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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
V-80-000 - 1980 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1980 - No
V-79-001 EL RIO PARK Clubhouse & Parkway Scale: 1 inch = 10 feet (About 1972) No
V-79-000 - 1979 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1979 - No
V-69-000 - 1969 through 1978 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS: NO PLAN NUMBERS WERE ISSUED FROM 1969 Through 1978 - 1969 - No
V-68-001 TUCSON DIVERSION CHANNELL - Army Corps of Engineers No
V-68-000 - 1968 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1968 - No
V-67-000 - 1967 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1967 - No
V-64-000 - 1964 through 1966 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS No drawing numbers were issued from 1964 Through 1966 - 1964 - No
V-63-004 DESTROYED 09/07/90 Aerial photos for ''FLOWING WELLS OPENING & WIDENING DISTRICT IMPROVEMENT'' (Scale: 1 inch = 200 feet ±) Flown: April 29, 1963 (DESTROYED 09/07/90) - Void - No
V-63-003 Aerial photos and transparencies for final right-of-way study of ''BUTTERFIELD ROUTE'' from Tucson Cont. Access Highway to Park Avenue (Scale: 1 inch = 40 feet) Flown October 15, 1963 No
V-63-002 DESTROYED 09/07/90 Aerial photos and transparencies of area bounded by Broadway Boulevard, Tucson Boulevard, 25th Street & 3rd Avenue for preliminary study of alignments of the ''BUTTERFIELD ROUTE'', ''PENETRATION ROUTE'', and ''22ND STREET GRADE SEPARATION'' (Scale: 1 inch = 100 feet ±) Flown April 29, 1963 (DESTROYED 9/7/90) - Void - No
V-63-001 Aerial of area bounded by ROGER ROAD to PRINCE and ORACLE ROAD to FREEWAY No
V-63-000 - 1963 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1963 - No
V-62-002 DESTROYED 09/07/90 Aerial photo showing ARCADIA Wash: 5th Street to Speedway Boulevard August 1955 (DESTROYED 09/07/90) - Void - No
V-62-001A Large Aerial Photos of CITY SEWER FARM, Showing lands irrigated by water from plant, Number DHQ 2V-14, D&D, January 23, 1958 No
V-62-001 Large Aerial Photos of CITY SEWER FARM, Showing lands irrigated by water from plant, Number DHQ 2V-14, D&D, January 23, 1958 No
V-62-000 - 1962 - Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS - 1962 - No
V-000 Class ''V'' - AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS No Records were kept Before 1962. - 000 - No
U-2020-009 Offsite Improvement Plan for The Bridges Sub-Area B-III - New turn lanes, curb, returns, ramps, asphalt mulit-use path at new private road entrance to Kino Boulevard south of Tucson Market Place Boulevard - (Cypress Civil) Yes
U-2020-008 Hub on Campus Park Avenue Public Improvements - on north-south alley between Parks Avenue and Tyndall Avenue south of Speedway Boulevard - includes new curb returns, pavement, and ramps - (Grenier Engineering Inc.) No
U-2020-007 Project Wildcat at Century Park - Offsite Traffic Signal Improvement Plans for Kold Road - at intersections Kolb Road & Littletown Road and Kold Road & Century Park Drive - (Rick Engineering). NOTE: Electronic Plans Only from Pima County. n/a Yes
U-2020-006 Maingate Phase V (5) Mixed Used - Private Improvements - including new pavement and curb bumpout, curb returns, sidewalk, and ADA ramps on south-side of 2nd Street between vacated alley and Park Avenue - alley originally between Tyndall Avenue and Park Avenue - (Grenler Engineering Inc.) No
U-2020-005 Hub on Campus Park Avenue - Public Improvements - including new pavement and curb returns, sidewalk, and ADA ramps on the alley south of Speedway Boulevard and between Tyndall Avenue and Park Avenue - (Grenler Engineering Inc.) No
U-2020-004 Fire Station OPS Fiber System Upgrade - new overhead fiber from Valencia Road south along Alvernon Way to Tucson Fire Station #22 at 6810 South; new overhead fiber with 150-feet of coil at Southwest corner of Wilmot Road and across Valencia Road - (Kimley-Horn) No
U-2020-002 Proposition 407 Bicycle Boulevards Phase 1A - Michigan Street from Kostka Avenue to 16th Avenue, Michigan Drive from 16th Avenue to Lundy Avenue, Pennsylvania Drive from Lundy Avenue to Fair Avenue, Fair Street from Fair Avenue to Benson Highway; Bantam Road from 1st Avenue to Cassia Way; Bantam Road from Tucson Boulevard to Country Club Road; Cherry Avenue from Bantam Road to Missouri Street thence to Fair Street; Missouri Street from Cherry Avenue to Greenway Drive; Greenway Drive from Missouri Street to Virginia Street, Greenway Drive from Virginia Street to Wedwick Street; Wedwick Street from Greenway Drive to Jasmine Way; Jasmine Way from Wedwick Street to Drexel Road; Calle Alvord from 12th Avenue to 1st Avenue; construction includes speed tables, curb bump outs, traffic circles, and HAWK crossings - (Kimly-Horn) No
