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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
B-063 - Void - - Void - No
D-76-000 - 1976 - Class “D” STORM SEWERS AND DRAINAGE STRUCTURES: Arroyo Structures, Bridges, Box Culverts, Pedestrian Structures, etc. - 1976 - No
F-89-001 MIRACLE MILE - I-10 to Oracle Road & Oracle Road - Miracle Mile to Glenn Street No
I-454 - Void - - Void - No
B-94-002 Ina/Thornydale (B) -- District annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona, by Ordinance Number_______? No
I-78-036 - Void - CUSHING STREET, 14th Street Connection NOTE: SEE I-87-050 - Void - No
I-86-036 - Missing - Alley Paving Improvement on the West Side of Block 11, Swan Way Addition (Stitzer, Johnson, Vahl & Assoc.) - Missing - Missing No
K-000 Class ''K'' - WATER PLANT: Old Reservoirs, Wells, Pumps, Tanks, etc. (current info at Water Department). - 000 - No
J-2006-000 - 2006 - Class ''J'' - WATER MAINS: Old Lines, Valves, etceteras. (current information and drawings are kept at the Water Department, 310 West Alameda St. Located at Northeast Corner Of West Alameda St and North Granda Av). NOTE; NO OTHER PLANS NUMBERS WERE ISSUED BETWEEN 1980 AND 2006 INCLUSIVE. - 1980 - No
I-695 GREEN HILLS ADDITION NOTE: Plan is Missing Missing No
U-64-010 Alvernon Way & Pima Street - Traffic Signal No
V-63-001 Aerial of area bounded by ROGER ROAD to PRINCE and ORACLE ROAD to FREEWAY No
T-66-006 Grading Plan for 22ND STREET, Mission Road to La Cholla Boulevard 24 No
C-72-036 Fremont House Restoration No
C-68-009 NEW City Hall Air Conditioning Modification (1st floor to basement) No
C-67-000 - 1967 - Class ''C'' Drawing: ''BUILDINGS'' All City Buildings, City Hall, Schools including Parks Buildings, Recreation Centers, Swimming Pools, Farm and Miscellaneous Building Plans. MOST OF THESE PLANS ARE NO LONGER KEPT AT MAPS AND RECORDS. THESE PLANS ARE AT THE CITY ARCHITECT'S OFFICE AT THE THOMAS O. PRICE SERVICE CENTER, PARK AVE. AND AJO WAY. - 1967 - No
C-85-024 Woods Branch Library, Modifications No
R-2017-004 Record of Survey and Right of Way Plan, Houghton Road - Union Pacific Railroad to Interstate 10 No
I-2020-025 La Estancia Parcel 5, Phase II, Lots 1-97, Paving Improvement for Via De Ayate, Caminito La Piscina, Via Olmeda, Camino Cardal, Camino Dos Cuadros, and Camino Vista Azul, includes new pavement, curb, sidewalk, ramps, scuppers and drainage (Atwell) No
B-064 - Void - - Void - No
F-025 - Void - - Void - No
B-94-001 Ina/Thornydale (A) -- District annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona, by Ordinance Number_______? No
B-237 - Void - - Void - No
I-65-035 - Protested - Not Built - Gradenview Addition -- District Paving Improvement -- (W & P) -- Protested, Not Built RefOnly No
K-001 Tucson Water Works, Location of Pumping Plant and Wells on Lots 1, 2,3, & 4, Block 137 (MP. P. Contzen 8/1900) 13 No
U-64-011 Alvernon Way & Grant Road - Traffic Signal No
S-97-010 22nd Street / Alvernon Way Intersection Improvement Parcel ''A'' To Be Acquired (RS Engineering) No
X-86-000 - 1986 - Class ''X'' - FORMS, VARIOUS - 1986 - No
C-72-037 El Rio Golf Course Pro Shop Air Conditioning, (Shipley & Assoc.) No
C-68-010 Magistrate's Courts, Alameda Plaza Building No
C-67-001 Modification of Fire Station No. 5 38 No
C-85-025 Pump Plant No. 1 - Meter Repair Shop Modifications No
I-2008-000 - 2008 - Class ''I'' - PAVING IMPROVEMENTS: Paving and Widening Plans And Drawings. - 2008 - - 2008 - No
L-2014-000 - 2014 - Class 'L' - LANDSCAPING DRAWINGS: For Parks, City Buildings, Irrigation Systems, Street Medians, Parks Recreational Lighting, etceteras. - 2014 - - 2014 - No
I-2020-026 La Estancia Parcel 4, Phase II, Lots 1-93, Paving Improvement for Camino Estarna, Paseo Del Fado, Caminito Galano, Camino Rebina, Via De Los Compas, and Camino Dos Cuadros, includes new pavement, curb, sidewalk, ramps, catch basins and storm drains (Atwell) No
F-026 UNIVERSITY STANDARD, Ornamental Street Lighting Post 5 No
I-456 - Void - - Void - No
R-77-000 - 1977 - Class “R” RIGHT-OF-WAY: Streets, Highways, Alleys, Widening, Drainage, Sewers - 1977 - No
B-93-000 - 1993 - Class ''B'' OFFICAL MAPS: Townsites, City Annexations, City Maps and Plats. City Limits Extensions. After 1962 - 1993 - No
B-236 - Void - - Void - No
M-86-000 - 1986 - Class “M” STANDARD CONSTRUCTION DETAILS. NOTE: For all details not listed see ''M'' file void details. - 1986 - No
D-2000-001 Broadway Boulevard & Tucson Boulevard Drainage Spot Improvement No
U-64-012 5th Street & Swan Road - Traffic Signal No
S-97-011 22nd Street / Alvernon Way Intersection Improvement Parcel ''B'' To Be Acquired (RS Engineering) No
T-66-008 ARAGON ROAD Paving - Plumer Avenue to Tucson Boulevard & Plumer Avenue (Median to Elvira) No
X-86-001 Department of Transportation Organization Chart No
C-68-011 Wilmot Regional Library (Glass Repair) 45 No
C-181 Armory Building (Existing Structure) 2 Sheets 1 No
C-85-026 City Hall Annex - 3rd Floor Modifications, NOTE: On Film Roll 105, Bluelines 105 No

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