Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
GR-2008-102 W.O. 5 MISWA, Master Grading Plan, South Of 36th Street, West Of Campbell Avenue, Within Section 25, T14S, R13E And Section 30, T14S, R14E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Number T08BU01197, Also Includes SWPPP Information And Plans Yes
R-86-003 W. Speedway R/W Study: Silverbell Rd. to I-10 112, 123, 124 Yes
D-126 W. SPEEDWAY GRADE SEPARATION - Supplemental Drainage Structure 2 Yes
R-68-015 W. SPEEDWAY BLVD.: Proposed widening & realignment all in the SE¼ of SECTION 4 & THE NE ¼ Of SECTION 9, T. 14S., R.13E. 72 Yes
D-65-003 W. SPEEDWAY - SANTA CRUZ RIVER BRIDGE, State Highway (S247(4)) (Paper Copy Only) 39 Yes
D-63-003 W. CONGRESS ST. STORM DRAIN, Freeway, to R.R. Tracks 23 Yes
GR-2007-068 Vozack Acres, Lots 1 Thru 4, A Resubdivision Of Part Of Block A, Harrison Heights 2, Reference Map And Plat, Book 48, Page 21, Within Section 14, T14S, R15E, Gila And Salt River Meridian, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Numbers, T07BU00752, C9-94-26, S06-100 Yes
GR-2007-008 Vozack Acres -- Lots 1 to 4 -- Stockpile Plan -- Resubdivision of Part of Block A, Harrison Heights II (MP 48/21) -- T14S, R15E, Section 14 -- 210 South Vozack Lane -- (Physical Resource Engineering, Incorporated, PRE) -- This Record Was Made From Development Services Copy, Reference Plan Number, T07BU00206, S06-100, C9-94-26 Yes
I-2004-053 Voyager Rd. Improvements, to Serve Sycamore Park - Paving, Grading, Drainage & Striping - Public Streets. (Stantec Consulting) 159 Yes
I-2022-002 Voyager Manufactured Home Park Voyager Road and Pantano Road Improvements - new segments of Pantano Road from Voyager Road to New Leaf Place & Voyager Road from 950' +/- east of Black Forest Drive to Pantano Road. This also includes new curb, sidewalk, ADA ramps, scuppers, and new drainage box culverts - (Kimley>Horn) No
I-765 VOMASKA ADDITION, Paving and Sewer of 21st in 14 Yes
I-2020-018 Void. Void. Void. No
U-99-002 VOID: SEE L-2000-002 Fort Lowell Nieghborhood Enhancement Project - Sidewalks, Landscaping, Traffic Circles (Sage Landscape) VOID: SEE L-2000-002 - Void - No
U-2014-012 VOID, SEE U-2014-017 No
U-2014-014 Void, See plan number U-2014-021 No
I-2002-040 VOID, SEE PLAN Number I-2002-052 No
S-447 VOID -- Proposed drainage-way across Bunell Addition and Encanto Park Addition from Jones Avenue, Bunell Street to Camino Miramonte and 4th Street -- Now See S-447A Yes
S-2004-001 VOID -- Now see S-2005-006 -- Right Of Way To Be Acquired, Grant Road At Country Club Road and Campbell Avenue At Prince Road, and 5th Street At Craycroft Road (HDR/Johnson And Brittian Engineers) -- Now see S-2005-006 Yes
I-2007-011 VOID -- Houghton Road, 22nd Street to Valencia Road, Roadway Widening (Concept) Psomas -- VOID. NOTE: I-2007-011 was a re-assignment of concept plans for Houghton Road. Plans shown are the right-of-way plans and not concept construction plans. See I-2006-078 for two version of concept construction plans. A cleaner version of these plans are saved as Record of Survey Bk 69 Pg 29. 160 Yes
S-67-010 Void -- Country Club Road And 22nd Street -- Northwest corner. Proposed Right-of-way Revision -- Void 57 Yes
