Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
U-2005-015 Tucson Boulevard and Bilby Road Traffic Signal. (Rick Engineering) Yes
U-2005-002 Tucson Boulevard And 3rd Street -- Traffic Intersection Improvements -- COT Job Number S94J -- (Kittelson And Associates / Catalina Engineering, Incorporated) -- Contract Number 052138 Yes
U-65-003 Tucson Boulevard & Speedway Boulevard Intersection Widening No
S-80-009 Tucson Boulevard & Grant Road - Proposed Intersection Improvement 72 Yes
U-63-003 Tucson Boulevard & Elm Street Signals No
U-007 Tucson Boulevard & Broadway Boulevard Intersection 13 Yes
I-412 TUCSON BOULEVARD & 3RD STREET, District Paving Improvement Cont. Number 1 6 & 98 Yes
I-413 TUCSON BOULEVARD & 3RD STREET District Paving Improvement Cont. Number 2 25R61 Assessment Diagram 6 & 98 Yes
F-84-014 TUCSON Boulevard - Valencia Road to Corona Road District Lighting Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0671 84 Yes
I-98-051 Tucson Boulevard - Tucson Airport Commerce Center Offsite Paving (Rick Engineering) 143 Yes
S-79-015 Tucson Boulevard - paving Improvement from Arroyo Chico South to 22nd Street 70 Yes
H-94-008 Tucson Boulevard - Grant Road to Speedway Boulevard Right-of-Way Survey 127 Yes
F-88-007 TUCSON Boulevard - Grant Road to Speedway Boulevard District Lighting Improvement - (Accepted April 20, 1995) NOTE: AD Series AD-0785 Only 146 Yes
E-111 Tucson Boulevard - Camino Campestre to Arroyo Chico 3 Yes
F-78-001 TUCSON Boulevard - 9th. Street to 22nd. Street Lighting Project 75 Yes
U-2006-002 Tucson Boulevard - 22nd Street to Warwick Vista -- Sidewalk Improvements -- COT Job Number A780 -- Design Engineering -- Job Order Contract For On Call Roadway Construction, 2004-2005, Number 3, Spot Number 27 -- Note: Current Project, Project Completed, Plan not Yet As Built Yes
C-81-012 Tucson Botanical Gardens (Porter House) No
C-85-010 Tucson Botanical Gardens - Toilet Facilities No
C-81-020 Tucson Botanical Garden Blogs - Reroofing No
I-2006-066 Tucson Border Patrol Headquarters Facility, Davis Monthan AFB, Privaste Improvement Agreement For Construction Within Golf Links Road & Swan Road Rights Of Way, In Conjunction With INS/DHS Tucson Sector Border Patrol Headquarters Facility Construction, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona 159 Yes
R-79-004 TUCSON BLVD., 7th to 10th 77 Yes
D-77-006 TUCSON BLVD. Storm Sewer 70 Yes
R-85-013 Tucson Blvd. R/W Study from 22nd St. to Arroyo Chico 108 Yes
R-76-008 TUCSON BLVD. At GRANT RD. Proposed Inter. Widening 76 Yes
R-82-007 TUCSON BLVD. - Valencia Road to Bantam Rd. 78 Yes
U-2004-020 Tucson Blvd. - Irvington Road to Valencia Road Striping Plan (Catalina Engineering) 154 Yes
U-2012-008 Tucson Blvd south of Valencia Rd. Intersection - Airport Median Landscape Enhancements Yes
S-74-002 Tucson Aviation Center, Inc., - Ext. of Real Prop. Agreement 10.39 Ac. 57 Yes
GR-87-061 Tucson Auto Retail Center -- Broadway & Venice (Statewide Engineering Company - Phoenix) 90 Yes
GR-86-106 Tucson Auto Mall -- Fairview Ave And Wetmore Rd -- Dooley Jones And Associates : DJA -- Development Plans -- Grading Plans 86 Yes
F-86-002 TUCSON AUTO MALL - Street Lighting 116 Yes
I-87-012 Tucson Auto Mall 89 Yes
E-101 Tucson Arroyo Watershed, Showing Military Airbase, Principle Drainage Pattern & Pima County Flood Control Proposal 3 Yes
S-2004-004 Tucson Arroyo Wash at St. Mary's Road, Additional Guardrail, Handrail and Retaining Wall. Yes
E-67-001 Tucson Arroyo Inundation (Park to Cherry)(1953 Flood) Yes
E-2003-001 Tucson Arroyo Feasibility Study Tucson, Arizona Work Map For Letter Of Map Revision (LOMAR) Yes
E-093 Tucson Arroyo Drainage Map 3 Yes
E-095 Tucson Arroyo Drainage Area as of July, 1943 Note: MISSING Missing No
E-121 Tucson Arroyo Drainage Area as of July 14, 1953 3 Yes
A-129 TUCSON AIRPORT, Topographical & property extension 1 Yes
A-122 TUCSON AIRPORT, Corrected & revised to January 16th, 1937 1 Yes
C-092 Tucson Airport, Additions and Alterations, Admin. Bldg. 1 No
GR-85-161 Tucson Airport Motel -- Tucson Boulevard (Eckhoff, Watson, & Preator) 85 Yes
A-130 TUCSON AIRPORT MASTER PLAN (Large)- NOTE: Missing Missing No
A-131 TUCSON AIRPORT LOCATION Map (Large) - NOTE: Missing Missing No
S-030 Tucson Airport Extension - Scale 1 inch = 1500 feet 60 Yes
B-2014-005 Tucson Airport Authority Annexation District to be Annexed to City of Tucson,Arizona by Ordinance Number 11211 20143230545 Yes
B-2014-001 Tucson Airport Authority 2 Annexation District Annexed to the City of Tucson,Arizona by Ordinance Number 11212 20143230546 Yes