Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-65-050 Craycroft Road, Broadway to Speedway District Paving NOTE: AD Series AD-0447 32 Yes
I-90-056 Rancho Perdido Estates Improvement District (1977) 111 Yes
I-72-027 Alley Improvement, Block ''A'', Vomaska Addition (Blanton and Co.) NOTES: NOT CONSTRUCTED - PAPER ONLY 87 Yes
I-76-018 KENNEDY PARK Number 2, Lots 1 thru 101 -- Paving and Sewer Improvements NOTE: ALSO SEE I-80-045 (Dominique Capco) 68 & 73 Yes
I-81-059B Tucson Boulevard, Bantum to Valencia Road (Dooly-Jones & Associates, Inc.) 112 & 120 Yes
I-79-001 SILVERBELL ROAD - ANKLAM to SAINT MARY'S ROAD, District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0593 75 Yes
L-77-001 Santa Rita High School Baseball Field Lighting 70 Yes
S-017 Form for ''Tabulation of Data for Design in Sanitary Sewers'' 58 Yes
S-328 Proposed Railroad Crossing at 17th Street 60 Yes
S-502 Proposed dedication of Belvedere Avenue from Douglas Street to 22nd Street 57 Yes
S-796 Proposed alley in Block 1 of Wilshire Heights (5/61) 57 Yes
S-63-049 Proposed Widening of North 6th Avenue at Block 34 ''Mansfield Heights'' and Block ''A'' in ''Bronx Park Addition'' (Russell Rezoning C9-59-123) (9/63) 57 Yes
GR-89-002 Cactus Boulevard - Allen Road Stockpile Grading Plan (Finn Associates) 104 Yes
S-75-015 Proposed Annexation of Portions of Section 22, 26, & 27 in T14S, R15E 68 Yes
I-710 GREEN HILLS 31 Yes
S-87-059 East Side park: Parcels to be acquired in Lot 3, Section 14, T14S, R15E 92 Yes
S-85-016 Drainage Right-of-Way to be acquired for Parcels A 2, B 2, C 2, & D 2, Reference TP Plan Number R-85-001 83 Yes
S-90-038A Areas to be Acquired for Right-of-Way -- Parcels I/3 & J/3 on Country Club Road between Prince Road & Fort Lowell Road -- NOTE: Revised on April 28, 1993 118 Yes
H-2001-001 Record of Survey (23/7), Dodge Boulevard Monument Survey 144 Yes
H-2002-006 Right-of-Way Plan for Park Avenue from Irvington Road to Valencia Road (Urban Engineering), Record of Survey Bk. 37, Pg. 21 151 Yes
H-2005-022 Record of Survey of the east portion of Common Area ''A'', Kenyon Terrace, Book 33 of Maps and Plats at Page 65, Section 17, T14S, R15E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona (Urban) 153 Yes
GR-2000-015 University House, 2550 West Ironwood Hill, Prepared By Stantec, Located North Of Broadway Boulevard, South Of Anklam Road, East Of Shannon Road, West Of Greasewood Road, Within A Portion Of Section 9, T14S, R13E, Reference Number, T00BU01513, Also Includes Site, Paving And Drainage Plans Yes
I-2006-012 Sierra Morado -- Unit 2 -- Phase II -- (MMLA) Yes
I-2006-078 Houghton Widening Concept Plans. This constitutes two different concept plans: I-2006-078 & the miss-assigned plan number I-2007-001. I-2006-078 are final design concept plans for Houghton Road - Valencia Road to I-10, Roadway Widening - with 5 segments (Castro Engineering). NOTE: Original paper plans were 11" x 17" - DO NOT SCALE. NOTE: NOT BUILT -- 30% concept plans -- FOR REFERENCE ONLY. I-2007-001 are concept plan for Houghton Road, 22nd Street to ValenciaRoad - Roadway and Drainage Improvements (PSOMAS) - COT Job SR1B - Electronic copy only and sized to 11" x 17" - DO NOT SCALE. NOTE: NOT BUILT -- 30% concept plans -- FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Yes
