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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
V-85-001 CONTOUR MAP OF RIDGEBROOK APARTMENTS (Cheyne Owen, Ltd.) NOTE: Also See H-85-001 - print room (Standing in Storage Room) No
U-79-008 Grant Road & Alvernon Way - Traffic Signals Yes
F-98-006 MIRACLE MILE MANOR Assessment Diagram, District Paving Improvements No
I-95-007 Valencia Road at Craycroft Road Left Turn Bay No
B-279A Blenman Addition Annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number 1152, Book 8, Page 94 June 28, 1948, File Name MP-08-094 Yes
B-68-001 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson by ordinance number 3136. (Desert Steppes) Recorded in Map/Plat Book 19 Page 36, Effective Date: July 1, 1968, File Name MP-19-036 Yes
E-76-005 Robb Wash -- Right-of-Way Study from Tanque Verde Wash to 22nd Street Yes
K-040 Transferred No
S-79-032 Chamber of Commerce Building in Relation to Southern Pacific Lease No
S-98-022 Right-of-way To be Acquired Lots 15 & 16, Grand View Addition No
B-68-002 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson by ordinance number 3137. A portion of the north half of section 22, T14S, R15E, G. & S. R. B. & M., Pima County, Arizona (Hermosa Highlands) Recorded in Map/Plat Book 19 Page 37, Effective Date: July 8, 1968, File Name MP-19-037 Yes
K-041 Transferred No
G-072 East Side Sewer Improvement, Assessment Diagram (Geo. T. Grove, City Engineer) Yes
N-038 Re-Alignment of Park Avenue between 5th Street and 6th Street. October 1922 G.N Archley, Registered Professional Engineer, City Engineer Plan N-38 Yes
F-068 CITY FIRE ALARM CIRCUITS, to George Bopp, Electric Shop 3/30/61 No
I-98-073 Vail Elementary School at Rita Ranch - Bus Bay, Box Culvert & Pedestrain Bridge Yes
I-77-005 OURY PARK Curb Adjustment on Hughes Street and Kitchen Street NOTE: ALSO SEE H-75-007 Yes
K-042 Transferred No
S-98-024 South 12th Avenue Between Drexel and Valencia No
G-087 Helen & Mabel, Park Avenue to Warren Avenue Sewer Improvement, Assessment Diagram AD-0000 Yes
B-282 Part of North ½ of Section 17, T14S, R14E, G.S.R.B.& M. Annexed to the City of Tucson By Ordinance Number 1307, Effective Date: October 2, 1952 Yes
E-77-001 Pantano Wash at Broadway Boulevard Yes
K-043 Transferred No
G-088 U. S. Veteran's Hospital Sewer and Adjacent Subdivision Lands on South 6th Avenue. Assessment Diagram AD-0000 Yes
I-98-075 U of A - Parking Lot Drainage and Paving Improvements, Tyndall Avenue North of 6th. Street (MMLA) Yes
G-098 Olsen Addition District Sewer Improvement. Assessment Diagram AD-0000 Yes
B-284 Bunell Addition Territory Annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number 1332, Book 10, Page 16 December 15, 1952, File Name MP-10-016 Yes
B-69-001 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson by ordinance number 3205.(Pueblo Gardens) Recorded in Map/Plat Book 19 Page 57, Effective Date: January 13, 1969, File Name MP-19-057 Yes
GR-85-014 Graphic Office Complex (Collaborative Design) NOTE: No Blue Line -- Not Filmed No
I-73-006 OLIVE GROVE, Lots Number 396 thru 595 -- Paving and Sewer Improvement (F. & C.) NOTE: CARD ONLY - COUNTY PLANS - PAPER COPY Yes
K-045 Transferred No
V-87-001 Speedway @ Este Wash and Coronado Ridge Wash No
I-2001-023 La Estancia De Tucson, Offsite Improvements for Wilmot Road (DJA Engineering) Yes
I-98-077 Seneca Terrace Apartments - Seneca Street East of Pantano Parkway, Road Improvements (Ryan Engineering.) Yes
B-69-002 Tentative Plat of Proposed Subdivision of City owned Property at the Northwest Corner of Goret and Silverbell No
E-78-002 Tentative Plat of Parque De Santa Cruz Yes
S-99-003 Bilby: Del Moral to Country Club (FEE & TCE) No
V-87-002 Oracle/Auto Mall (Home Depot) (Aerial Photo Mylar) No
U-81-001 Mountain Avenue at Fort Lowell Overlay No
B-286 Territory Annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number 1356 known as the North Campbell Estates District NOTE: Book 10 Page 24, File Name MP-10-024 Yes
K-047 Transferred No
S-2005-014 Congress Street at I-10 West bound (Southeast Corner) Easement to be Acquired (HDR Engineers) No
B-287 Territory Annexed to the City of Tucson by Ordinance Number 1374 known as the Desert Highlands District Recorded Book 10 Page 31, Effective July 1, 1953, File Name MP-10-031 Yes
B-69-004 Territory annexed to the City of Tucson by ordinance number 3243.(Eastern Hills) Recorded in Map/Plat Book 19 Page 84, Effective Date: May 19, 1969, File Name MP-19-084 Yes
K-048 Transferred No
S-99-005 ''Alvernon / Benson '' Annexation District Yes
V-88-001 Pantano Road From Broadway Boulevard South to Scarlett Street (Larnard Lawsuit) No
I-2007-027 Grande Avenue/Cushing Street Intersection Improvements,roundabout,traffic circle Yes

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