Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
GR-88-036 Tucson Convention Center (Anderson DeBartolo-Pan) 96 Yes
H-295 TUCSON CONTROLLED ACCESS PROJ. #1-10-4 (6) 259 AFE 8418 4 Yes
I-832 TUCSON CONTROLLED ACCESS HIGHWAY, from 36th to Congress UT-141 (3) NOTE: Sheets 18 to 22 are missing. Not in card set. Cards Only 37 Yes
I-727 TUCSON CONTROLLED ACCESS HIGHWAY, 6th Avenue Underpass UI 141 (4) 34 Yes
H-213 TUCSON CONTROLLED ACCESS HIGHWAY showing portions to be maintained by the City within the City Limits. 4 Yes
R-69-004 TUCSON CONTROLLED ACCESS HIGHWAY R/W Map Maintenance Thereof 73 Yes
H-205 Tucson Controlled Access Highway FI Proj. 141 Right-of-Way NOTE: Dated 1949, 2 Large Rolls, Paper Only. Pima County Instrument 6675 97 & 127 Yes
GR-88-018 Tucson Container Corporation -- Tucson Nogales Highway (George Feltovic Engineering) 95 Yes
GR-2008-035 Tucson Community Church East, 8355 East Tanque Verde Road, Located North Of Tanque Verde Road, Reference Plan Numbers T07BU01593 Yes
C-73-029 Tucson Community Center Modifications, Convention Bureau No
GR-84-063 Tucson Community Center for the Deaf (Posedly-Lugo) 82 Yes
C-73-028 Tucson Community Center (T.C.C.) Music Hall Sound System Expansion No
C-84-052 Tucson Community Center (T.C.C.) Music Hall Recarpeting No
C-77-026 Tucson Community Center (T.C.C.) Modification - Partial Recarpeting of Administration Office & Little Theater 68 No
C-78-022 Tucson Community Center (T.C.C.) Meeting Rooms Carpet Replacement 73 No
C-70-013 Tucson Community Center (T.C.C.) - Telescoping Platforms & Related Accessories No
C-71-008 Tucson Community Center (T.C.C.) - Stage Equipment No
C-72-022 Tucson Community Center (T.C.C.) - Pipe Trench Cover Plate Revision No
C-77-023 Tucson Community Center (T.C.C.) - Fire System Revisions 68 No
C-76-011 Tucson Community Center (T.C.C.) - Arena Mezzanine Safety Rail 73 No
C-66-005 Tucson Community Center (T.C.C.) 59 No
U-87-001 Tucson City Center-Traffic Signals & Street Lights Re-Installation (Paper Only) 87 Yes
I-85-084 Tucson City Center Paving, Drainage, and Sewer Plans (Cella, Barr & Associates) 97 Yes
I-86-011 TUCSON CITY CENTER -- Church St. & Broadway Blvd., Stone Ave. & Congress St. -- Tiebacks -- NOTE: Sheet 3A FilmRoll 87 - Card Only 84 Yes
GR-89-015 Tucson Chrysler Plymouth Tucson Auto Mall (O'Neil Engineering) 104 Yes
GR-2006-059 Tucson Chinese Baptist Church -- 2411 East Fort Lowell Road -- Between Tucson Boulevard And Jackson Avenue -- T13S, R14E, Section 29 -- (Stanley Engineering and Drainage) -- This Record Was Made From Development Services Copy -- Note: we were only provided with page 3, even though plan should be 3 pages long, Also Includes Paving Plans And Information, Reference Plan Numbers, T05BU02722, T05CM02739, T07EX00960 Yes
I-74-016 TUCSON BUSINESS PARK SOUTH, Lots 1 thru 24 -- Paving and Sewer Improvement 64 Yes
GR-87-081 Tucson Business Park -- Park Avenue & Palmdale (F & D) 90 Yes
L-92-002 Tucson Boulevard: Broadway Blvd. to 22nd Street --Landscaping -- Not Built 130 Yes
L-85-003 Tucson Boulevard: Benson Highway to Drexel Road Landscaping (McGann And Associates) 128 Yes
I-79-003 Tucson Boulevard: Arroyo Chico to 22nd Street -- District Paving Improvement -- Note: Project was Not Built -- Now See I-85-035 -- Missing - Void - No
L-66-009 Tucson Boulevard, Valencia Road to Tucson International Airport Median Landscaping No
I-65-085 Tucson Boulevard, Valencia Road to Airport, District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0470 39 Yes
I-97-071 Tucson Boulevard, Realignment and Repavement, from 2nd Street to 8th Street NOTE: ''Plans are As Built'' 141 Yes
I-69-027 Tucson Boulevard, Paving Plans, Valencia Rd. to Wieding Road, NOTE Number 1, Sheet Number 2, 1 of 1 in I-66-014 NOTE Number 2, 1 sheet on R64 - FA 45 Yes
I-81-059B Tucson Boulevard, Bantum to Valencia Road (Dooly-Jones & Associates, Inc.) 112 & 120 Yes
I-74-010 TUCSON BOULEVARD, -- Paving Improvement (Pima County Highway Department) 58 Yes
I-470 TUCSON BOULEVARD Paving, SPEEDWAY Boulevard to South line of SPEEDWAY Heights. Note: AD Series AD-0157 7 Yes
S-272 Tucson Boulevard Paving Petition Map 57 Yes
U-2012-005 Tucson Boulevard Path, Rillito River to Prince Road Yes
S-164 Tucson Boulevard Opening - 8th Street to Broadway Boulevard 57 Yes
S-2011-008 Tucson Boulevard Multi-Use Path -- Tucson Boulevard, Prince Road to Roger Road -- Right of Way Study -- Right of Way acquired after 1971 -- T13S, R14E, Section 29 -- Note: This was Prepared for ADOT Right of way Clearance not to be used on Subsequent project -- For reference only Yes
I-79-040 Tucson Boulevard Left Turn Bays @ Grant Road 74 Yes
I-490 TUCSON BOULEVARD Improvement District, Broadway to 22nd Street (by. Co.) 12 & 101 Yes
I-522 TUCSON BOULEVARD Improvement District Paving & Sewer 12 & 101 Yes
I-79-002 TUCSON BOULEVARD from PRINCE ROAD North to Sierra Vista Road (Pima County Highway Department) 70 Yes
H-2002-053 Tucson Boulevard from Grant Road to Mable Street and Prince Road to Fort Lowell Road, Section 5, T14S, R14E and Section 29, T13S, R14E, (Rhoads Land Surveying) 149 Yes
I-85-035 Tucson Boulevard from Broadway Boulevard to 22nd Street District Paving and Lighting Improvement NOTE: (1) P.P.I in house; (2) AD Series AD-0723 106 Yes
I-479 TUCSON BOULEVARD District Paving Improvement, Speedway Boulevard to Grant Road NOTE: AD Series AD-0162 7 Yes
I-80-026 TUCSON BOULEVARD and ELM STREET -- Spot Improvement 76 Yes