Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-72-029 Northerly Extension of 16th Avenue from Ajo Way (Blanton and Co.) 76 Yes
I-76-020 HOLIDAY ~ MIRASOL NEIGHBORHOOD -- Paving and Sidewalk Project 70 Yes
I-86-052 Fall 1986 Miscellaneous Spot Improvements 111 & 89 Yes
L-77-003 Palo Verde High School Multi-Use Court Lighting 69 Yes
S-023 Stevens Avenue - Paving from 9th Street South 58 Yes
S-330 Land in T17S, R14E, for license use permit Antanio C. & Gilberta Ochoa (Showning Land leased in individuals) 60 Yes
S-504 Widening of Park Avenue & Ajo Road in Broadway of American Addition 57 Yes
S-798 Street layout in area surrounding Broadway from Alvernon to Columbus (5/61) 57 Yes
S-63-051 Sketch of 22nd Street Grade Separation (2 Sheets) 57 Yes
S-75-017 HUD Improvement Construction Sign 68 Yes
I-712 ALVERNON HEIGHTS, Paving and Sewers (Anderson) 13 Yes
S-87-061 Speedway Boulevard and Martin Avenue: Proposed Right-of-way changes 92 Yes
S-85-017A Right-of-Way to be acquired on Irvington Road from Valley Road to South 6th Avenue NOTE: Revised 10/85 Yes
S-97-027 Right-of-way To Be Aquired - Broadway Boulevard and Kolb Road Yes
S-90-001 Southeast Corner of Golf Links Road & Harrison Road Parcel to be Transferred be the City of Tucson 118 Yes
S-90-040 1990 OVERLAY PROGRAM 118 Yes
I-2000-013 Camino Seco - Wrightstown Road to Speedway Boulevard -- District Paving Improvement NOTE: Protested, Not Built I-2011-009 Camino Seco - Wrightstown Intersection Improvements Supersedes I-2000-013 RefOnly Yes
H-2001-003 Record of Survey (23/8), Irvington Road Monument Survey 144 Yes
H-2002-007 Pima Street from Swan Road to Craycroft Road (CoT) Record of Survey (??/??) 148 Yes
I-2004-021 South Meyer Avenue Improvements, From 18th Street to 19th Street. (Henry Jacobson, PE) 152 Yes
F-2005-001 Avenide Ricardo Small -- Street Lighting -- Crossing at the following streets: Bellevue Avenue, West Palms Park Drive, East Palms Park Drive, Speedway Boulevard Calle Pasto, Calle Kuehn, Calle Playa, Calle Bolivar, Lee Street, Calle Bogota, and Wrightstown Road NOTE: PLANS FROM ELECTRIC SHOP AND ARE NOT STAMPED 153 Yes
GR-2000-016 Century Park, Lot 19, 6908 East Century Park Drive, Prepared By Greg Carlson Engineering LLC, Located North Of Los Reales Road, North Of Union Pacific Railroad, South Of Little Town Road, East Of Wilmot Road, West Of Kolb Road, Within A Portion Of Section 18, T15S, R15E, Reference Number, T00BU01537, Also Includes Drainage Plans Yes
I-2006-013 Miramonte at the River, Offstie Paving Plan, Lots 1 - 163 and Common Areas A - M, Located on Stone Ave north of Rillito River. (MMLA Engrs.) 159 Yes
H-2006-022 Monumentation Ties -- Golf Links Road: Kolb Road To Pantano Road -- Sections 20 And 29, T14S, R15E -- (City of Tucson) -- Recorded As Record Of Survey Book 53, Page 9 158 Yes
S-2007-008 Proposed parcel acquisition within a portion of Lot 2, Block 2, Wetmores Subdivision, Book 4, Page 51 of Maps and Plats, within the southwest 1/4 of Section 24, T13S, R13E (south side of Wetmore Road, just east of Neffson Drive) (S&S). Yes
GR-2008-012 Brown-Rita Subdivision, Lot 29, Camino Abril, Industrial Commercial Services Site, Located North Of Old Vail Road, East Of Rita Road, West Of Camino De Cafe, Within Section 27, T15S, R15E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes SWPPP, Reference Plan Number, S99-049, D06-0047, T07BU01377 Yes
