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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
E-70-003 Drainage through Block 21 Fairmount Addition Yes
GR-84-064 Tucson Tractor 1701 West Grant Road (Howard Pederson) 82 Yes
GR-86-055 Los Ranchitos Elementary School (Anderson, Bebartolo) 85 Yes
GR-88-032 Carlson Lighting Warehouse -- 3248 East Grant (Ryan Engineering) 96 Yes
I-65-032 Windsor Park Number 2, Paving and Sewer (W&P) {Outside the City} 47 Yes
I-64-029 20 foot Alley at the West 20 feet of the South 132 feet of Lot Number135, Clara Vista 17 Yes
I-72-010 Hidden Hills West, Lots 1 thought 58 -- Paving and Sewer Improvement (Wheeler, Petterson & Coffeen Engineering) 53 Yes
I-76-001 GRANDE AVENUE from Emery Street to Speedway Boulevard -- District Paving Improvements NOTE: AD Series AD-0568 66 Yes
I-81-044 Alley Paving West of CAMPBELL AVENUE, between 6th Street and 7th Street -- Southern most Alley (SW Engineers) NOTE: Cards Only 131 Yes
I-86-034 Headley Road North 10 + 00 of Valencia Road Paving Improvement (Camp, Dresser, & McKee) 87 Yes
L-75-003 Tucson High School Tennis Court Lighting 66 Yes
M-85-002 Residential Street Lighting Pole Yes
S-310 Collision Diagram 18th Street & 6th Avenue 57 Yes
S-487 A portion of City land in Section 2, T14S, R13E, North of Speedway, between Southern Pacific Railroad Right-of-Way & Tucson Controlled Access Highway 57 Yes
S-779 Request to vacate Pearl Avenue (OFFER Number 229) (2/61) 57 Yes
S-63-036A Park in Block ''N'' of Catalina Vista to be vacated and then dedicated for widening Campbell Avenue 57 Yes
GR-88-125 Giant Service Station - 22nd & Prudence (SJV Engineering) 104 Yes
GR-90-086 Marathon LeTourneau Service Center - Campbell Avenue/Valencia Road (Ryan Engineering) 113 Yes
S-87-042 Area to be acquired Number K 4 - Speedway Boulevard from Silverbell Road to Santa Cruz Lane 92 Yes
U-64-009 Alameda Street & Stone Avenue - Traffic Signal 24 Yes
S-89-093 Area to be acquired for right-of-way Parcel N/2, Country Club Road from Prince Road to Fort Lowell 118 Yes
S-90-023 Airport Wash between Bilby Road & Park Avenue - Right-of-way Drawings 118 Yes
H-2001-044 Record of Survey Book 24, Page 43, Orange Grove Industrial, Maps and Plats Book 26, Page 73, T13S, R13E, Section 06 145 Yes
S-2005-005 Record of Survey, A Portion of Block 13, El Sahuaro Addition A Portion of the NE 1/4 of Section 2, T14S, R13E G & SRM, Pima County Arizona Yes
D-2005-008 Paseo Estrella Storm Drain At The Intersection of Starr Pass Boulevard and Paseo Luna Blanca (Rick Engineering) Yes
GR-2006-015 Fox Hideaway At Starr Pass -- Rubio Residence, Lot 9 -- 3482 West Foxes Meadow Drive -- Site Plan And Grading Plan -- (Timothy F. Robertson Architects), Also Includes Site Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number, T05BU02162, T05CM04466 Yes
G-65-019 Northwest Outfall Sewer -- COT Job Number 204 -- Created from microfilm copy Yes
GR-2007-034 Panda Express, Located North Of, South Of Speedway Boulevard, West Of Silverbell Road, Within A Portion Of The NE 1/4, Of The NW 1/4 Of Section 10, T14S, R13E, G&SRM, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Site And Landscaping Plans And Information, Reference Plan Numbers, Reference Numbers, T07BU00123, T06SA00261, T06CM05631 Yes
U-2007-020 Grant Road Sidewalk Improvements -- RTA Sidewalk, Package 1a, Number 3 of 4 Locations -- Grant Road, Dragoon Road To Interstate 10 (I-10) -- COT Job Number SK01P6 162 Yes
S-2008-026 Right Of Way Abandonment For Freemont Avenue And 20th Street, Bruckners Addition, Block 25, Lots 9, 10 , 11, 12 And 13, Pima County, Arizona Yes
GR-2011-030 Farmington Addition, Lots 1 And 2 Except The B30 Feet, Excluding The West 20 Feet Of Lot 2, Excluding The SDRDL In The Northeast Corner Of Lot 1 And Lots 9 And 10, Excluding The West 20 Feet Of Lot 9, Excluding The SRDL InThe Southeast Corner Of Block 3, Located South Of Fort Lowell Road, East Of Country Club Road, West Of Richey Boulevard, Within Section 33, T13S, R14E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Number T11BU00885, Also Includes Development, Site And Landscape Plans And Information Yes
I-2017-010 West End Station, Congress St., Linda Ave., Avenida Del Conveto Yes
I-2020-024 Bella Tierra - Phase 1B, Paving and Public Sewer Improvement plans, Lots 136-227 with common areas "A" and "B", east of Camino Seco and north of Irvington Road and containing Stone Meadow Circle, Stone Bluff Street, Pebble Stone Lane, and Linderbrook Drive, including new paving, sidewalks, curb, ramps, catch basins and storm drains (Rick Engineering) Yes
I-2002-048 Highland Avenue, 6th Street To Arroyo Chico -- Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements -- (Wheat Scharf Associates) -- Note: Current Project Yes
M-2003-001 Sahuaro Bus Shelter by Attention Transit, 15' Length, Note: Reference Plan S-2003-001 Phase 1, Yes
H-208 Blenman Addition, Monument Lines NOTE: See Drawing R-138 4 Yes
H-71-002 Monument Study Alvernon Addition 110 Yes
H-92-036 Record of Survey (8/72) - A Survey of the South & East Lot Lines, Lot 5, Block 42, C.O.T. M&P 3/70 122 Yes
H-99-001 Record of Survey -- Broadway Boulevard And Craycroft Avenue -- Intersection Improvements -- Located in Sections: 11, 12, 13, 14, T14S, R14E (Hawkeye Survey) Yes
I-98-029 Broadway Boulevard / Houghton Road - Roadway Improvements 141 Yes
R-76-011 ALVERNON WAY - 29th St. to 33rd St. 76 & 97 Yes
I-99-027 4th Avenue From 25½ Street to 40th Street, Revitalization Project, City of South Tucson Project 139 Yes
B-235 Territory Annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number 860 known as Plumer & Steward District NOTE: Name: MP-07-017, Book7 Page 17 Yes
I-81-007 FARRELL PARK, Lots 1 thru 13 -- Access Road and Paving Improvement 75 Yes
E-70-004 Proposed Drainage Way through Lot 1, Block 4 Mitchell Addition (Trimbel) Yes
GR-84-065 144 Unit Apartment Complex @ Kenion and Camino Seco (Havey Evenchik) 82 Yes

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