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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
V-68-001 TUCSON DIVERSION CHANNELL - Army Corps of Engineers No
V-68-000 - 1968 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1968 - No
V-67-000 - 1967 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1967 - No
V-64-000 - 1964 through 1966 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS No drawing numbers were issued from 1964 Through 1966 - 1964 - No
V-63-004 DESTROYED 09/07/90 Aerial photos for ''FLOWING WELLS OPENING & WIDENING DISTRICT IMPROVEMENT'' (Scale: 1 inch = 200 feet ±) Flown: April 29, 1963 (DESTROYED 09/07/90) - Void - No
V-63-003 Aerial photos and transparencies for final right-of-way study of ''BUTTERFIELD ROUTE'' from Tucson Cont. Access Highway to Park Avenue (Scale: 1 inch = 40 feet) Flown October 15, 1963 No
V-63-002 DESTROYED 09/07/90 Aerial photos and transparencies of area bounded by Broadway Boulevard, Tucson Boulevard, 25th Street & 3rd Avenue for preliminary study of alignments of the ''BUTTERFIELD ROUTE'', ''PENETRATION ROUTE'', and ''22ND STREET GRADE SEPARATION'' (Scale: 1 inch = 100 feet ±) Flown April 29, 1963 (DESTROYED 9/7/90) - Void - No
V-63-001 Aerial of area bounded by ROGER ROAD to PRINCE and ORACLE ROAD to FREEWAY No
V-63-000 - 1963 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1963 - No
V-62-002 DESTROYED 09/07/90 Aerial photo showing ARCADIA Wash: 5th Street to Speedway Boulevard August 1955 (DESTROYED 09/07/90) - Void - No
V-62-001A Large Aerial Photos of CITY SEWER FARM, Showing lands irrigated by water from plant, Number DHQ 2V-14, D&D, January 23, 1958 No
V-62-001 Large Aerial Photos of CITY SEWER FARM, Showing lands irrigated by water from plant, Number DHQ 2V-14, D&D, January 23, 1958 No
V-62-000 - 1962 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1962 - No
V-000 Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS No Records were kept Before 1962. - 000 - No
U-2019-010 Grant Road RTDN Fiber Systems from 15th Street to Freemont Avenue. No
U-2019-009 Civano II (2) - Block 1 Offsite Improvement Plans, modifications to existing sidewalk and Painted Turtle Lane (Ln) for the development of lots to the north of the existing road - (PSOMAS) No
U-2019-008 Traffic Signal Modification Plans For: Park Avenue and 2nd (Second) Street - as per Aspire Tucson 2 PIA Project - (Rick Engineering) Yes
U-2019-007 Euclid Avenue and First (1st) Street Roadway Modification for Drainage - COT Plans. No
U-2019-006 Camino Miramonte from 2nd Street to 5th Street Signing and Striping Plans No
U-2019-005 Road Recovery Proposition 101 Rehabilitation Package 4. Includes Los Reales Road: 12th Avenue to Nogales Highway; Los Reales Road: Santa Clara Avenue to 12th Avenue; 6th Avenue: Illinois Street to Irvington Road; 6th Ave: Benson Highway to Ajo Way; Park Avenue: 18th Street to 36th Street; Granada Avenue: St. Mary's Road to Congress Street; Granada Avenue: Davis Street to St. Mary's Road; Main Avenue: Speedway Boulevard to Davis Street. - Job (S102) - (Kimley-Horn) No
U-2019-004 Sueno Hermoso Lots 1 - 6, Common Area "A" (Private Street: Calle Sueno Hermoso), Common Area "B" (Detension / Retention) Improvement Plans, Located near Randall Boulevard and Alvord Road (SOLIS). No
U-2019-003 Tucson Country Club Estates Entry - Public/Private Paving Improvement Plans located within Section 31, T13S, R15E and Section 6, T14S, R15E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona (Baker & Assoc.) No
U-2019-002 Paving and Striping Plans for Texas Instruments - Williams Boulevard. Median modification and new sidewalks and scuppers (EEC). No
U-2019-001 Alley Plan for 1131 North Alley Tucson Boulevard - Chip Seal paving for East - West alley from Tucson Boulevard to Norton Avenue between Speedway Boulevard and Hellen Street [T14S R14E Section 5] (JAS Engineering). Yes
U-2018-019 Signing and Striping, South 12th Avenue from 40th Street to 43rd Street Yes
