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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
GR-86-056 Office Building CBA -- 2701 East Broadway Boulevard (Tyson & Associates) 85 Yes
GR-88-034 Eastwood Lot 1-19 (OPW Engineering) 96 Yes
I-65-034 Prudence Poad Paving Improvement (W & P) 36 Yes
I-64-030 Sunshine Lane and Flowing Wells Park District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0419 17 Yes
I-72-011 Street and Sewer Improvement, Palm Grove Clusters, Lots 1 thought 7and Block 1 thru 12 (Florian & Collins Engineering) 58 & 110 Yes
I-76-002 MANZO-SANTA CRUZ NEIGHBORHOOD -- Riverside Park District -- Paving and Sidewalk Improvement -- Development Project --Phase II -- Speedway Blvd And Riverside Drive -- St. Mary's And Grande Road (Stitzer, Lind And Associates, Inc.) 68 Yes
L-75-004 Catalina High School Tennis Court Lighting 66 Yes
M-85-003 Street Lighting Controller Station Yes
S-311 East Broadway Paving & Lighting Petition Map Campbell to Country Club 57 Yes
S-487A A portion of City land in Section 2, T14S, R13E, North of Speedway, between Southern Pacific Railroad Right-of-Way & Tucson Controlled Access Highway 57 Yes
S-780 Alternate proposals for opening alley in East ½, Northeast ¼, Northwest ¼, Section 14, T14S, R14E at Southwest corner Broadway and Rosemont (2/61) 57 Yes
S-63-036B Park in Block 2 of Catalina Vista Re-Subdivision to be vacated and then dedicated for widening Tucson Boulevard 57 Yes
GR-88-126 Rally Hamburger at 6th Avenue (Stanley/Mettee Megill Murphy-Engineering) 104 Yes
GR-90-087 American Airlines - Final Grading 6575 South Masterson Avenue (Cella Barr Associates) 113 Yes
S-87-043 Area to be acquired Number L 4 - Speedway Boulevard from Silverbell Road to Santa Cruz Lane 92 Yes
S-97-009 Proposed Irrevocable offer to dedicate Right-of-Way for Speedway Boulevard by C9-97-002 NOTE: Sanchez-Speedway Rezoning Yes
S-89-092 Area be acquired for right-of-way and for temporary construction easement - P-6/3, Pima Street from Craycroft Road to Wilmot Road 118 Yes
S-90-024 Parcel C/8, Alvernon Way between Speedway Boulevard & Broadway Boulevard - To Be Acquired 118 Yes
X-85-001 Critical and Sensitive Biological Communities, Contact Maps And Records, Special Request - Originals Filed Within Rolled Active, G Cabinet, Also See E-86-012, E-87-005, X-2008-001, X-2008-002, X-2008-003, X-2008-004 Yes
I-2000-053 Grant Road, - United States Post Office, - Fort Lowell Station (W. B. A. Inc.) 159 Yes
H-2001-045 Kingston Knolls Terrace and Vista Del Sahuaro No. 4 (AMEC), T14S, R15E, Section 08, G&SRM, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona Yes
I-2005-013 Campbell Avenue and Glenn Street -- Bus Pullout, Northeast Corner -- COT Job Number S24E -- (EEC: Engineering And Environmental Consultants, Incorporated) 155 Yes
GR-2000-001 Ganley Terrace, Lots 1 Thru 26, Common Area A, Prepared By PRE, Located North Of Valencia Road, North Of Ginter Road, South Of Ganley Road, East Of Park Avenue, West Of Campbell Avenue, West Of Del Moral Road, Within A Portion Of Section 7, T15S, R14E, Pima County Arizona, Reference Plan Number, T00BU0062 Yes
