Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
T-180 Drainage Study of ROGER ROAD, from Flowing Wells Road to Romero Road 4 Yes
T-179 - Void - - Void - No
T-178 Alley, Block 30, FELDMANS ADDITION 4 Yes
T-177 - Void - - Void - No
T-176 CRAYCROFT ROAD & 22ND STREET Right Turn Lane & Drainage Study 4 Yes
T-175 Grading Plan for GRANT ROAD Across Alamo Wash 4 Yes
T-174 Grading Plan for EAST GLENN STREET, Craycroft to Van Buren 4 Yes
T-173 Grading Plan for FREEDOM HOMES AREA 4 Yes
T-172 Grading Plan for EDISON STREET East of Dodge Boulevard & North on Dodge 200 feet ± 4 Yes
T-171 Grading Plan for South Side of Speedway Boulevard from Jerrie to Catalina 4 Yes
T-170 Grading Plan for alley in MESA VERDE, Block 2, 15th Street ot Felisa 4 Yes
T-169 - Void - - Void - No
T-168 Grading Plan for South FONTANA AVENUE from Valencia Road to Valeska Road 4 Yes
T-167 Grading Plan for Side Ditches in HAROLD BELL WRIGHTS ESTATES along Brian Kent, Printer Udall, Corinth 4 Yes
T-166 Grading Plan for KELSO STREET & North 15TH AVENUE Around School Site 4 No
T-165 Plan showing Drainage Conditions on FLOWING WELLS ROAD South of Prince Road to Kilburn Drive 4 Yes
T-164 Grading Plan for FRITZ DRIVE in Block 38, CORONADO HIGHTS 4 No
T-163 Alley in Block 47,JEFFERSON PARK & Block 20, MONTEREY ADDITION from Vine Avenue to Highland Avenue 4 Yes
T-162 Alley, in Block 8, SPEEDWAY PLACE & Block 8, ENCANTO PARK Between Hawthorne Street & 3rd Street 4 Yes
T-161 - Void - - Void - No
T-160 - Void - - Void - No
T-159 - Void - - Void - No
T-158 Alley grading - PALO VERDE BOULEVARD to Richie Boulevard South of Hampton Street 4 Yes
T-157 Grading Plan for Alleys in OCTILLO PARK SUBDIVISION & DOS CALLES 4 Yes
T-156 Grading Plan for Alleys, Block 3, WOODLAND PARK 4 Yes
T-155 Grading Plan for Alleys, Between San Feranando Village & Douglas Terrace form Alamo Avenue to Tampico Street 4 Yes
T-154 - Void - - Void - No
T-153 Grading Plan for Alley in Block 30, TERRA DEL SOL 4 Yes
T-152 Grading Plan for Alley Between 7th Street & 8th Street & Between Chantilly & Sahuara (Indian House Estates Annexation Subdivision) 4 Yes
T-151 - Void - - Void - No
T-150 Grading Plan for 13TH AVENUE, Sahuaro Street & Grant Road around Block 1, El SAHUARO ADDITION 4 Yes
T-149 Grading Plan for Alley in Block 4, SPEEDWAY PLACE (North alley) 4 Yes
T-148 Grading Plan for Alley in Block 1, GRANT ROAD PARK (North alley) 4 Yes
T-147 Grading Plan for BRYANT BOULEVARD & BELLEVUE STREET in Speedway Addition Number 1 NOTE: Missing Missing No
T-146 Grading Plan for alley in Block 11, MARYVALE MANOR 4 Yes
T-145 Grading Plan for South alley in Block 1, City of Tucson 4 Yes
T-144 WAVERLY STREET East of Vine, Drainage Investigations (Shows elevations on existing paving where water stands) 4 Yes
T-143 Study of BURNS STREET between Longfellow & Irving showing between block drainage conditions 4 Yes
T-142 - Void - - Void - No
T-140 Grading Plan for Block 3, REICKERS ADDITION 4 Yes
T-139 Grading Plan for OURY STREET, from Anita Street West Congress Street 4 Yes
T-138 Grading Plan for CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUILDING on West Congress Street 4 Yes
T-137 Grading Plan for PINAL VISTA Near Cavett School & Utterback Junior High School 4 Yes
T-136 Grading Plan for ROSEMONT BOULEVARD, Broadway Boulevard to 16th Street (Winsett) Missing No
T-135 Grading Plan for Alley in Block 2, BLENMAN ADDITION 4 Yes
T-134 Grading Plan for WESTMORELAND AVENUE, North to Emery Street 4 Yes
T-133 - Void - - Void - No
T-132 Alleys in Block 23, City of Tucson 4 Yes
T-131 Grading Plan for Alley, Block 13, BLENMAN ADDITION for Bentley to Country Club Road 4 Yes