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Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
S-98-013 Typical Section, Tucson Boulevard, 9th Street - Broadway Boulevard No
U-72-004 Proposed Parking Lot 3 Block 503 (Old Police Building Lot) Yes
H-2003-086 Lot survey of 541 S. Main Avenue Yes
E-75-004 Silvercoft Wash -- Saint Mary's Road to Santa Cruz River Yes
K-032 Transferred No
S-98-014 ''Valencia / Craycroft'' Annexation District Yes
I-98-064 Bilby Road - Del Moral Boulevard to Country Club Road District Paving Improvement No
B-65-004 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson by ordnance number 2748 (Ironwood Hills - Frontier West) Recorded in Map/Plat Book 18 Page 29, Effective Date: April 5, 1965, File Name MP-18-029 Yes
E-75-005 West Branch of Santa Cruz River (Contours) B. Lewis Engineering (Roll Storage in Yellow Tube) No
K-033 Transferred No
S-98-015 ''1st Avenue Right-of-way'' Annexation District Yes
U-79-002 3rd & Olsen, 3rd & Stwert - Tentative Street Closure for Bicycle Path Yes
I-2003-044 Public Paving Plans for Balboa Laguna Lots 1-36 & Common Areas A, B & C, at Balboa Ave, Laguna St., Tolman Dr., & McFar Dr. (Pysical Resource Engineering, INC.) Yes
B-99-001 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona by ordinance number 9226 (Location: Alvernon Way/Benson Highway) Map/Plat Book 52 Page 53, Effective Date: July 21, 1999, File Name: MP-52-053 Yes
E-75-006 Santa Rita High School Drainage Yes
S-98-016 ''State Land 2'' Annexation District Yes
V-84-001 KINO SANITARY LANDFILL SITE (proposed) aerial No
S-2003-010 Euclid Avenue at Broadway Blvd. Right-of-Way to be Acquired for Northewest Corner, T.14, R.14, Section 7 (HDR/Johnson/Brittain Engrs:) Yes
F-98-001 FIESTA PARK - Phase 2, Lighting Improvement No
H-78-002 Police Academy Pistol Range Yes
I-98-066 Stocker Drive / Bowline Road Street Improvement Plans (Dibble & Associates) Yes
B-275 El Encanto Estates Territory Annexed To The City of Tucson, Arizona by Ordinance Number 1088 NOTE: Book 8 Page 18, File Name MP-08-018 Yes
K-035 Transferred No
S-98-017 ''Escalante / Old Spanish Trail'' Annexation District Yes
V-84-002 El Pueblo Neighborhood Center No
B-67-001 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson by ordinance number 2994. (Plumer Avenue) Recorded in Map/Plat Book 18 Page 93, Effective Date: April 17, 1967, File Name MP-18-093 Yes
E-76-001 Water Detention Basin at Silverlake Road and Mountain Avenue Yes
S-98-018 ''Campbell / River'' Annexation District Yes
U-79-005 Speedway Boulevard @ Olive Road - Pedestrian Crossing Yes
I-2001-015 Saguaro Canyon, Lots 1 thru 100, Paving Plans. NOTE: From Pima County #1030, No Originals. Yes
S-2000-022 Proposed Craycroft Road / Valencia Road Annexation District Yes
I-98-068 Arroyo Ridge - Phase 2, Paving & Sewer (David Evans & Associates) Yes
B-277 Terra De Concini and Terra Annex Territory Annexed to The City of Tucson, Arizona by Ordinance Number 1115 NOTE: Book 8 Page 54, File Name MP-08-054 Yes
B-67-002 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson by ordinance number 3003. (Rolling Hills Number 3) Recorded in Map/Plat Book 18 Page 95, Effective Date: May 8, 1967, File Name MP-18-095 Yes
E-76-002 Silverbell Golf Course Drainageway (New Alignment) Yes
K-037 Transferred No
S-98-019 6th Avenue Between Interstate-10 and Ajo Way - Right-of-way No
V-84-004 EAST SIDE SERVICE CENTER SITE Scale: 1 inch = 40 feet, February 1983 No
S-2000-023 Sketch of Legal Description for Parcel Located on the Southeast Corner of Prince Road and Romero Road Southeast Corner Yes
B-67-003 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson by ordinance number 3021. (Rolling Hills Number 3 Southeast) Recorded in Map/Plat Book 18 Page 99, Effective Date: June 26, 1967, File Name MP-18-099 Yes
E-76-003 Silverbell Golf Course Drainageway (Existing Alignment) Yes
K-038 Transferred No
S-98-020 ''Old Spanish Trail / Avenida Los Reyes'' Annexation District Yes
L-2006-002 Julian Wash Linear Park Pathway - From Wilmot Rd. to Kolb Rd. (Castro Engineering) No
S-2000-024 River Road / Stone Avenue Annexation District Yes
B-279 University Home Addition Annexation By Ordinance 1129 NOTE: Book 8 Page 66, File Name MP-08-066 Yes
E-76-004 Rodeo Wash -- Right-of-Way study from 12th Avenue to 16th Avenue Yes

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