GR-2006-016 Park Villa Casitas -- 1435 East 36th Street -- Land Use/Reference Site Plans -- A Portion Of Section 19, T14S, R14E -- (Poster Frost Associates, Incorporated), Also Includes SWPPP, Boundary Topographic Survey, Landscaping, Irrigation Plans And Information, Reference Plan Number, T05BU02499 Yes
I-2006-074 Broadway Boulevard, Shannon Road To Greasewood Rd -- Roadway Improvements -- Crossover to Merge divided Roadway into two-lane roadway -- COT Job Number S215 -- (MMLA PSOMAS) -- Current Project Yes
GR-2007-035 Starbucks At Valencia, Prepared By A.C. Tsang Engineering Group LLC, Located North Of Valencia Road, South Of Drexel Road, East Of Country Club Road, West Of Alvernon Way, Within Section 9, T15S, R14E, G&SRBM, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Numbers, DSMR06-07, D05-0030, T06BU02375 Yes
H-2007-021 Speedway Boulevard: Camino Seco to Houghton Road, right-of-way survey and right-of-way to be acquired, in Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, T14S, R15E (HDR). Yes
S-2008-027 Public Right Of Way Dedication, 29th Street, Craycroft Addition, Block 5, Lot 11, Located Within Section 24, T14S, R14E, Pima County, Arizona Yes
R-2010-001 Downtown Links -- Saint Mary's Segment -- Survey and Right of Way to be acquired -- Sequence #20121670705 (HDR) -- ALSO ROW Plan for 8th Street Drainage -- Sequence #20120120180 Yes
H-2011-024 Well Site At Luckett Road, Located North Of Hiram Drive, East Of Luckett Road, Within Section 31, T11S, R11E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Sequence Number 20112150178 Yes
H-2014-001 Monument Perpetuation for Tucson Modern Streetcar project, located in Sections 12, 13 & 14, T14S, R13E, AND Sections 6 & 7, T14S, R14E (DOWL HKM) Yes
I-2000-080 Paving and Sewer Plans for Midvale Terrace, Lots 1 to 59, Block I and Common areas A & B (Presidio) 145 Yes
H-2003-042 Record of Survey, of a portion of T12S, R18E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona and Section 19, T12S, R19E, in Cochise County, Arizona 150 Yes
A-038 BLOCK 55, & LOT ''B'', McKinley Pk. Addition bearings & distances 5 Yes
D-76-001 Mountain Avenue Storm Sewer - Hedrick Drive to Rillito River 67 Yes
F-89-002 ALVERNON WAY - Speedway Boulevard to Broadway Boulevard District Lighting & Sidewalk Improvement 116 Yes
H-209 Proposed Widening of GRANT ROAD, Park to Campbell 4 Yes
H-71-003 Grant Road, Oracle to 1st Avenue Monument Study (PCHD) 115 Yes
H-92-037 Record of Survey (8/73) - Right Of Way Survey, Of South 12th Avenue, North of 36th Street 122 Yes
H-99-002 Record of Survey (14/44) Billboard on Craycroft Road, Maryville Manor, Blocks 11-21, M/P 1½0 138 Yes
I-455 DRACHMAN STREET Paving & Sewer Improvement, Park Avenue to Vine Avenue. Note: AD Series AD-0148 7 Yes
I-98-030 Valencia Road at Pima Air Museum - Deceleration Lane and Median Opening (Pima County Plan W.O. 40VPAM) Yes
R-76-011A ALVERNON WAY - 29th St. to 33rd St. 76 Yes
I-99-028 Broadway Boulevard and Prudence Road, Prudence Road Widening North Off-Site Improvements 141 Yes
I-81-008 BROADWAY PLAZA @ Pantano Parkway, Shopping Center, New Deceleration Lane (Blanton & Co.) 75 Yes
E-70-005 El Rio Drive and Speedway Drainage Way (C & B Engineering) Yes
GR-84-066 DP Corp Offices (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 82 Yes
GR-86-057 Development Plan of Park Terrace Apartments (Cheyne-Owen) 85 Yes

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