Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-99-017 Catalina High School - Offsite Improvement, Bus Bay, Vehicle Drop Off @ Dodge Boulevard (McCarty Engineering) Yes
B-94-012 Los Reales -- District annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona, by Ordinance Number_______? No
E-69-005 Rodeo Wash from S.P.R.R. to South 6th Avenue Drainage Way Yes
Q-77-002 Preliminary Geometrics, Craycroft from 22nd Street to Golf Links No
S-96-039 Construction Program 1997 - New Vertical Curb, 7th Avenue (Abandoned) @ 22nd Street No
X-81-001 Project Progress Chart No
I-2007-015 Los Reales Road - Early Avenue To Craycroft Road -- (EEC) No
B-94-011 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 8459 (Location: Rillito South) Map/Plat Book 46 Page 97, Effective Date: April 27, 1995, File Name: MP-46-097 Yes
E-69-006 Proposed 40 foot drainage easement in Block 2 in ''Richland Heights'' Yes
S-97-001 ''River / Campbell II'' Annexation District Yes
T-81-003 CALLE SANTA CRUZ North of Valencia Road No
X-81-002 Tucson Valley Perspective View (PAG) No
B-94-010 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 8563 (Location: State Land/Irvington) Map/Plat Book 47 Page 55, Effective Date: Oct 6, 1995, File Name: MP-47-055 Yes
E-69-007 Rodeo Field Contours for Southeast portions (Evans and Joplin, Engineers) No
Q-78-001 Proposed Craycroft Road Widening @ Vail Junior High School No
S-97-002 ''Alvernon / Alvord'' Annexation District Yes
S-90-016 Irvington Road between Benson Highway & Interstate-10 Interchange Drainage Easement @ Station 14 + LT Yes
C-68-002A Valencia Branch Library - Plot Plan No
C-66-003 Band Enclosure @ Randolph Park No
B-94-009 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 8593 (Location: Melpomene Way) Map/Plat Book 47 Page 77, Effective Date: Dec 13, 1995, File Name: MP-47-077 Yes
E-69-008 University of Arizona Gauging Flumes Yes
U-65-002 6th Street & Country Club Road Intersection Widening No
S-90-017 Irvington Road between Benson Highway & Interstate-10 Interchange Drainage Easement @ Station 35 + RT Yes
C-66-004 Water Department Maintenance Building (Shops Area) @ Water Plant Number1 No
I-99-021 22nd Street / Wilmot Intersection Improvement (Entranco) No
B-94-008 Rillito -- District annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona, by Ordinance Number_______? No
L-74-002 Northwest Park Ballfield Lighting Yes
M-83-003 Structure Summary Sheet (State) No
S-97-003 New Sidewalk and Curb Acceess Ramps at Wetmore Avenue, East of Oracle Road No
U-65-003 Tucson Boulevard & Speedway Boulevard Intersection Widening No
X-82-001B 11 inch by 14 inch (Vellun Xerox) No
I-2003-035 Chantalli Estates - Lots 1-61 and Common Areas 'A' & 'B' and Block A, Paving and Public Sewer Improvements Yes
C-72-030 Prosecutor's Office - Office Landscaping, For Additional Info. See C-74-014 No
S-2004-003 Bus Shelter Easement, At 5th Street & Alvernon Way, Lot 1, Block 1, Norym-Tragle Addition Amended, M&P, Bk. 9 Pg. 37, Section 10, T14S, R14E, G&SRM, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona -- Docket Book 12365, Page 4147 Yes
C-85-019 Service Center Building No. 2, City Architects Office No
B-2005-001 U Of A Science And Technology Park Annexation District Annexed To The City Of Tucson, Arizona By Ordinance Number 10298, Portions Of Sections 17 Through 21, 28, And 29, T15S, R15E, G&SRM., Pima County, Arizona. Yes
GR-99-028 Richmond American Homes, Rita Ranch, Lots 1 Thru 154, Common Areas A-1, A-2, B-1.1 Thru B-6, Prepared By Paul J. Iezzi, 10450 East Rita Ranch, Located South Of Rita Ranch Road & South Of Jumping Cholla Drive, West Of Houghton Road, Within A Portion Of Section 25, T15S, R15E, Reference Number T99BU3181 Yes
S-2006-024 University Of Arizona Medical Center Area (U Of A) -- Vacation Of Right Of Way -- Cherry Avenue (formerly Cherry Street), Including Chauncey Street And (Formerly) Elberta Street -- Ordinance 921 -- Docket Book 6050, Page 1206 -- For More Vacated Streets And Alleys Within The University Area See Plan H-92-015 Yes
I-2006-072 Grant Road and Craycroft Road Intersection Improvements COT Job No. S14U. New Asphalt, Curbs, Sidewalks, Traffic Signals, Storm Sewer, Street Lighting, and New Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert at the Alamo Wash (116 pgs). (Record Document Dated: 06/11/2021) (NOTE: Signing Plans AS RECEIVED - Originals are 8.5x11 DO NOT SCALE) Yes
GR-2007-030 Wildcat Pass, Lot 17, 20656 Twinkling Starr Drive, South Of Starr Pass Boulevard, West Of Shannon Road, Within Section 20, T14S, R13E, City Of Tucson, Gila And Salt River Meridian, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Native Plant Preservation Plan And Site Plans And Information, Reference Number, T070BU00403 Yes
D-2007-002 Mercado District of Menlo Park Storm Drain Easement -- 100 South Avenida Del Convento -- T14S, R13E, Section 14 No
S-2008-022 Barraza Aviation - 4th Avenue, A Portion Of Abandoned 10th Street, Right Of Way Easement, Pima County, Arizona Yes
GR-2011-026 Granite House V And VI, 2201 East First Street, Speedway Heights, Lot 9, Block 3, Located North Of First Street, Within Section 8, T14S, R14E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Number T11BU00702, Also Includes Site, Landscape And Irrigation Plans And Information Yes
S-2014-001 Surplus City Property at Irvington Road/Benson Hwy (southwest corner) Section 5, T15S, R14E (Arrow) No
R-2017-003 Broadway Blvd. - Camino Seco to Houghton Road, right of way survey No
I-2020-021 Valencia Road widening - from just east of Kolb Road to just west of Houghton Road - widening includes 6-lane road, median, drainage, and improved intersections at intersections at Old Vail Road and Nexus Road - (PSOMAS) No
V-62-001 Large Aerial Photos of CITY SEWER FARM, Showing lands irrigated by water from plant, Number DHQ 2V-14, D&D, January 23, 1958 No
C-72-031 Housing For The Elderly, Ariz. 4-12, Site 1 at the SW Corner of W Congress & Melwood, (Coon & Chonis) No
C-85-020 Fort Lowell Park Swimming Pool - Pool Piping Tests No
S-2005-002 University Of Arizona (U Of A) -- Science And Technology Park -- Annexation District -- Annexed to the City Of Tucson Yes