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Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
K-029 Transferred No
K-030 Transferred No
K-031 Transferred No
K-032 Transferred No
K-033 Transferred No
K-035 Transferred No
K-037 Transferred No
K-038 Transferred No
K-039 Transferred No
K-040 Transferred No
K-041 Transferred No
K-042 Transferred No
K-043 Transferred No
K-045 Transferred No
K-047 Transferred No
K-048 Transferred No
K-050 Transferred No
K-052 Transferred No
K-053 Transferred No
K-054 Transferred No
K-055 Transferred No
K-059 Transferred No
K-060 Transferred No
K-061 Transferred No
K-062 Transferred No
K-063 Transferred No
K-065 Transferred No
GR-2008-068 Tran Bus Storage Maintenance Facility, Sun Tran BSMF, Lot 2, Located South Of Price Street, East Of Sun Tran Boulevard, Within Sections 22 And 27, T13S, R13E, Gila And Salt River Base And Meridian,City Of Tucson, Pima County Arizona, Reference Map And Plat Book 56, Page 14, Reference Plan Numbers, T08BU00070, S01-010, Also Includes Landscaping, Irrigation, Site, Temporary Bus Parking, Tentative Plat-Development And Native Plant Preservation Plans And Information Yes
GR-85-152 Training Kitchen Catholic Community Services -- Adams & 11th (CEA) 85 Yes
D-70-004 TRAILS END WEST - Concrete Box Culvert, Anderson Engineering 67 Yes
S-312 Traffic Turning Movement 18th & South 6th Avenue 57 Yes
S-071 Traffic Survey Cherry and Factory Avenue Intersection 57 Yes
U-64-002 Traffic Stripping Detail for Alvernon Way - 22nd Street - Broadway Boulevard 24 Yes
U-64-004 Traffic Stripping Detail for 22nd Street from Craycroft Road to Kolb Road 24 Yes
U-2007-018 Traffic Striping Plan, Pantano Road - Broadway Boulevard to 22nd Street 159 Yes
I-82-051 TRAFFIC SIGNALS and PAVEMENT WIDENING PLANS for Ajo Way from Interstate 19 (I-19) to 16th Avenue North 83 Yes
U-76-004 Traffic Signals @: 1.) Glenn & Stone Avenue 2.) Glenn & 1st Avenue 3.) Glenn & Country Club Road 4.) 22nd Street & Camino Seco 5.) 29th Street & Wilmot Road 6.) Irvington Road & South 12th Avenue 7.) Valencia & Santa Clara (Cont. Number 3097-76 (Traffic Engineer) Yes
U-77-004 Traffic Signals @: 1.) Prince Road & Fairview 2.) Grant Road & Fairview (Calle Poniente) 3.) Carondelet & Wilmot 4.) 36th Street & Campbell Yes
U-77-003 Traffic Signals @: 1.) Speedway & Camino Seco 2.) 22nd Street & Sarnoff 3.) Golf Links & Mann 4.) Stella & Kolb Road Yes
S-2000-012 Traffic Signal Relocation, Southwest Corner of Fort Lowell Road & Mountain Avenue Yes
S-2000-011 Traffic Signal Relocation, Southeast Corner of Prince Road & 1st Avenue Yes
U-64-015 Traffic Signal Pennington Street & Scott Avenue 24 Yes
U-2019-008 Traffic Signal Modification Plans For: Park Avenue and 2nd (Second) Street - as per Aspire Tucson 2 PIA Project - (Rick Engineering) Yes
U-64-017 Traffic Signal Congress & Church 24 Yes
M-88-001 Traffic Signal Cabinet, Pole, Conduit, and Conductor Schedule Table No
U-69-002 Traffic Signal at St. Mary's Road & Grande Avenue Yes
U-76-003 Traffic Signal at Interstate-10 & Congress Yes
I-86-010 Traffic Signal at Broadway and Indian House Road (Medians Islands) (1974) 84 Yes
U-69-001 Traffic Signal at Broadway & Sarnoff Yes
U-69-003 Traffic Signal at Ajo Way & Park Avenue Yes