Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
S-2014-004 Tucson Airport Authority 2 Annexation District Yes
A-138 TUCSON AIR BASE, & lands adjacent (A-110 revised 4-25) DMAFB 1 Yes
I-89-035 TUCSON / BENSON HIGHWAY - Median Island Cuts for K. & T. II Investments None Yes
GR-89-096 Tucson ''MTX'' 4927 East Speedway Grading/Site Plan 107 Yes
I-65-073 Tucson - Benson Hwy: Veterans O.P. to Valencia Rd, ADOT Plan I-10-5(28) [old U.S. 89] (NOTE: CARDS ONLY) 46 Yes
D-72-005 TUCSON DIVERSION CHANNEL BRIDGE WIDENING 10th Avenue and 40th Street R. Turk, Engr. 61 Yes
GR-2008-048 Tu Nidito, Located North Of Prince Road, South Of Duke Drive, East Of Mountain Avenue, West Of Campbell Avenue, Within Section 30, T13S, R14E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Number, T08BU00596, D07-0043, C10-92-96, C9-07-15, Also Includes Development, Landscaping And Irrigation Plans And Information Yes
K-044 Truss Details, for Plant Number 1, City of Tucson Specifications, Complete Details 13 Yes
GR-86-063 Triplex Apartments on Thoroughbred (Howard Peck) 85 Yes
GR-89-077 Tri-Ponite Plaza Parking Plan 107 Yes
GR-85-050 Tri-Plex Apartments @ 1156 East Kleindale (S. Schuman Architect) 82 Yes
GR-2006-054 Tres Pueblos Sur -- Lots 1 to 60 and Common Areas ''A-1'' to ''A-4'' amd ''B-1'' to ''B-3'' -- Northeast of Bilby Road and Campbell Avenue -- (Rick Engineering) -- This Record Was Made From Development Services Copy, Reference Plan Numbers, S05-105, T05BU02576 Yes
I-2006-037 Tres Pueblos Sur - Lots 1 thru 60, Common Areas A-1 thru A-4 and B-1 thru B-3, Paving Improvement (Rick Engineering) 159 Yes
I-2004-085 Tres Pueblos Phase 3, Public Paving and Sewer Improvement, Lots 61 - 79, 146 - 171, 232 - 261, 294 - 363, 383 - 426, 433 - 440 & Common Areas A - C. (Rick Engineering Company) 157 Yes
GR-2008-056 Tres Pueblos Norte, Lots 1 Thru 51, Common Areas A-1 Thru A-6 And B-1, Located North Of Bilby Road, North Of Rodeo Wash, South Of Drexel Road, East Of Campbell Avenue, West Of Tucson Boulevard, Within Section 8, T15S, R14E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Number T06BU01910, T08BU00803, S05-180 Yes
I-79-055 TRES LOMAS NORTH Number 5 -- Paving and Sewer Lots 1 thru 39 (W.B.C.)(P.C.W.W.)(S-692) NOTE: PIMA COUNTY WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT , Cards Only Yes
I-79-060 TRES LOMAS NORTH Number 3, Paving and Sewer Lots 1 thru 81 (W.B.C.) (S-708) NOTE: PIMA COUNTY WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT, Cards Only PCWM Yes
S-95-067 Trench Pavement Patch STANDARD 142 Yes
I-89-003 TREAT AVENUE, Water Street to Grant Road -- District paving Improvement 132 Yes
GR-2001-001 Treat Avenue Townhomes, 2801 East Vespers Place, Prepared By SCE Corporation, Located North Of Edison Street, South Of Grant Road, East Of Treat Avenue, West Of Country Club Road, Within A Portion Of Section 5, T14S, R14E, Reference Plan Number T01BU00018 Yes
U-2008-007 Treat Avenue Pedestrian Enhancements Yes
S-2010-014 Treat Avenue Pedestrian Bridge and Walkway Enhancement Project -- Treat Avenue, 17th Street to Broadway Boulevard -- Right of Way Study -- Right of Way acquired after 1971 -- T14S, R14E, Section 17 -- Note: This was Prepared for ADOT Right of way Clearance not to be used on Subsequent project -- For reference only No
I-63-004 Treat Avenue Paving (La Cienega to Fort Lowell Road) District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0407 16 Yes
I-98-035 Treat Avenue Estates - Paving (Rick Engineering) 141 Yes
U-2019-014 Treat Avenue Bicycle Boulevard - Rillito River to Aviation Bikeway, corridor follows neighborhood streets and primarily follows Cactus Boulevard, Treat Avenue, and Bristol Avenue - Includes Curb Bump-Outs, Traffic Circles, and Speed Humps - (PSOMAS) Yes
U-2018-016 Treat Ave right-of-way improvements from Florence Dr to Grant Rd including traffic calming devices, street lighting and landscaping. Yes
C-68-013 Treasury Office Modifications 50 No
H-162 Traverse of SOUTHWEST DISTRICT 4 & 137 Yes
H-134 Traverse of SM's CAMPBELL TO PLUMER, between Broadway 4 Yes
H-160 Traverse of JEFFERSON PARK establishing st. lines, angles and distances. NOTE: MISSING No
C-169 Trash Collection Truck Study 1 No
X-89-001 Transportation/Engineering Organization Chart No
S-169 Transition Section for Catch Basin Drain on 6th Street at Stone Avenue 57 Yes
S-322 Transition Curve North Campbell Avenue @ Grant Road 57 Yes
C-2005-009 Transit Center Departure Signs for Laos, Tohono and Ronstadt Transit Centers, Project Number AE8179, City Architects Plan Number C-05-009 dated May, 2005, Electrial Engineer, Stantec Consulting. Yes
J-63-002 TRANSFERRED to Water Dept. Yes
K-021 Transferred No
K-022 Transferred No
K-023 Transferred No
K-024 Transferred No
K-025 Transferred No
K-026 Transferred No
K-027 Transferred No
K-029 Transferred No
K-030 Transferred No
K-031 Transferred No
K-032 Transferred No
K-033 Transferred No
K-035 Transferred No