Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-2020-018 Void. Void. Void. No
U-99-002 VOID: SEE L-2000-002 Fort Lowell Nieghborhood Enhancement Project - Sidewalks, Landscaping, Traffic Circles (Sage Landscape) VOID: SEE L-2000-002 - Void - No
U-2014-012 VOID, SEE U-2014-017 No
U-2014-014 Void, See plan number U-2014-021 No
I-2002-040 VOID, SEE PLAN Number I-2002-052 No
S-447 VOID -- Proposed drainage-way across Bunell Addition and Encanto Park Addition from Jones Avenue, Bunell Street to Camino Miramonte and 4th Street -- Now See S-447A Yes
S-2004-001 VOID -- Now see S-2005-006 -- Right Of Way To Be Acquired, Grant Road At Country Club Road and Campbell Avenue At Prince Road, and 5th Street At Craycroft Road (HDR/Johnson And Brittian Engineers) -- Now see S-2005-006 Yes
I-2007-011 VOID -- Houghton Road, 22nd Street to Valencia Road, Roadway Widening (Concept) Psomas -- VOID. NOTE: I-2007-011 was a re-assignment of concept plans for Houghton Road. Plans shown are the right-of-way plans and not concept construction plans. See I-2006-078 for two version of concept construction plans. A cleaner version of these plans are saved as Record of Survey Bk 69 Pg 29. 160 Yes
S-67-010 Void -- Country Club Road And 22nd Street -- Northwest corner. Proposed Right-of-way Revision -- Void 57 Yes
I-2009-040 VOID -- Columbus Corridor Pedestrian Enhancements -- Timrod to 22nd Street -- EEC -- VOID -- See Plan Number U-2009-043 VOID No
S-2002-016 VOID -- Area to be acquired on Broadway Boulevard / Harrison Road -- See S-2002-018 Yes
H-2009-014 VOID -- Alvernon Way and Fifth Street Bus Pull-Out, Section 9, T14S, R14E G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona -- Book 74, Page 80 -- (Urban) VOID -- See Plan H-2011-029 -- Plan is VOID due to Right of Way Changes, Also See Record of Survey Book 84, Page 21 -- VOID 164 Yes
U-2019-020 VOID - VOID - VOID - Pedestrian Hawk (Crossing) Signal - Package 2 - Alvernon Way and Bellevue Street - Job (SH36) - (WSP) - SEE U-2019-018 No
U-2017-013 VOID - VOID - VOID - Hawk Speedway Blvd. at Richey Blvd. - SEE U-2017-016 No
U-2017-014 VOID - VOID - VOID - Hawk 22nd St. at Belvedere Ave. - SEE U-2017-015 No
U-2010-014 VOID - VOID - VOID - SEE U-2014-021 for Pima Pedestrian Pathway -- Between Alvernon And Columbus No
I-2004-028 VOID - See I-2002-015 No
U-2018-005 VOID - Offsite Improvements for Houghton Town Center Phase 2A. Right turn lane on E Old Vail Rd. NOTE: NOT BUILT No
I-2005-028 VOID - Now see I-2006-003 No
S-2005-035 VOID - Now See I-2005-033 No
S-2006-006 VOID - Now see I-2005-033 No
F-2005-002 VOID - Hoff Avenue Lighting, 4th Street to 8th Street (In House Design, Mary Lou Arbaugh) NOTE: Plans were not Prepared per Mary Lou Arbaugh 11/09/05 No
B-2012-003 void No
A-2022-001 VOID No
B-2019-007 VOID No
GR-89-053 Voice Operations Facilities 1650 South Research Loop (Acorn Associates Architect) 107 Yes
GR-90-003 Vistas De Sierras Condominiums Buildings, 1 thru 24 Common Areas A & B Units 1 thru 192 - Grading & Paving Plan 109 Yes
GR-90-001 Vistas De Sierras - Portion of SW 1/4, NE 1/4 Stock Pile Area 109 Yes
GR-2008-052 Vista Verde Estates, Whispering Rabbit Place, Lots 1 Thru 11 Common Areas A And B, Located South Of Speedway, East Of Houghton, Within Section 12, T14S, R15E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Numbers T07BU01991, T06SA00231, S06-194 Yes
I-2007-054 Vista Verde Estates - Offsite -- 844 North Houghton Road -- T14S, R15E, Section 12 -- Northeast corner of Packard Street and Houghton Road -- T07PI00045 No
GR-86-134 Vista Ventana 2 Apartments (Trimble Engineering) 86 Yes
I-72-087 VISTA PARAISO, Mountain and Fort Lowell -- Paving and Sewer {Private} (Blanton and Company) 61 Yes
I-515 VISTA HERMOSA Improvement District Paving, Curbs & Sewers 12 & 101 Yes
I-64-011 Vista Del Sierras Paving and Sewer 37 Yes
I-64-056 Vista Del Sierra Estates Paving and Sewer Improvement -- Southeast of the Palma St. And Marc Dr. Intersection (Wheeler, Petterson, And Coffeen) 36 Yes
I-837 VISTA DEL SAHUARO, Paving and Sewer Improvements 34 Yes
I-2000-079 Vista Del Sahuaro - Back to Basics Neighborhood -- Street Lighting Shown On Page 15 And Page 16. Along E Calle Arturo from Kolb Rd to S Montego Dr and along E Kenyon Dr from Kolb Rd to S Montego Dr. (RAALCALA') -- Traffic Mitigation (Speed Humps) (EEC) 157 Yes
I-90-022 Vista Del Rio. Lots 1 thru 217 -- Paving and Sewer {Pima County} (Cella, Barr, Evans, and Associates) 108 Yes
I-94-046 VISTA DEL RIO - LOTS 218-290 PAVING & SEWER (JERRY JONES & Associates) 136 Yes
C-78-031 Vista Del Pueblo Recreation Center Remodeling, Phase II (See C-76-009 for Phase I) No
C-76-009 Vista Del Pueblo Recreation Center Remodeling - Phase 1, (See C-78-031 for Phase 2) 68 No
H-77-001 Vista Del Pueblo Annex Monument study 110 Yes
I-68-018 Vista Del Prado, South of Mary Drive to Stella Road 45 Yes
I-63-029 Vista Del Prado Paving and Sewer Improvement 16 Yes
I-70-035 Vista Del Prado Number 6 (F. & C. Engineering) 51 Yes
I-70-025 Vista Del Prado Number 5 -- Paving and Sewer (Florian & Collins Engineering) 48 Yes
I-69-003 Vista Del Prado Lots 277 thru 316 paving and Sewer 45 Yes
I-69-048 Vista Del Pardo, Lots 317 thru 409 (W.P.& C.) 47 Yes
I-69-053 Vista Del Pardo Number 4, Paving and Sewer, (Florian & Collins) 47 Yes