U-2018-018 Offsite improvements for Project Cactus, located 775 W Silverlake Rd within Sec. 23, T.14S., R.13E., improvements to existing asphalt, new curbs, sidewalks and landscaping (Hunter Engineering). Yes
U-2018-017 Road Recovery FY 2019 Rehabilitation Package 2, includes - River Rd: 841' E of Oracle Rd to Oracle Rd west P.I.; River Rd: Stone Lp to 1st Ave; Roger Rd: 1st Av to Mountain Av; Roger Rd: Mountain Av to Wilson Av; Runway Dr: Gardner Ln to Prince Rd - COT Job No. S102 (Kimley-Horn). Yes
U-2018-016 Treat Ave right-of-way improvements from Florence Dr to Grant Rd including traffic calming devices, street lighting and landscaping. Yes
U-2018-015 Houghton Road RTDN Fiber Systems Construction Plans - Houghton Rd. from Irvington Rd. to Valencia Rd. - (Kimley - Horn) No
U-2018-014 Offsite Improvement Plan for Halcyon Acres Block 1 - Driveway along Harrison Road near SW Broadway Boulevard & Harrison Road - (Cypress Civil Development) Yes
U-2018-013 Offsite Improvement Plan for HSSA (Humane Society of Southern Arizona) Animal Welfare Center, Roger Rd approx. 1200 ft west of Oracle Rd, within Sec. 26, T.13S., R.13E., G & SRM, new sidewalks, ramps, scupper (Cypress Civil Development). Yes
U-2018-012 -VOID- MLK Jr. Way improvements from 36th St to Tucson Marketplace Bl, within Sec. 30, T.14S., R.14E., G & SRM, new medians, curb and pedestrian facilities (Marum & Associates, LLC). Please see I-2018-0XX. No
U-2018-011 Arcadia and Timrod Bicycle Boulevards - Grant Road to Eastland Street and Alvernon Way to Craycroft Road Roadway Improvements. Job# (SA12). (PSOMAS) No
U-2018-010 Offsite public paving improvements plans for Tucson Subaru Commercial Storage, Roger Rd approx. 1000 ft west of Oracle Rd (Baker & Associates). Yes
U-2018-009 Offsite improvement plans for University of Arizona Honors College including portions of: E Adams St., E Drachman St., N Fremont Ave., E Mabel St., N Park Ave., and N Santa Rita Ave., within T.14S., R.14E., Sec. 6, Pima County, Arizona (Rick Engineering). Yes
U-2018-008 Right turn lane, median island modification, multi-use path for Saguaro Trails entrance off Houghton Rd. (EEC). Yes
U-2018-007 Offsite improvements for The Trinity mixed-use, NE corner of 4th St. and 4th Av. Cypress Civil Development. Yes
U-2018-006 Road Recovery FY 2019 Rehabilitation Package 1. Includes Starr Pass Boulevard: Lost Starr Drive to approximately 500' west of Mission Road & from Santa Cruz Lane to I-10 Frontage Road; Silverbell Road: Saint Mary's Road to Congress Street; Congress Street: Silverbell Road to Grande Avenue; Speedway Boulevard: Greasewood Road to Painted Hills Road; La Cholla Boulevard: Starr Pass Boulevard to SR 86 (Ajo Way). - Job (S102) - (Kimley - Horn) Yes
U-2018-005 Offsite Improvements for Houghton Town Center Phase 2A. Right turn lane on E Old Vail Rd. No
U-2018-004 Public paving plans for northwest corner Oracle Rd and Limberlost Dr lots 1-3. Site improvements for new construction. 3 Engineering. Yes
U-2018-003 The Hub at Tucson Phase II. Located on the SW corner of Speedway Blvd. and Tyndall Ave. Site improvements for new construction. No
U-2018-002 Dollar General Wilmot, turn lane improvement Yes
U-2018-001 University Commons at Feldman's phase 1,Speedway Blvd., 5th Ave., 6th Ave. Yes
U-2017-023 Offsite Paving for Shell Building at 3001 N. Swan, Fort Lowell Rd., Swan Rd., Ft. Lowell Yes
U-2017-022 Anklam Peaks - Anklam Road, paving and striping plans No
U-2017-021 Road Recovery Fiscal Year 2018, Rehabilitation Package 2, Country Club Road - Prince Rd to Speedway Blvd, Midvale Park Road - Irvington Rd to Valencia Rd, 22nd St - East of Houghton Rd. Yes
U-2017-020 Road Recovery Fiscal Year 2018, Rehabilitation Package 1, Wilmot Road - Pima St to Golf Links Rd, Craycroft Rd - Grant Rd to 29th St, Tanque Verde Road, Kolb Rd to Sabino Canyon Rd. Yes
U-2017-019 - VOID - Mary Ann Cleveland Way at Atterbury Way - Intersection Alternatives Analysis, SP12. NOTE: See I-2018-003. No

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