U-2020-001 Proposition 101 Road Recovery Rehabilitation Package 12. Silverbell Road: Saint Mary's Road to Congress Street - Includes full road rebuild and new sidewalk ramps - Job (S102) - (Kimley - Horn) No
U-2019-020 VOID - VOID - VOID - Pedestrian Hawk (Crossing) Signal - Package 2 - Alvernon Way and Bellevue Street - Job (SH36) - (WSP) - SEE U-2019-018 No
U-2019-019 - VOID - VOID - VOID - Pedestrian Hawk (Crossing) Signal - Package 2 - Prince Road and Crescent Manor Drive - Job (SH39) - (WSP) -- SEE U-2019-018 No
U-2019-018 Pedestrian Hawk (Crossing) Signal - Package 2 - Pima Street and Mountain View Avenue; Prince Road and Crescent Manor Drive; Alvernon Way and Bellevue Street - Jobs (SH36, SH38 & SH39) - (WSP) No
U-2019-017 Pedestrian Hawk Crossing (Signal) - Package 1 - 22nd Street and Irving Avenue; Campbell Avenue north of Wyoming Street; 6th Avenue and Ohio Street - Jobs (SH35, SH37, SH40) - (Kimley-Horn) No
U-2019-016 3rd Street/University Bicycle Boulevard - Main Avenue to Wilmot Road, corridor follows neighborhood streets and primarily follows University Boulevard, 3rd Street, and Rosewood Street No
U-2019-015 Roger Road Pedestrian Safety and Walkability - Complete Sidewalks and Landscaping along both sides of Roger Road - Romero Road to Oracle Road - (PSOMAS) No
U-2019-014 Treat Avenue Bicycle Boulevard - Rillito River to Aviation Bikeway, corridor follows neighborhood streets and primarily follows Cactus Boulevard, Treat Avenue, and Bristol Avenue - Includes Curb Bump-Outs, Traffic Circles, and Speed Humps - (PSOMAS) No
U-2019-013 Mary Ann Cleveland Way Shared-Use Path - Houghton Road to Empire High School, an asphalt path on the north side of Mary Ann Cleveland Way - (PSOMAS) No
U-2019-012 Offsite Improvement Plan for the Union on 6th - 6th Street, 5th Avenue, Herbert Avenue, and 4th Avenue - includes new pavement, sidewalk, and along 5th Avenue curb bump-outs and angled parking - in T14S, R13E, Sec 12 - (Cypress Civil Development). No
U-2019-011 Road Recovery Proposition 101 Rehabilitation Package 7. Includes Fort Lowell Road: From 260' E of Country Club Road to WPI Alvernon Way; Glenn Street: EPI Alvernon Way to WPI Swan Road; Grant Road: CL Venice Place to 832' E of Beverly Avenue; Grant Road: From 718' E of Craycroft Road to WPI Wilmot Road; Wilmot Road - SPI Grant Road to NPI Pima Street. - Job (S102) - (Kimley-Horn) No
U-2019-010 Grant Road RTDN Fiber Systems from 15th Street to Freemont Avenue. No
U-2019-009 Civano II (2) - Block 1 Offsite Improvement Plans, modifications to existing sidewalk and Painted Turtle Lane (Ln) for the development of lots to the north of the existing road - (PSOMAS) No
U-2019-008 Traffic Signal Modification Plans For: Park Avenue and 2nd (Second) Street - as per Aspire Tucson 2 PIA Project - (Rick Engineering) Yes
U-2019-007 Euclid Avenue and First (1st) Street Roadway Modification for Drainage - COT Plans. No
U-2019-006 Camino Miramonte from 2nd Street to 5th Street Signing and Striping Plans No
U-2019-005 Road Recovery Proposition 101 Rehabilitation Package 4. Includes Los Reales Road: 12th Avenue to Nogales Highway; Los Reales Road: Santa Clara Avenue to 12th Avenue; 6th Avenue: Illinois Street to Irvington Road; 6th Ave: Benson Highway to Ajo Way; Park Avenue: 18th Street to 36th Street; Granada Avenue: St. Mary's Road to Congress Street; Granada Avenue: Davis Street to St. Mary's Road; Main Avenue: Speedway Boulevard to Davis Street. - Job (S102) - (Kimley-Horn) No
U-2019-004 Sueno Hermoso Lots 1 - 6, Common Area "A" (Private Street: Calle Sueno Hermoso), Common Area "B" (Detension / Retention) Improvement Plans, Located near Randall Boulevard and Alvord Road (SOLIS). No
U-2019-003 Tucson Country Club Estates Entry - Public/Private Paving Improvement Plans located within Section 31, T13S, R15E and Section 6, T14S, R15E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona (Baker & Assoc.) No
U-2019-002 Paving and Striping Plans for Texas Instruments - Williams Boulevard. Median modification and new sidewalks and scuppers (EEC). No
U-2019-001 Alley Plan for 1131 North Alley Tucson Boulevard - Chip Seal paving for East - West alley from Tucson Boulevard to Norton Avenue between Speedway Boulevard and Hellen Street [T14S R14E Section 5] (JAS Engineering). Yes
U-2018-019 Signing and Striping, South 12th Avenue from 40th Street to 43rd Street Yes
U-2018-018 Offsite improvements for Project Cactus, located 775 W Silverlake Rd within Sec. 23, T.14S., R.13E., improvements to existing asphalt, new curbs, sidewalks and landscaping (Hunter Engineering). Yes

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