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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
G-285 Wilshire Heights, District Sewer Improvements NOTE: AD Series AD-0291 19 No
I-839 WILSHIRE HEIGHTS, Access Road from 14th Street and 25th Street, district Paving and Sidewalk Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0326 15 Yes
I-755 WILSHIRE HEIGHTS District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0307 14 Yes
I-95-004 Wilmot Vista, Lots 1-101, Paving and Sewer (Urban Engineering) 135 Yes
I-97-011 Wilmot Vista II - Phase 1 - Paving, Drainage & Sewer (WBA : Walbert, Baker & Associates) 138 Yes
GR-88-110 Wilmot Vista Blocks 1 thru 12 (Urban Engineering) 104 Yes
I-97-038 Wilmot Vista 2 - Phase 2, Lots 1 thru 69, Paving, Drainage & Sewer (Walbert, Baker Associates) 139 Yes
I-2000-017 Wilmot Shadows Lots 1 thru 81 , Paving, Drainage, & Sewers (Walbert, Baker, & Associates) 144 Yes
U-2009-028 Wilmot Road/Nicaragua Drive Intersection Improvement Project -- (AECOM) Yes
H-2002-043 Wilmot Road: From North of Carondolet Dr To 5th Street To Rosewood Street -- 5th Street: From East of Indian House To Alamo To Wilmot Road -- Record of Survey, T14S, R14E, Section 12 (Amec Engineering) 147 Yes
I-68-021 Wilmot Road, Speedway North to Lee Street (Paving and Drainage) (Pima County Highway Department) 45 & 111 Yes
S-2012-011 Wilmot Road, south of I-10, Right-of-Way Dedication (T15S, R15E, Section 31; T16S, R15E, Sections 6 & 7) No
I-68-022 Wilmot Road, Lee Street to Sabino Canyon (Paving and Drainage) (Pima County Highway Department) 45 Yes
I-860 WILMOT ROAD, from Broadway to Speedway, Paving and Drainage Structure, District Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0377 16 Yes
I-63-030 Wilmot Road, Broadway to 22nd Street, District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0429 34 Yes
I-66-007 Wilmot Road, 22nd Street to Golf Links Road District Paving NOTE: AD Series AD-0547 64 Yes
I-2004-061 wilmot road widening - usp construction No
L-74-003 Wilmot Road Median Modification, South of 34th Street 62 Yes
I-77-041 WILMOT ROAD Median Modification 69 Yes
I-2005-063 Wilmot Road Located South of Interstate 10 (I-10) and North of Hermans Road, Roadway Improvements. (Desert Stone). (MMLA/PSOMAS Engrs.) 159 Yes
H-352A Wilmot Road geometrics, Golf Links to Broadway Boulevard 4 Yes
I-84-042 WILMOT ROAD from Pima Street to Speedway Boulevard District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0702 95 Yes
I-79-050 WILMOT ROAD from GRANT ROAD to PIMA STREET District Paving Improvement NOTE: PIMA COUNTY WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT (Turner) NOTE: AD Series AD-0609 Yes
F-2000-004 Wilmot Road from Broadway Boulevard to Golf Links Road -- Street Lighting Improvement -- This Project Built In The Same Contract And Funds As Plan F-2000-003, 28th Street: Belvedere Avenue To Swan Road 149 Yes
I-72-076 WILMOT ROAD from 5th Street to Broadway Boulevard -- Widening (Wheeler, Petterson & Coffeen Engineering) 56 Yes
I-82-016 WILMOT ROAD EXTENSION Paving Plan - North of Grant Road NOTE: Cards Only (Urban Engineers) 131 Yes
U-80-003 Wilmot Road between Speedway Boulevard & Pima Street / Tanque Verde Road - Overlay & Widening 74 Yes
I-96-032 Wilmot Road at Julian Wash, Paving and Box Culvert, Pima County #4BSOWL - NOTE: Cards Only 133 Yes
I-86-084 WILMOT ROAD and Miscellaneous Streets District Paving Improvement. Includes STELLA ROAD and NICARAGUA DRIVE 105 Yes
I-2000-078 Wilmot Road and 5th Street Intersection Improvement (Alpha Engineering) No
S-95-074 Wilmot Road & 5th Street - Disabled Access Improvements No
F-85-007 WILMOT Road - Speedway to Broadway District Lighting Improvement (Johannessen & Girard) NOTE: AD Series AD-0713 130 Yes
R-74-006 WILMOT ROAD - R/W Study from Speedway to Pima 76 Yes
I-84-021 WILMOT ROAD - East Curb North of Speedway Blvd. -- NOTE: Project was never built 80 & 111 Yes
F-73-005 WILMOT ROAD - 22nd. Street to Speedway Boulevard District Lighting Improvement (Birkett Engineers) NOTE: Not Done No
U-2004-024 Wilmot Road - 22nd. Street to Golf Links Road Pavement Rehab, Overlay (HDR/Johnson Brittain) No
C-68-011 Wilmot Regional Library (Glass Repair) 45 No
R-81-007 WILMOT RD. Realignment South of Pima 77 Yes
R-85-004 Wilmot Rd. - Pima St. to Speedway Blvd. (Ruiz Eng.) 97 & 108 Yes
C-79-018 Wilmot Library Circulation Desk Modifications No
C-82-023 Wilmot Library Addition Furnishing No
L-67-005 Wilmot from Speedway to 22nd Street Median Landscaping Yes
I-97-039 Wilmot Farms - Paving Plans (Environmental Engineering) 138 Yes
E-83-007 Wilmot Development Drainage Channel Improvement (Trimble Engineers) 108 Yes
I-701 WILMOT DESERT ESTATES -- Resubdivided Blocks 23 and 24 NOTE: See I-696 13 Yes
I-696 WILMOT DESERT ESTATES - Alamo Street 13 Yes
C-69-004 Wilmot Branch Library Reroofing 50 No
C-80-006 Wilmot Branch Library Remodeling 74 No

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