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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
S-375 Widening of Mountain Avenue in Blocks 8, 9, 16, & 17 Plumer and Steward's Addition 57 Yes
R-67-013 Widening of IRVINGTON ROAD from Park Ave. to 6th Ave. 72 Yes
S-66-006 Widening of Gill Avenue in Lots 7 & 8 of Block 3 in Campbell Avenue Acres 57 Yes
H-283 Widening of Flower Street, Between Alvernon Way And Columbus Boulevard (See Also Plans: S-574, S-578, S-579, S-580) 4 Yes
S-64-005 Widening of Fair Avenue between District Street & Pennsylvania Drive 57 Yes
S-64-047 Widening of Drexel Road and Park Avenue and opening of alleys all in the Southwest ¼, Southwest ¼, of Section 6, T15S, R14E (Cotricala-Park Avenue Rezoning C9-64-46) 57 Yes
S-467 Widening of Cherry Avenue, Lot 10, Block 6, Eastland Heights Addition 57 Yes
R-66-008 Widening of BROADWAY BOULEVARD, Between Cherry & Campbell 72 Yes
H-228 Widening of ALAMEDA, OTT & PENNINGTON STS. From Main Street to Stone Avenue, and Main Street from Alameda to Congress. 4 Yes
S-64-004 Widening of 22nd Street between Tyndall Avenue & Euclid Avenue 57 Yes
S-65-004 Widening of 22nd Street & Alley, all in Block 4 of Kings Highway (Ageton-22nd Street Rezoning) 57 Yes
T-62-004 Widening GRANT ROAD , Rosemont to Craycroft Road No
I-74-027 Widening and Striping of CHERRYBELL STRAVENUE ~ South of 22nd Street 62 Yes
GR-2010-022 Wholesale Commercial, 114 E Rillito Street, Parcel Number 115-05-169B, Bronx Park, Lots 6 And 7, Block 12 And Portion Of Abandoned Alley, Located North Of 7th Avenue, East Of Saguaro Street, West Of Rillito Street, Within Section 1, T14S, R13E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Includes Site And Landscaping Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number T09BU00642 Yes
GR-84-061 White Office Building Grading (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 82 Yes
H-72-002 White Lots, Survey of 1875, by Phoenix Title and Trust Company 110 Yes
H-72-002A White Lots, 1'' - 1600' Blowup of Area showing boundary 110 Yes
GR-2001-005 White Cap, Majestic Business Park, Lots 5 & 6, Prepared By Christopher Brozek AICP PE, Located North & East Of Santa Cruz River, South Of Sweetwater Drive, West Of I-10 (Interstate 10), Within A Portion Of Sections 21 & 28, T13S, R13E, Also Includes Development And Drainage Plan And Information, Reference Plan Number T01BU00045 Yes
GR-2002-038 WHITE CAP PAVING/GRADING PLAN, Also Includes Paving Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number, T02BU02522 Yes
I-73-031 WHISPERING HILLS, Lots 1 thru 48 -- Paving and Sewer Improvement (C. & B.) NOTE: PAPER COPY ONLY 87 & 90 Yes
I-90-032 Wheeler Elementary School Improvements (The W.L.B. Group) (P.I.A.) 132 Yes
GR-2008-008 Whataburger, 6504 East 22nd Street, Tierra Del Sol, Lot 1, Located South 22nd, East Of Wilmot Road, East Of Avenida Polar, Within The North Half, Of The Northwest Quarter Of Section 19, T14S, R15E, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Site, Utility, And Paving Plans And Information, Reference Plan Numbers, T07CM02433, T07BU01296 Yes
GR-87-067 Whataburger -- Speedway & Jerrie (More A. Hall Engineering, Phoenix, AZ) 90 Yes
GR-87-019 Whataburger -- 3872 North Oracle Road (O'Neil, Morea-Hall Engineering, Phoenix) 89 Yes
I-94-001 Wetmore Road: Fairview Avenue To Oracle Road -- Paving Improvement -- COT Job Number 6340 -- (AE, Alpha Engineering) 154 Yes
R-82-010 Wetmore Road, Tucson Mall To 1st Avenue 79 Yes
S-95-061 Wetmore Road, Between Fairview and Oracle Road, District Paving Improvement No
U-2006-005 Wetmore Road Sidewalk Improvements, Oracle Road to Stone Ave. Yes
I-82-014 WETMORE ROAD IMPROVEMENTS -- Oracle Rd. To 1st Ave. -- PHASE I -- Paving Plans (Cella, Barr & Associates) 78 Yes
S-87-060 Wetmore Road from Oracle Road to Faiview Avenue AND Fairview Avenue from Wetmore Road to Limberlost Drive 92 Yes
I-82-055 WETMORE ROAD from Oracle Road to 1st Avenue -- Paving Project (Phase II) 80 Yes
S-90-007A Wetmore Road from Fairview Avenue to Oracle Road WAPA Easement 118 Yes
S-89-002A Wetmore Road from Fairview Avenue to Oracle Road Right-of-Way Area to be Acquired 116 Yes
S-89-002B Wetmore Road from Fairview Avenue to Oracle Road Right-of-Way Area to be Acquired 116 Yes
I-87-029A Wetmore Road / Fairview Avenue Intersection Improvements NOTES: Plans include Intersection Signalization Plans and Intersection Lighting Plans NOTE: Plans Stamped As Built 11/27/91 116 Yes
I-82-052 WETMORE ROAD - West of Oracle Paving Project 79 Yes
R-82-005 WETMORE RD. R/W Study from Oracle to 1st. 81 Yes
R-87-009 Wetmore Rd. - Fairview to Oracle DPI 123 Yes
GR-84-020 Wetmore Office Complex 82 Yes
I-90-011 Wetmore Elementary School Parking and Bus Bay Improvements (RS Engineering) 111 Yes
I-810 WESTWOOD VILLAGE Paving and Sewer 15 Yes
I-62-007 Westwood Village Apartments (alley) Paving Improvement (Trimble) 16 Yes
T-75-004 Westwood Terrace Estates Alley Grading No
I-72-046 Westwood Terrace Estates {1-48} Paving and Sewer Improvements (Durand & Associates) 55 Yes
I-787 WESTWOOD HILLS Lots 1 thru 57 Paving and Sewer 23 Yes
I-2019-033 Westwood Estates - Pavement Improvement Plans, Lots 1-31, Located with in Sec 5, T14S, R13E, Gila & Salt River Meridian, City of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Westridge Avenue, Westwood Place, Calle Gardenias (Florian & Collins Consulting Engineers, Inc.) NOTE: Records transferred to COT by Pima County as electronic copies only, see Pima County for originals. Yes
I-2003-026 Westview Estates (MP 57/26) -- Lots 1-14 -- Mojean Court, Mojean Street, and Pavo Place -- Public Paving and Sewer Plans -- T14S, R13E, Section 5 -- (Presido Engineering, Incorporated) 157 Yes
GR-84-093 Westview Apartments (WLB- Coon and Micena) 82 Yes
I-79-059 WESTVIEW Paving and Sewer (Osborn, Peterson, Walbert) (S-705) NOTE: PIMA COUNTY WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT, Cards Only 78 Yes
GR-86-043 Weststar Apartments -- 3469 North Fremont (Kline Architect) 85 Yes

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