Maps and Records

Construction Plans

Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-340 SAN AUGUSTINE Paving & Lighting Improvement 98 Yes
I-341 CONVENT STREET Widening at Broadway Warren to Campbell 98 Yes
I-342 CAMPBELL AVENUE & 3rd Street Paving & Lighting Improvement 98 Yes
I-343 ALAMEDA STREET, Map of, for study of widening 98 Yes
H-205 Tucson Controlled Access Highway FI Proj. 141 Right-of-Way NOTE: Dated 1949, 2 Large Rolls, Paper Only. Pima County Instrument 6675 97 & 127 Yes
R-84-009 Limberlost Road, Oracle Road To 1st Avenue (CBA Eng.) 97 & 108 Yes
R-85-002 Speedway Blvd. From Pantano Rd. to Camino Seco (Johnson/Brittian Eng.) 97 & 108 Yes
R-85-004 Wilmot Rd. - Pima St. to Speedway Blvd. (Ruiz Eng.) 97 & 108 Yes
E-86-006 Centennial Park No.3 Subdivision, Book 16, Page 90, Drainage Channel Improvement within Block 3 (Greiner Engineering) 97 & 107 Yes
I-86-029 Alley Paving, Lots 13, Block 16, Book 11, Page 48, Vale Estates (Ryan Eng.) 97 Yes
GR-88-040 Office Bulding @ Campbell & Kleindale (Thomas Pano, Architect) 97 Yes
GR-88-041 Deconcini Property -- Wilmot, Stella, Calle Polar & Golf Links (Letter for File) 97 Yes
GR-88-042 Forum at Tucson, Rosemont BLVD (Jerry Jones Engineering) 97 Yes
I-86-044 Pandora Avenue - South of Ajo Way Paving Improvement (Southwest Engs.) NOTE: AD Series AD-0724 97 Yes
GR-88-043 Ilona's School of Dance Arts -- 3161 North Country Club (Greiner Engineering) 97 Yes
GR-88-044 Tetra Corporation -- Glen Street & Bal Boa (Stitzer, Johnson, Vahl, Engineering) 97 Yes
GR-88-045 El Campo Tire -- 22nd Street & Sarnoff (Thoneas Panno, Architect) 97 No
GR-88-046 Assistance League Building & Parking -- Alvernon & Fairmount (Stitzer, Johnson, Vahl, Engineering) 97 No
GR-88-047 Hollis Phototechnics -- 383 North Commerce Park (Loop Design of Presentation) 97 Yes
GR-88-048 The Greens @ Midvale Park (Dooly Jones & Associates) 97 Yes
GR-88-049 Rancho Antiqua Phase III (OPW Engineering) 97 Yes
I-86-059 Toole Avenue Railroad Crossing at Euclid Avenue and 16th Street 97 Yes
I-86-065 Oracle Road, Right Turn Lane at 4742 North 97 Yes
I-86-069 Old Vail Road Paving Improvement Plans (OPW) 97 Yes
I-79-033 DESERT WINDS STATES Lots 1 thru 22 (Trimble Engineering) 97 Yes
I-87-005 Stone Avenue Reconstruction Alameda Street to Ochoa Street 97 Yes
U-84-004 Bikeways, Phase II, TSM Reid Park, Randolph Park (Alpha Engineering), Added Pages 7A, 7B, and 7C on 04/23/03 for reconstruction because of new water line (TransCore Engrs.) Called David Bell Bike Path 97 Yes
H-87-002 Ronstadt Transit Center- 6th Ave, Pennington to Congress 97 Yes
H-88-004 Bravo I (Map & Plat. Book 26, Page 64) Calculations Check of Subdivision Plat, Lots 128 through 301, Being a Subdivision of a Portion of the Southeast 1/4 of Section 31, T14S, R14E. G&SRB&M, Pima County, Arizona 97 Yes
D-85-013 Downtown Master Design Plan (Phase II) Street & Drainage Improvements (VEA Ltd.) 97 Yes
D-85-021 6TH-TETON Spot Drainage Improvement Job #118 (In-House) 97 Yes
D-85-024 HIDDEN HILLS WASH Drainage Improvements Phase II (Simons, Li & Assoc.) 97 Yes
I-83-013 BROADWAY BOULEVARD, East Of Pantano Wash -- Median Opening (APM Engineers) 97 Yes
E-85-006 Grant Road West of Tucson Boulevard -- Drainage Improvements (Johnson-Brittain & Associates) 97 Yes
I-83-023 COUNTRY CLUB ROAD from Fort Lowell Road to Glenn Street District Paving Improvement 97 Yes
D-87-011 Wilson Avenue Channel Improvement Glenn Street to Copper Street 97 Yes
E-85-013 Bank Protection North of Fair Street at Mountain Avenue 97 Yes
D-88-003 Silver Shadows Est. No. 3 Retaining Wall, Storm Drain 97 Yes
D-88-007 Catch Basin on Valencia E. of Missiondale 97 Yes
I-85-022 SPEEDWAY BOULEVARD, Median Opening Between El Dorado Place and Dorado Boulevard North 97 Yes
I-87-050 Granada Avenue from Broadway Boulevard to Clark Street, Paving Improvement (Greiner Engineers) 97 Yes
E-86-008 Rodeo Wash Drainage District Protection NOTE: AD Series AD-0707 97 Yes
I-85-041 Roger Road Oracle Road to 1st Avenue District Paving Improvement (Sverdrup & Parcel & Associates, Inc.) NOTE: AD Series AD-0708 97 Yes
I-87-065 Alley Improvement Plan, Kolb Road to 200 feet East between Golf Links and 34th Street 97 Yes
I-83-057 ALVORD ROAD, between Stewart Boulevard, and Del Moral Boulevard Paving Improvement and North ½ of STEWART BOULEVARD, Between Alvord Road and Mossman Blvd (ACT Engineers) 97 Yes
I-88-002 Richmond Place II, Lots 1 thru 39 Paving and Sewer Plans 97 Yes
E-88-004 Rillito Wash Bank Protection -- Alvernon Way to Dodge Boulevard 97 Yes