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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
H-2016-001 Westside Development, from Cushing Street to Mission Lane AND Melwood Ave/Brickyard Lane to Santa Cruz River, a portion of Section 14, T14S, R13E (Ashby) Yes
I-62-029 Westridge Estates, Paving and Sewer Improvement (Partial Plan) (Blanton and Cole Outside City Limits) {Paper Copy Only} Yes
E-85-019 Westover Avenue Realignment and West Branch of the Santa Cruz River Bank Protection 84 Yes
GR-2007-086 Westmoreland, Lots 1 Thru 14, Located North Of Fresno Street, South Of Saint Marys Road, East Of Westmoreland Avenue, West Of Grande Avenue, Within A Portion Of The Southwest Quarter Of Section 11, T14S, R13E, Reference Numbers T08BU01082, T06BU02576, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona Yes
I-2006-084 Westmoreland -- Lots 1-14 -- Residential Cluster Project -- Menlo Park Place -- (City Of Tucson, Craig A. Hunt) 164 Yes
I-70-019 Westgate Townhouses -- Paving Improvement (W.P. & C.) 48 & 49 Yes
I-80-048 WESTERN WINDS, Lots 1 thru 13 Annexation -- Paving Plans B-80-01 (Cella, Barr, Evans & Associates) 74 Yes
GR-87-058 Western States Tire Warehouse -- 1365 East Warehouse (M. Stickley, Architect) 90 Yes
GR-85-136 Western Savings - Ajo Way & Mission (James L. Merry) 85 Yes
GR-2012-012 Western Institute For Leadership Development, Located North Of 29th Street, South Of 22nd Street, East Of Columbus Avenue, West Of Belvedere Avenue, Within Section 22, T14S, R14E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Paving, Private Utility, Drainage And Horizontal Control Plans And Information, Reference Number T11BU01662 Yes
I-596 WESTERN HILLS No. 2, Paving & Sewers 9 & 99 Yes
F-89-004 WESTERN HILLS NO. 2 - District Lighting Improvement (Alfonso Lemos & Assoc.) NOTE: AD Series AD-0746 115 Yes
I-595 WESTERN HILLS No. 1, Paving & Sewers 9 & 99 Yes
I-72-005 Western Hills Addition Number 2, Capri Circle (C. Martin Engineering) 58 Yes
I-2002-041 Western Hills 2 Improvements, Bus Shelters, Speed Humps and Bike Paths (Entranco Engrs.) 154 Yes
N-2002-001 Western Emulsions Railroad Spur Improvement Plans (Parsons Brinckerhoff, PB) Note: Paper Copy Only, No as builts will be supplied. No PIA, on private property. None Yes
F-84-016 WEST UNIVERSITY NEIGHBORHOOD - District Ornamental Lighting 123 Yes
B-323 West To Silverbell Road & South To San Xavier Indian Reservation. Territory Annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number 2014, from Ajo Way South to San Xavier Indian Reservation and from Santa Cruz River East to Country Club Road , and from Ajo Way North to approximately Miracle Mile and west from the (old) Casa Grande Highway to Silverbell Road West of ''A'' Mountain. Recorded in Map/Plat Book 14 Page 54, Effective Date: March 18, 1960, File Name MP-14-054 Yes
I-68-023 West Speedway, Silverbell to Greasewood Paving and Widening 45 Yes
D-85-001 WEST SPEEDWAY WASH Box Culvert @ Silverbell Road. 85 & 125 Yes
E-83-016 West Speedway Wash Bank Protection 81 Yes
S-488 West Speedway underpass drainage easement in Block ''A'' McKinley Park Addition 57 Yes
I-2000-043 West Speedway Lane, Repair at West Entrance of La Lomith Apartments, on Speedway Boulevard, in Sections 3 & 10, T14S, R13E, G&SRM 143 Yes
S-485 West Speedway Boulevard underpass proposed easement across Southern Pacific Railroad C. right-of-way 57 Yes
I-76-029 WEST SPEEDWAY BOULEVARD Frontage Road West of Cherokee Avenue 66 Yes
S-83-028 West Speedway Boulevard - Proposed Right-of-way to be acquired 79 Yes
I-70-046 West Side Plumer Avenue from 15th Street to Winsett Street , Paving (Tucson Unified School District Number 1) 52 Yes
I-004 WEST SIDE OF TUCSON, assessment area for property improvements Paseo Redondo, Goldschmidts ADDITION, Santa Cruz ADDITION, some of White Lots & Part of Original City, owners, some Block & lot dimenions 2-8-10 - Missing - Missing No
U-2005-004 West Rosemont Neighborhood -- Back to Basics -- Hoffman Park -- Sidewalk And Drainage Improvements -- COT Job Number A127 -- (Entranco Engineering) -- Note: Current Project, Project Completed, Plan not Yet As Built Yes
GR-2000-012 West Point Crossing, Lots 1 Thru 10, 1173 West Irvington Road, Prepared By Cella Barr & Associates, Located South Of Irvington Road, East Of Santa Cruz River, West Of I-19 (Interstate 19), Within A Portion Of Section 2, T15S, R13E, Reference Number, T00BU01470, Also Includes Development, Drainage, Easement And Paving Plans Yes
I-2001-047 West Ochoa Neighborhood Improvements -- 22nd St. & 10th Ave. Area -- Back to Basics -- Lighting, Sidewalks, Street Trees (EEC : Engineering & Environmental Consultants, Inc.) 154 Yes
L-70-006 West Mircle Mile Landscaping Median, Arizona State Highway Department Pros. F-011-1-502 No
I-72-040 West Mircle Mile Island Modification -- Landscape, Irrigation, Lighting, and Etceteras NOTES: FULL SIZE PAPER COPY ONLY 87 Yes
E-080 West Mabel Street Drainage 3 Yes
I-2017-010 West End Station, Congress St., Linda Ave., Avenida Del Conveto Yes
I-032 WEST CONGRESS STREET Widening, from Toole Avenue to WEST City Limits, Assessment sheets & District showing land to be taken 3 Yes
I-318 WEST CONGRESS STREET Paving, curb & gutter, SP & SW - Congress Street bridge 5 Yes
B-034 West Congress Street Addition, Angles, bearing, Orig. White Lots 1 Yes
S-037 West City Limits Survey on Anita Street 58 Yes
I-80-025 WEST BROADWAY -- Paving Project (SW Engineers) 74 Yes
D-77-011 WEST BRANCH OF SANTA CRUZ RIVER Drainage Project (Buck Lewis, Engr.) 78 Yes
E-75-005 West Branch of Santa Cruz River (Contours) B. Lewis Engineering (Roll Storage in Yellow Tube) No
S-80-013 West Bank of the Santa Cruz River - Proposed Right-of-Way Acquisition 77 Yes
I-483 WEST 6TH STREET & ASH STREET District Paving Improvement 7 Yes
I-2002-038 West 36th Street (Near Redere Dr A Private Street) Trailhead Project, Public Improvement Plans, (Rick Engineering Company) Yes
S-841 West 30 feet of Section 25, T14S, R14E to be converted to the United States Government (10/61) 57 Yes

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