GR-2008-126 Catalina View Center, Located North Of Roger Road, South Of Limberlost Drive, East Of Oracle Road, Within Section 24, T13S, R13E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Numbers T08BU01010, D07-0025, Also Includes Paving And Horizontal Control Plans And Information Yes
I-2010-006 NOTE -- NOTE -- NOTE: Plan Number I-2010-006 was assigned to two (2) different projects. Both projects plans are available here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sabino Canyon Road / Tanque Verde Road Intersection Improvements, (PSOMAS) – Accepted 8/2011 and As-Built 5/15/2015 (Images 001 – 096). This was an additional improvement from the earlier Udall Park West Entrance and Bus Transit Station (see I-2003-011 project). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sabino Canyon Road - Tanque Verde Road to Kolb Road Roadway Improvements, (PSOMAS) Accepted 7/2015 and Record Document 11/30/2017 (Images 1001 – 1231). Image 1226 is added "As-built" information for the Steel Piles from Structural Concepts Inc. Images 1227 - 1231 are added plans: Kolb Road Realignment Vincent - Mullins Landfill LFG Header Realignment (for landfill gas extraction wells and pipes) (SCS Engineers) Note: Record document date is approximate from data File Date. NOTE: Electronic File Only. Yes
H-2014-004 Survey monument perpetuation on Grant Road and Kolb Road, from Wilmot Road to 22nd Street, located in Section 31, T13S, R15E AND Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 17 & 18, T14S, R15E (Psomas) Yes
U-2017-011 Rio Vista Elementary School Safe Routes to School Projects. Limberlost Drive - 1st Avenue to Campbell Avenue -- Federal Aid no. SRS TUC 0(245)D -- TRACS No. 999 PM TUC SF009 01D - TDOT Job (SP06) - (AECOM) Record Document Dated: 10/26/2020 Yes
P-2001-001 INET Fiber Protection - Fire Station 12 (TPR Job No. OPO14352) Harrison Road - Broadway Boulevard to Golf Links Road (GLHN Engrs.) 145 Yes
H-2003-012 Irvington Road - Kolb Road to Camino Seco, Left Turn Lanes in Sec. 3, 4, 5, T. 15 E., R. 15 S. and Sec. 32, 33, 34, T. 14 E., R. 15 S. (Urban Engrs:) 148 Yes
D-056 EAST BROADWAY CULVERT, double 8'x10' concrete Culvert 2 Yes
H-227 U.S. POST OFFICE Survey, (Broadway & Scott) 4 Yes
H-75-001 El Rio Park Monument Line Study 110 Yes
H-93-012 Record of Survey (9/25) - Craycroft Road- Fort Lowell Road to Rillito Bridge, Swing Ties For Street Monument For I.S.T.E.A. 2 122 Yes
H-99-020 Record of Survey (17/29) Survey of Billboard in the west 100.50 feet of Lot 9, Block62, Coronado Heights, north side of Grant Road between Fontana Avenue and Geronimo Avenue 138 Yes
I-473 SOUTH TUCSON BOULEVARD Paving (Broadway to City Limits) 7 Yes
I-98-048 Drachman Street - Drop off for Saint Peter & Paul School (Catalina Engineering) Yes
R-79-006 PARQUE DE SANTA CRUZ Resub. 77 Yes
I-642 17th Street, Campbell to Plumer District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0290 9 & 100 Yes
B-222 Sabino Canyon Dam Site 5 Yes
B-254 Hayhurst Land Southwest City Limits 27 Yes
E-73-002 Santa Cruz River Flow Line, Valencia Road to Grant Road Yes
GR-86-075 Broadmoor Apartments -- 725 South Tucson Boulevard (Urban Engineering) 85 Yes
GR-88-053 Randolph Golf Course Club House Expansion -- 600 South Alvernon (RS Engineering) 102 Yes