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Plan # Description Film Roll Scanned
I-2003-035 Chantalli Estates - Lots 1-61 and Common Areas 'A' & 'B' and Block A, Paving and Public Sewer Improvements Yes
A-032 Block 208, lots, bearings & dimensions 5 Yes
D-75-001 Repair of Old Bridge-22nd Street & Pantano Wash 78 Yes
F-88-005 TANQUE VERDE Road - Sabino Canyon Road to Camino Principal District Lighting Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0773 130 Yes
H-203 DOWNTOWN BUSINESS DIST. Parking meters. 4 Yes
H-69-013 Monument Line Study Kenrose Park, Kings Highway Addition Altadena Heights 74 Yes
H-92-031 Record of Survey (8/47) - A Survey of Santa Paula, In Section 14, T15S, R13E 122 Yes
H-98-023 Record of Survey (17/21) Location of Billboard at 1219 S. Cherry Avenue, Being a portion of the Neff Addition, M & P Book3, Page 91 138 Yes
I-98-024 The Gates at Midvale Park - Northeast Corner of Midvale Park Road and Drexel Road , Lots 1 - 67 (Urban Engineering.) 142 Yes
R-76-006 CAMPBELL AVE. at GRANT RD. Proposed Inter. Widening Yes
E-034 Contour Map of Santa Cruz River, and Indian School Road Crossing 3 Yes
E-69-009A Flowing Wells High School S.S Ext. (C.B.&E.) Yes
GR-84-060 Pantano Apartments At 27th St & Avenida Guillermo To Palma St & Pantano Rd -- Grading Improvement Plans (Dooley-Jones & Associates, Inc : DJA) Note: The Guard Rail (Pantano Road) was determined to be on Private Property and is the responsibly of the Property Owner, 2/9/06. 82 Yes
GR-86-051 Dr. Glen Halvorson Medical Clinic -- 6252 East Grant Road (Douglas Seaver) 85 Yes
GR-88-028 Nueva Campanos Lots 1-9 (VEA Engineering) 96 Yes
I-65-029 Escalante Garden Apartments Paving and Sewer (W & P) 36 Yes
I-64-025 Paving and Curbs for Sears Shopping Center 17 Yes
I-72-006 Valley View East Number 5, Capri Circle (Wheeler, Petterson & Coffeen Engineering) 51 Yes
I-81-040 SAN XAVIER VISTA TOWNHOMES, Lots 1 thru 29 -- Paving Improvements (Trimble Engineers) 80 Yes
I-78-031 PAVING SOUTH 16th AVENUE -- Bowling Alley (Cella, Barr and Evans) 72 Yes
I-86-029 Alley Paving, Lots 13, Block 16, Book 11, Page 48, Vale Estates (Ryan Eng.) 97 Yes
J-62-003 CITY WELL SITE - PRISON - FARM -- NOTE: Water Main Plans at Water Dept. 13 Yes
L-74-003 Wilmot Road Median Modification, South of 34th Street 62 Yes
S-306 Park Avenue Paving Petition Map 57 Yes
S-483 Study of El Parque in Block 1, San Clemente 57 Yes
S-775 El Encanto Apartments, 6th Street Rezoning Alleys in Section 8, T14S, R14E 57 Yes
S-63-032 Proposed widening of Speedway Boulevard between Cherry Avenue and Warren Avenue 57 Yes
GR-88-121 Sewage Pumping Station - Silverbell & Sweetwater (CBA Engineering) 104 Yes
S-73-002 Proposed Annexation of a part of West ½,, of Section 28, T14S, R14E 57 Yes
S-87-038 Area to be acquired Number L 3 Speedway Boulevard from Silverbell Road to Santa Cruz Lane 92 Yes
S-90-019 Pima Street between Swan Road & Craycroft Road - Parcel E/5 To Be Acquired 118 Yes
H-2000-020 Record of Survey (Book 22 / Page 16) Fairview Avenue/ Roger Road 143 Yes
H-2001-040 Record of Survey Book 24, Page 39, Fairhaven Mobile Home Park, Maps and Plats Book 24, Page 95, T13S, R13E, Section 26 145 Yes
S-2004-003 Bus Shelter Easement, At 5th Street & Alvernon Way, Lot 1, Block 1, Norym-Tragle Addition Amended, M&P, Bk. 9 Pg. 37, Section 10, T14S, R14E, G&SRM, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona -- Docket Book 12365, Page 4147 Yes
B-2005-001 U Of A Science And Technology Park Annexation District Annexed To The City Of Tucson, Arizona By Ordinance Number 10298, Portions Of Sections 17 Through 21, 28, And 29, T15S, R15E, G&SRM., Pima County, Arizona. Yes
GR-99-028 Richmond American Homes, Rita Ranch, Lots 1 Thru 154, Common Areas A-1, A-2, B-1.1 Thru B-6, Prepared By Paul J. Iezzi, 10450 East Rita Ranch, Located South Of Rita Ranch Road & South Of Jumping Cholla Drive, West Of Houghton Road, Within A Portion Of Section 25, T15S, R15E, Reference Number T99BU3181 Yes
S-2006-024 University Of Arizona Medical Center Area (U Of A) -- Vacation Of Right Of Way -- Cherry Avenue (formerly Cherry Street), Including Chauncey Street And (Formerly) Elberta Street -- Ordinance 921 -- Docket Book 6050, Page 1206 -- For More Vacated Streets And Alleys Within The University Area See Plan H-92-015 Yes
I-2006-072 Grant Road and Craycroft Road Intersection Improvements COT Job No. S14U. New Asphalt, Curbs, Sidewalks, Traffic Signals, Storm Sewer, Street Lighting, and New Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert at the Alamo Wash (116 pgs). (Record Document Dated: 06/11/2021) (NOTE: Signing Plans AS RECEIVED - Originals are 8.5x11 DO NOT SCALE) Yes
GR-2007-030 Wildcat Pass, Lot 17, 20656 Twinkling Starr Drive, South Of Starr Pass Boulevard, West Of Shannon Road, Within Section 20, T14S, R13E, City Of Tucson, Gila And Salt River Meridian, Pima County, Arizona, Also Includes Native Plant Preservation Plan And Site Plans And Information, Reference Number, T070BU00403 Yes
S-2008-022 Barraza Aviation - 4th Avenue, A Portion Of Abandoned 10th Street, Right Of Way Easement, Pima County, Arizona Yes
I-2010-001 Tucson Market Place Boulevard And Kino Parkway Improvements 164 Yes
GR-2011-026 Granite House V And VI, 2201 East First Street, Speedway Heights, Lot 9, Block 3, Located North Of First Street, Within Section 8, T14S, R14E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, Reference Number T11BU00702, Also Includes Site, Landscape And Irrigation Plans And Information Yes
H-2000-023 Record of Survey (Book 22 / Page 10) Survey of Wilmot Road from Calle Bellatrix to Golf Links Road 143 Yes
U-2003-006 Campbell Avenue And Blacklidge Drive -- Pedestrian Signal Installation -- COT Job Number 8327 -- (Stantec Consulting) 155 Yes
A-033 Block 74, lots, dimensions arroyo as affecting same, all buildings on block with their dimensions. 1 Yes
D-75-002 Pedestrian Overpass Bridge-29th @ Columbus (Cole-Engr.) 62 Yes
F-020 CABLE SPLICING BOX, details of 3 Yes
F-88-006 SWAN Road - Speedway Boulevard to 29th. Street District Lighting Improvement NOTE: AD Series AD-0763 125 Yes

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