I-2009-040 VOID -- Columbus Corridor Pedestrian Enhancements -- Timrod to 22nd Street -- EEC -- VOID -- See Plan Number U-2009-043 VOID No
S-2002-016 VOID -- Area to be acquired on Broadway Boulevard / Harrison Road -- See S-2002-018 Yes
H-2009-014 VOID -- Alvernon Way and Fifth Street Bus Pull-Out, Section 9, T14S, R14E G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona -- Book 74, Page 80 -- (Urban) VOID -- See Plan H-2011-029 -- Plan is VOID due to Right of Way Changes, Also See Record of Survey Book 84, Page 21 -- VOID 164 Yes
U-2019-020 VOID - VOID - VOID - Pedestrian Hawk (Crossing) Signal - Package 2 - Alvernon Way and Bellevue Street - Job (SH36) - (WSP) - SEE U-2019-018 No
U-2017-013 VOID - VOID - VOID - Hawk Speedway Blvd. at Richey Blvd. - SEE U-2017-016 No
U-2017-014 VOID - VOID - VOID - Hawk 22nd St. at Belvedere Ave. - SEE U-2017-015 No
U-2010-014 VOID - VOID - VOID - SEE U-2014-021 for Pima Pedestrian Pathway -- Between Alvernon And Columbus No
I-2004-028 VOID - See I-2002-015 No
U-2018-005 VOID - Offsite Improvements for Houghton Town Center Phase 2A. Right turn lane on E Old Vail Rd. NOTE: NOT BUILT No
I-2005-028 VOID - Now see I-2006-003 No
S-2005-035 VOID - Now See I-2005-033 No
S-2006-006 VOID - Now see I-2005-033 No
F-2005-002 VOID - Hoff Avenue Lighting, 4th Street to 8th Street (In House Design, Mary Lou Arbaugh) NOTE: Plans were not Prepared per Mary Lou Arbaugh 11/09/05 No
B-2012-003 void No
A-2022-001 VOID No
B-2019-007 VOID No
GR-89-053 Voice Operations Facilities 1650 South Research Loop (Acorn Associates Architect) 107 Yes
GR-90-003 Vistas De Sierras Condominiums Buildings, 1 thru 24 Common Areas A & B Units 1 thru 192 - Grading & Paving Plan 109 Yes
GR-90-001 Vistas De Sierras - Portion of SW 1/4, NE 1/4 Stock Pile Area 109 Yes
GR-2008-052 Vista Verde Estates, Whispering Rabbit Place, Lots 1 Thru 11 Common Areas A And B, Located South Of Speedway, East Of Houghton, Within Section 12, T14S, R15E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Plan Numbers T07BU01991, T06SA00231, S06-194 Yes
I-2007-054 Vista Verde Estates - Offsite -- 844 North Houghton Road -- T14S, R15E, Section 12 -- Northeast corner of Packard Street and Houghton Road -- T07PI00045 No
GR-86-134 Vista Ventana 2 Apartments (Trimble Engineering) 86 Yes
I-72-087 VISTA PARAISO, Mountain and Fort Lowell -- Paving and Sewer {Private} (Blanton and Company) 61 Yes
I-515 VISTA HERMOSA Improvement District Paving, Curbs & Sewers 12 & 101 Yes
I-64-011 Vista Del Sierras Paving and Sewer 37 Yes
I-64-056 Vista Del Sierra Estates Paving and Sewer Improvement -- Southeast of the Palma St. And Marc Dr. Intersection (Wheeler, Petterson, And Coffeen) 36 Yes
I-837 VISTA DEL SAHUARO, Paving and Sewer Improvements 34 Yes
I-2000-079 Vista Del Sahuaro - Back to Basics Neighborhood -- Street Lighting Shown On Page 15 And Page 16. Along E Calle Arturo from Kolb Rd to S Montego Dr and along E Kenyon Dr from Kolb Rd to S Montego Dr. (RAALCALA') -- Traffic Mitigation (Speed Humps) (EEC) 157 Yes
I-90-022 Vista Del Rio. Lots 1 thru 217 -- Paving and Sewer {Pima County} (Cella, Barr, Evans, and Associates) 108 Yes
I-94-046 VISTA DEL RIO - LOTS 218-290 PAVING & SEWER (JERRY JONES & Associates) 136 Yes