Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-64-032 Washington Heights and Columbus Boulevard District Paving Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0422 36 Yes
I-72-013 Olive Grove, Lots 87 thru 270 -- Paving and Sewer Improvement (Florian & Collins Engineering) 58 Yes
I-76-004 Widening of NOGALES HIGHWAY @ Drexel Road NOTE: CARDS ONLY 86 Yes
I-81-047 LIMBERLOST ROAD West Of 1ST Avenue -- Stonybrook Apartments -- Street Improvement Plans (Stitzer and Associates) 79 Yes
I-78-038 FREMONT AVENUE, 12th STREET, SANTA RITA AVENUE and Miscellaneous Streets District Paving Improvements NOTE: AD Series AD-0588 73 Yes
I-86-038 Alley Paving in Silvercroft Addition NOTE: Cards Only 131 Yes
J-63-002 TRANSFERRED to Water Dept. Yes
L-75-006 Santa Rita High School Tennis Court Lighting 66 Yes
S-313 Condition on Jackson Street Construction of Westerner Hotel 60 Yes
S-488 West Speedway underpass drainage easement in Block ''A'' McKinley Park Addition 57 Yes
S-782 Proposed widening of Speedway and opening cul-de-sac for Helen Street in Block Number 1 of Mountain View Acre Farms (Rothbard-Speedway Rezoning. C9-60-75) (2/61) 57 Yes
S-63-036D Park in Block 2 of Catalina Vista Re-Subdivision to be vacated and then dedicated for widening Grant Road 57 Yes
GR-88-128 Wyatt Street Phase II (Greiner Engineering) 104 Yes
GR-90-089 Angel Nursery, Casa De Los Ninos - Helen Street (Design & Presentation Architects) 113 Yes
S-87-045 Right-of-way to be acquired for Flowing Wells Road from Roger Road to Miracle Mile 92 Yes
S-89-095 15th Street @ Cherry Avenue, Area to be Dedicated - R.P. #357 118 Yes
S-90-026 Future Jacob's Park Expansion 118 Yes
I-2000-009 IRONWOOD Paving & Sewer Plans: Lots 1-139 & Common Areas: ''A'', ''B'', ''C'', & ''D'' - Maps & Plats Bk 53, Pg 16 - Public Streets & Public Sewers - S99-012 (MMLA) 146 Yes
I-2000-056 Paving and Sewer Plans for Robb Ranch, Lots 1-38 & Common Areas ''A-1''-''A-4'', ''B'', & ''C'' - M&P Bk 53, Pg 88 145 Yes
H-2001-047 Hiram Banks Acres Record of Survey Book 24, Page 095, of King Street Between San Joaquin to La Cholla Boulevard, (City of Tucson) Located in Section 21, T14S, R13E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona. 146 Yes
I-2004-006 Public Paving & Drainage Improvement Plans for Barrio Rincon, Lots 1-82, M&P Bk. 58 at Pg. 1. (Baker & Associates Engineering, Inc.) 151 Yes
S-2005-006 Bus Pullouts -- Phase 2 -- Grant Road and Country Club Road, Docket Book 12790, Page 4094 -- 5th Street and Craycroft Road, Docket Book 12766, Page 554 to 559 -- Prince Road and Campbell Avenue (HDR Engineers) Yes
GR-2000-003 Officemax, 5550 East Broadway Boulevard, Prepared By O'Neill Engineering Incorporated, Located North Of 22nd, South Of Broadway Boulevard, Just East Of Craycroft Road, West Of Wilmot Road, Within A Portion Of Section 13, T14S, R14E, Reference Number T00BU00386, Also Includes Drainage Plans Yes
H-2006-006 Record of Survey of monument references on Drexel Road, from Calle Santa Cruz to Tucson Boulevard, located in Sections 1, 2, 11 & 12, T15S, R13E, and Sections 5, 6, 7 & 8, T15S, R14E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona (S&S). 158 Yes
GR-2006-056 Sunset Pointe At Midvale Park Subdivision (Formerly in Cambrie At Midvale Park Subdivision, Block A, Map and Plat 52/58) -- Valenicia Road at Sandpiper Avenue -- (Leadstar Engineering) -- This Record Was Made From Development Services Copy, Reference Plan Numbers, T06BU00052, C9-83-34, S05-099 Yes
GR-2007-037 Los Reales Branch, Prepared By Bruce R. Call, Located South Of Valencia Road, East Of 12th Avenue, Within Section 13, T15S, R13E, G&SRBM, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes SWPPP, Landscaping And Mitigation Plans And Information, Reference Numbers T06BU00947, T06BU02959 Yes
S-2008-029 Easement Description For Parcel 134-14-018L, 40 Foot Wide Utility Easement, U Stor It, Prudence Road And 22nd Street Loop, With Section 17, T14S, R15E, Pima County, Arizona Yes
I-2010-003 Houghton and Valencia, Intersection Improvements -- Roadway widening project will upgrade the intersection to a 6-lane, divided intersection, with dual left turn lanes, exclusive right turn lanes, bike lanes, and upgraded traffic signals and lighting. Yes
I-2011-011 22nd Street Buffer - Kino Parkway To Tucson Boulevard, Consultant AECOM Yes
L-2014-001 Centennial Park Improvement Project Yes
I-2000-082 Bonanza Avenue Public Improvement Plans (Collins/Piña) NOTE: As Built: 4/9/2002 by John C. Siath PE 145 & 147 Yes
I-2003-010 Desert Willlow Estates Phase I, Maps and Plats Book 56 Page 81, Paving and Sewer Plans (Rick Engineering Company) 155 Yes
A-040 SECTION 34, T. 13S., R. 13E. & SEC. 3, T. 14S., R.13E., survey & traverse of Vail Tract in, shows river with traverse along west bank. 1 Yes
D-76-003 Veteran's Hospital 66' Storm Sewer (PRI.) (Freidman & Jobush) 67 Yes
F-027 Assessment Diagram PARK AVENUE Lighting Improvement 3 Yes
F-89-004 WESTERN HILLS NO. 2 - District Lighting Improvement (Alfonso Lemos & Assoc.) NOTE: AD Series AD-0746 115 Yes
H-211 Proposed widening of CHERRY AVENUE 4 Yes
H-92-039 Record of Survey (8/79) - Lot 107, Hermosa Hills Estates, Book 14 M/P Page 74 122 Yes
H-99-004 Record of Survey (14/70) Country Club Road @ Elm Street Intersection 138 Yes
I-457 TUCSON HEIGHTS & NORTH 6TH AVENUE District Paving & Sewer Improvement . Note: AD Series AD-0143 7 122 Yes
I-98-032 Casa Nueva - Paving, Drainage & Sewer (DJA) 143 Yes
R-77-001 GOLF LINKS RD. R/W study from Craycroft to Pantano 76 Yes
I-99-030 Desert View Lots 1-127 Paving, Drainage, & Sewer (Walbert, Baker, Associates) 141 Yes
B-238 Territory Annexed to the City of Tucson, Arizona, By Ordinance No. 872, know as Monterey District, June 19, 1941 NOTE: No Paper Copy Digital Image only, Image Name MP-07-028 Yes
I-81-010 BELLEVUE STREET, 44th and Sarnoff Drive -- District Paving and Sidewalk Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0604 77 Yes
GR-84-068 Cigna Healthcare Center (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 82 Yes
GR-86-059 Desert Cove (Cella Barr & Associates, Engineering) 85 Yes
GR-88-037 Burger King -- Irvington Road & Campbell Avenue (Gagnepain Architect - Phoenix, Arizona) 96 Yes