' 58 Yes
S-327 Proposed annexation Silverbell Road District 60 Yes
S-501 Proposed widening of Alvernon Way, Block 29 of Country Club Heights, South Side Addition 57 Yes
S-795 Proposed widening of Roger Road & 4th Avenue alley in Lot 24 of Amphitheater Acres (Nichols-Roger Road Rezoning (C9-60-154) (5/61) 57 Yes
S-63-048 Proposed wall opening in Drainageway Lot 7, Block 9, Avondale Addition (9/3/63) 57 Yes
S-69-031 Proposed Annexation of Desert-Palms-Winsor Park, and Adjacent areas, all in Section 3 in T14S, R15E 57 Yes
S-75-014 22nd Street & Euclid Avenue Curb Return 68 Yes
I-709 BROADKEL ADDITION, Paving and Sewer 13 Yes
S-87-058 Right-of-way to be dedicated for Santa Cruz Lane & 22nd Street 92 Yes
S-85-015 Right-of-Way to be acquired on Limberlost Drive from Oracle Road to 1st Avenue 83 Yes
S-89-108 Pima Street from Craycroft Road to Wilmot Road Parcel 36/6 to be acquired 118 Yes
S-90-038 Areas to be Acquired for Right-of-Way, Parcels I/3 & J/3 on Country Club Road between Prince Road & Fort Lowell Road 118 Yes
H-2002-005 Record of Survey (26/42) - (CoT) Monument References Campbell Avenue and Grant Road Area, 1 Mile East and West, 1/2 Mile North and South (T13S, R14E, Sections 31 & 32 and T14S, R14E, Sections 05 & 06) (COT) NOTE: See Record of Survey Book 26, Page 42 147 Yes
H-2004-013 ALTA Survey, A Portion Of Lot 7, Cherry-Campbell Redevelopment Subdivision, M&P, Bk. 11, Pg. 27, Section 18, T14S, R14E, (Tierra Right Of Way Services) 151 Yes
S-2005-007 El Rio Neighborhood Improvements, Proposed Right-of-way to be Acquired Yes
GR-2000-014 Eegee's Development Plan, Airport Commerce Center, The East 135 Feet Of Lot 56, 3250 East Valencia Road, Prepared By Centerline Offset Incorporated, M&P, Bk. 36, Pg. 84, Located South Of Valencia Road, East Of Country Club Road, West Of Lisa Frank Avenue - Hemisphere Loop, Reference Number, T00BU01508, Also Includes Development Plan Yes
I-2006-011 Sierra Morado -- Unit 2 -- Phase I -- Public Improvement Plan (PIA) -- (MMLA) Yes
GR-2008-009 Cutting Edge Fabric, Brown-Rita Ranch, Lots 1 And 2, 8317 South Camino De Cafe, North Of Old Vail Road, East Of Rita Road, East Of Camino De Cafe, Within The North Half Of Section 27, T15S, R15E, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Drainage, Development, Landscaping, Native Plant Preservation Plans And Information, Reference Plan Numbers, C9-84-84, S99-049, D07-0023, T07BU02183 Yes
I-2008-037 Downtown Infrastructure Improvement Project, Arizona Avenue-Congress Street to 12th Avenue (Stantec) - NOTE: NOT BUILT, 75% Plans in Plan Library. Yes
GR-2010-005 Jacome Park, Located North Of Pennington Street, Within Section 12, T14S, R13E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Number T10BU00136 Yes
I-2017-012 Starr Pass Vistas Village, public paving plans, Greasewood Rd., Starr Pass Blvd. Yes
I-2021-005 Valencia Crossing Phase I, (Between Julian Wash and I-10) Paving Improvement for E Street "A", E Street "B", S Street "C", S Street "D", and a portion of Valencia Crossing Drive - includes new pavement, curb, sidewalk, ramps, scuppers, storm drains, and drainage - (Rick Engineering) Yes
B-2002-003 ''Marvin'' District Annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number 9765 Recorded in Pima County Recorders Office Book 56, Page 41, File Name MP-56-041. NOTE: See Scrivener's Error B-2002-005, MP-56-067 Yes
R-2002-002 South Nogales Highway, Hughes Access Rd. to Irvington Rd., U.S. 89, A.D.O.T. Project No. M-951-0-801 Note: Reduced Paper Copy Only - Note: from 1991 None Yes
A-053 BLOCK 6, Goldschmidts Addition Lots, their few bearings. 1 Yes
D-053 FLOOD CONTROL, proposed storm sewer ditch, E. of E.P. & S.W. South side flood control May 1927 2 Yes
D-77-006 TUCSON BLVD. Storm Sewer 70 Yes
F-040 Lighting Improvement on COUNCIL STREET between Meyer and Stone, Church between Alameda and Franklin 3 Yes
F-92-001 4TH. Avenue - UNIVERSITY Boulevard TO 9TH. Street, 2300 VOLT, SERIES LIGHTING REPLACEMENT PROJECT ( Also Contains Trolley ) 130 Yes
H-224 CHURCH ST Traffic Access Opening & Widening 45 Yes
H-74-003 Service Center TOPO (Original Exist) Blanton 110 Yes
H-93-009 Survey of 8th. Street, 4th. Street, 9th. Street, Stevens Avenue & 5th Avenue - Trolley Barn, O'Malleys on 4th. Avenue 122 Yes
H-99-017 Record of Survey (17/02) Survey for Miracle Mile Manor, M/P 8/11 and Miracle Mile Addition, M/P 6/76 138 Yes
I-470 TUCSON BOULEVARD Paving, SPEEDWAY Boulevard to South line of SPEEDWAY Heights. Note: AD Series AD-0157 7 Yes
I-98-045 Starr Pass Shadows -- Phase 3 - Paving And Sewer Improvement -- Including: Southern Star Drive, Starglow Drive, Star Shadow Drive (Rogers Civil Engineering) 143 Yes
R-79-003 SO. PACIFIC RESERVE - Redevelopment Plan 77 Yes
I-639 Grant Road, Geronimo Avenue to Park Avenue District Paving NOTE: AD Series AD-0284 9 & 100 Yes
I-81-030 OHIO STREET CUL-DE-SAC IMPROVEMENT (Ruis Engineers) 76 Yes