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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
C-85-026 City Hall Annex - 3rd Floor Modifications, NOTE: On Film Roll 105, Bluelines 105 No
I-2008-001 Venado Vista Estates - OFFSITE -- 1470 South Melpomene Way -- T14S, R15E, Section 24 No
S-2017-003 4th Avenue/Toole Avenue/Congress Street -- Right of Way Study -- Right of Way acquired after 1971 -- T14S, R13E, Sections 12 and 13 -- Note: This was Prepared for ADOT Right of way Clearance not to be used on Subsequent project -- Federal Job Number HSIP TUC-0(247) -- TRACS Number SH568 03D -- Also See U-2016-001 -- For reference only No
I-2020-027 La Estancia Parcel 3, Phase II-East, Lots 1-83, Paving Improvement for Camino Estarna, Via De Los Compas, Camino Rebina, Paseo De Sambuca, Caminto Lacero, Caminito Mambla, and an access road, includes new pavement, curb, sidewalk, ramps, scuppers and drainage (Atwell) No
I-62-000 - 1962 - Class ''I'' - PAVING IMPROVEMENT: Paving and Widening Plans - 1962 - No
H-72-000 - 1972 - Class ''H'' - SURVEYS, MONUMENT MAPS: Current Lot, Block and Boundary Surveys, City of Tucson Record of Surveys - 1972 - No
B-93-007 Tucson International Airport -- District annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona, by Ordinance Number_______? No
E-71-000 - 1971 - Class ''E'' Drawing - Drainage Studies: Contour Maps, (not structures) City Farm Ditches, Rivers, Arroyos, Drainageway Grading, and Bank Protection - 1971 - No
U-64-013 Craycroft Road & 5th Street - Traffic Signal No
S-97-012 New Handrail - Grant Road @ Alamo Wash No
T-66-009 Grading for Alley Block 39, OLSENS ADDITION No
X-86-002 Project Progress Schedule (Joe Palomarez) No
H-2001-048 Located North of Broadway Boulevard, South of Speedway Boulevard and Between 1st Avenue and Tyndall Avenue -- A Portion of Section 12, T14S, R13E, and Section 7, T14S, R14E -- (Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Incorporated, EEC) -- See Record Of Survey Book 25, Page 23 No
C-72-038 Blower Building Door Modifications, Sewer Plant No
C-68-012 El Rio Country Club - Club House No
C-182 - Void - - Void - No
C-85-027 Bus Stop Shelter Program, Phase X No
S-2014-002 Silverbell Road: Grant Road to Goret Road, Section 33, T13S, R13E (HDR) No
I-2017-011 Grant Road Underpass at UPRR, Union Pacific Railroad (Psomas) No
U-2020-015 Prop 101 Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Package 8 - including Bear Canyon Road from 262N CL Bear Paw Place (City Limits) to NPI Tanque Verde, Sabino Canyon Road from 650N CL Acoma Place (City Limits) to SPI Acoma Place, Pantano Road from SPI Broadway Boulevard to NPI 22nd Street, Camino Seco from SPI Golf Links Road to NPI Irvington Road, Broadway Boulevard from 1684E CL Houghton Rd to WPI Tanque Verde Loop, 22nd Street (Melpomene Way Project) from 2905E CL Houghton Road (280E CL Ave Los Reyes) to EPI Melpomene Way, Melpomene Way (Melpomene Wy Project) from SPI 22nd Street to 154N CL Calle Catalina (City Limits) - Work includes pavement reconstruct, mill & overlay, and curb ramp retrofit/replacement for ADA compliance - (Kimley->Horn) No
A-041 - Void - - Void - No
F-028 - Void - - Void - No
I-458 - Void - - Void - No
B-93-006 I.B.M. -- District annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona, by Ordinance Number_______? No
B-239 - Void - - Void - No
E-71-001 Rodeo Wash Grading Improvement from Campbell to Park No
I-64-034 - Void - - Void - No
S-97-013 Construction Program 1997 Number 16 - Curb Access Ramps, Median Modification at Rosemont Avenue, Arcadia Avenue & Broadway Boulevard No
T-67-000 - 1967 - Class ''T'' - TENTATIVE STREET GRADES: Grading Plans and Street Repairs - 1967 - No
X-87-000 - 1987 and 1988 - Class ''X'' - FORMS, VARIOUS - NO Numbers were Issued in 1987 and 1988 - 1987 - No
C-72-039 Randolph Park Municipal Golf Course Restaurant & Bar, See C-73-001 No
C-68-013 Treasury Office Modifications 50 No
C-183 Jail Annex (As Built) Ambrose-Swanson & Associates 22 No
C-85-028 T.C.C. Music Hall - Toilet Addition No
S-2014-003 The South 25' of a portion of Lots 4 & 5, Arlington Heights, Book 5 of M&P at Page 67, located in Section 5, T15S, R14E (Arrow) No
A-2017-003 HOUGHTON ROAD RIGHT-OF-WAY within SECTIONS 35 & 36, T15S, R15E and SECTION 1, T16S, R15E (COT) No
I-2020-028 La Estancia Parcel 1, Phase II-East, Lots 1-193, Paving Improvement for Paseo De Villalobos, Paseo Del Cachapo, Paseo Don Octavio, Via Del Cantillo, Via Perfecta, and Via Casa De Campo includes new pavement, curb, sidewalk, ramps, scuppers and drainage - (Atwell) No
F-89-006 - Void - - Void - No
B-93-005 I-10 and Orange Grove -- District annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona, by Ordinance Number_______? No
K-004 - Void - - Void - No
M-88-000 - 1988 - Class “M” STANDARD CONSTRUCTION DETAILS. NOTE: For all details not listed see ''M'' file void details. - 1988 - No
S-491 - Void - NOTE: None - Void - No
V-000 Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS No Records were kept Before 1962. - 000 - No
T-67-001 Curb Replacement (State Hardware, East Speedway) No
X-89-000 - 1989 - Class ''X'' - FORMS, VARIOUS - 1989 - No
C-72-040 - VOID - Granada Avenue Parking Facility (Arch. One). Note: Drawings Not Completed - VOID - - Void - No
C-68-014 Inspection Department, 1st Floor City Hall 9NEW) Double Doors 43 No
C-184 - Void - - Void - No
C-85-090 Water Department Building, (NOTE: Cards Only) 84 No

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