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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
C-190 City Hall (1960) Friedman & Jobusch) also shows underground vault. NOTE: - Missing - Missing No
S-793 Day-light hole in Grant Road & Park Avenue NOTE: MISSING Missing No
B-220 Air Map, City of Tucson NOTE: Missing Missing No
D-055 CATCH BASINS, Toole Avenue NOTE: MISSING Missing No
I-81-061 - Missing - 36th STREET and MISSION, Lots 82 thru 207 Phase 3 -- Sewers and Paving (Andy Wright / OPW) - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
I-81-063 - Missing - Kino Business Park Phase I (Dooly-Jones) - Missing - 12/19/02 Missing No
C-199 Carnegie FREE Library, Air-Conditioning 1955 NOTE: - Missing - Missing No
I-72-032 - Missing - Escalante Park Subdivision, Jessica Avenue, Lots Numbers 9, 10, 11, and 12 -- Paving and Sewer Improvemenrt (Wheeler, Petterson & Coffeen Engineering) - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
I-81-064 - Missing - Kino Business Park Phase II (Dooly-Jones) - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
S-333 Block Q Catalina Vista Addition -- NOTE: MISSING Missing No
I-86-056 - Missing - 1st Avenue Paving Improvements and Rancho Mirage Drainage Improvements (D.M.J.M.) - Missing - Missing No
D-061 CULVERT UNDER T & N RR 1st Avenue & 19th Street (filed with D-50) NOTE: Plans Missing Missing No
I-478 NORTH TUCSON BOULEVARD Paving, Adams to Grant Road East side only MISSING No
E-038 Elysian Grove Contours and Drainage NOTE: MISSING Missing No
S-031 Municipal Airport - Program location part Section 18, T15S, R14E -- NOTE: Missing Missing No
I-79-011 - Missing - ALLEY PAVING EL CORONADO CONDOMINUM (John Collins and Associates) - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
I-86-061 - Missing - La Cholla Boulevard, Widening at ''A'' Mountain Neighborhood Center - Missing - Missing No
B-262 Government Survey Lots in T14S, R14E, Section & E½ of 3, Section 11 & E½ of 10 & Section 14 (Photostat) NOTE: MISSING Missing No
E-044 Contour map, Tucson Housing Authority slum clearance, 19th Street. NOTE: Missing Missing No
C-62-003 Retaing Wall on South side 5th Street near Dodge Boulevard NOTE: - Missing - See Job File Missing No
B-65-003 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson by ordinance Number 2749 NOTE: MISSING Missing No
I-79-024 - Missing - WESTBERRY HILLS Paving and Sewers - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
C-63-008 Paint Storage Building City Shops - MISSING - Missing No
B-074 City of Tucson, Same as Map Number B-072, but revised to 1920 NOTE: MISSING Missing No
I-79-028 - Missing - BROADWAY UNDERPASS @ ALVERNON WAY (Blanton) - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
I-79-029 - Missing - CAMPBELL and GRANT INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENT - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
A-121 Proposed R/W, DRACHMAN STREET & ORACLE RD. 12-3-36 NOTE: Missing Missing No
I-67-031 - Missing - 33rd Street from Park to Nogales Rail Road Spur District Paving Improvement - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
I-79-035 - Missing - GRANT ROAD and WILMOT ROAD Spot Improvement - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
A-130 TUCSON AIRPORT MASTER PLAN (Large)- NOTE: Missing Missing No
S-141 - Missing - BLOCK 15, MANLOVE ADDITION, Improvement Location NOTE: Missing Missing No
A-131 TUCSON AIRPORT LOCATION Map (Large) - NOTE: Missing Missing No
C-140 Additional Locker Facilities in Stadium at Randolph Park NOTE: - Missing - Missing No
I-004 WEST SIDE OF TUCSON, assessment area for property improvements Paseo Redondo, Goldschmidts ADDITION, Santa Cruz ADDITION, some of White Lots & Part of Original City, owners, some Block & lot dimenions 2-8-10 - Missing - Missing No
I-79-044 - Missing - INA ROAD from LA CHOLLA BOULEVARD to TUCSON FLORENCE HIGHWAY (Pima County Highway Department) - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
E-076 Pantano and Rincon Wash -- Soil Conservation Survey Prints -- MISSING Missing No
I-73-021 ROSEHILL ESTATES Number 3, -- Alley Paving Improvement (Wheeler, Petterson & Coffeen Engineering) NOTE: MISSING Missing No
S-062 Lease to United States Government part of Randolph Park NOTE: Plan MISSING Missing No
I-66-009 Driveway Entrance for Kivel - East Broadway NOTE: - MISSING - No Cards - Missing - Missing No
H-022 CONGRESS ST., Toole Avenue to Tucson Mts. profile & boundarys of same, showing owners adjacent to various profiles of, from Main Street to bridge. MISSING No
I-82-022 - Missing - TUCSON OFFICE ADDITION - Alley Improvements for The State (Marum & Marum) - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
I-79-053 - Missing - QUAIL CANYON Paving and Sewer 1-99 (Osborn, Peterson, Walbert)(PCWW)(S-688) - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
T-027 Elias Street Grading Plan -- NOTE: Missing Missing No
C-101 Ball Park Grandstand, Plan by Roy Place, Arch. NOTE: - Missing - Missing No
H-026 PARK AVENUE, proposed grading from 6th to 18th sts. shows profile of only. No distances shown on map. Missing No
I-017 Block 257, property paving of alley, profiles, plans details of construction 3-13 NOTE: MISSING Missing No
I-82-026 - Missing - PANTNO TOWNHOMES II -- Grading & Paving Plan NOTE: Sepia (C.B. & A,) - Missing - 12/19/01 Missing No
R-65-020 -Missing- State Highway, I-10 Tucson-Benson Nogales Branch SPRR to Valencia Road I-10-5(4)262 -Missing- Missing No
I-87-019 - Missing - Bristol Park Subdivision Paving and Sewer - Missing - Missing No

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