I-2007-018 Houghton Road And Irvington Road, Public Roadway Improvements, Located Within Section 35, T14S, R15E 159 Yes
GR-2008-010 Brown-Rita Subdivision, Lot 23, Camino Abril, Industrial Commercial Services Site, Located North Of Old Vail Road, East Of Rita Road, West Of Camino De Cafe, Within Section 27, T15S, R15E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes SWPPP, Reference Plan Number, S99-049, D06-0045, T07BU01380 Yes
GR-2008-124 M And B Mechanical, .63 Acre Combination Of Lots 1 Thru 3, Block 39, Located North Of 22nd Street, South Of 21st Street, East Of Santa Rita Avenue, West Of Mountain Avenue, Within Section 18, T14S, R14E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Number T07BU01865, D07-0016, DSMR07-44, C9-05-09, Project Number SLMA-0002 Yes
GR-2010-006 Petty Products, 2525 North Jackrabbbit Avenue, Located North Of Grant Road, South Of Santa Cruz River, East Of Silverbell Road, Within Section 34, T13S, R13E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Number T09BU01581, Also Includes Site Plans And Information Yes
H-2011-026 A portion of the Northwest 1/4 of Section 20, T14S, R14E, located at the northeast corner of Campbell Avenue & Fairland Stravenue (Arrow). Yes
I-2014-002 The Bridges at Block 14 -- 3070 S Campbell Ave -- T14 R14 S30 Yes
N-70-002 Lands, Tracks, and Structures, Southern Pacific Railroad Company Yes
R-2002-003 I-19, Nogales to Tucson Highway, Valencia Rd. Interchange, A.D.O.T. Plan No. I-19-1-800, Note: Reduced Paper Copy Only None Yes
D-054 S. STONE AVE., Grating for culverts on S. Stone Avenue Aug. 1927 2 Yes
D-77-007 CAMINO MIRAMONTE - Speedway to 5th Street Storm Sewer (Pat Henry) 69 Yes
F-041 ''Page 1'' is a drawing of a Marbelite Ornamental Street Lighting Standart (Pole) Dated: August 15, 1928 and ''Page 2'' is a drawing of a Marbelite Ornamental Street Lighting Standard (Pole) Type 2000 Dated: February 20, 1928 Yes
H-225 Estimate of 10th Street Terra Annex to Country Club Road 4 Yes
H-74-004 City of Tucson Service Center Survey - Blanton 110 Yes
H-93-010 Record of Survey (9/19) - A Survey of Lot 2, Block 5, Southern Heights in Section 24, T14, R13 122 Yes
H-99-018 Record of Survey (17/27) Survey showing a Billboard in the east 100 feet of Lot 9, Block61, Coronado Heights north side of Grant Road east of Fontana Avenue 138 Yes
I-471 NORTH STONE AVENUE District Widening & Ornamental Lighting Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0164 7 Yes
I-94-046 VISTA DEL RIO - LOTS 218-290 PAVING & SEWER (JERRY JONES & Associates) 136 Yes
I-98-046 Starr Pass Shadows - Phase 4, Paving & Sewer Improvements -- Starr Shadows Drive, Junebug Place, And Windstar Place (Rogers Civil Engineering) 143 Yes
R-79-004 TUCSON BLVD., 7th to 10th 77 Yes
I-640 Carlsdale Paving and Sewer Improvement Addition 9 & 100 Yes
I-81-031 EDELBROCK AJO BUSINESS PARK (Marum & Marum) 76 Yes
GR-84-082 Lot 8 Grant -Dragoon Indrustial Park (Hackings Architect) 82 Yes
GR-86-073 Townsend's Racing Works -- 224 West Grant Road (James R. Watson Architect) 85 Yes
GR-88-051 Tucson Cooperative Warehouse -- South Toole Avenue (Buck Lewis Engineering) 102 Yes
I-65-051 State Highway, Tucson Benson, 39th Street to Veterans Overpass I-10-5(32) 36 Yes