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H # Description Township Range Section
H-2002-001 Record of Survey - Intersection of Grant Road and Alvernon Way
H-2005-021 Record of Survey of monument references on Swan Road, from Grant Road to 22nd Street, located in Sections 2, 3, 10, 11, 14 & 15, T13S, R14E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona (Castro)
H-220 Property line survey, TAHOE PARK, CATALINA VISTA
H-73-004 Survey of the N½, Block 8 Pascua Subdivison, Blanton & Co.
H-93-005 Record of Survey (9/10) - Parcel of Land at Campbell & Winsett
H-99-013 Record of Survey (15/21) Mountain Avenue - Limberlost Road to Prospect Lane, Section 19, T13S, R14E
H-2002-002 Record of Survey - Tucson/Nogales Highway from Drexel Road to Thoroughbred Street.
H-2000-021 Record of Survey (Book 21 / Page 90) Survey of Drainageway in Harrison Heights. Map & Plat Book 26 / Page 43
H-221 Monument Line Survey of PLUMBER & STEWARD NO. 2
H-74-000 - 1974 - SURVEYS, MONUMENT MAPS: Current Lot, Block and Boundary Surveys, City of Tucson Record of Surveys
H-93-006 Record of Survey (9/11) - San Clemente Subdivision Intersection of Columbus & Timrod
H-99-014 Record of Survey (16/37) Palo Verde North, Annexation Survey
H-2002-003 Record of Survey Book 25 & Page 100 - (CoT) Mayfair Terrace No. 2 - 29th Street and Rosemont Avenue to Beverly Avenue, M&P 13/64 Section 23, T14S, R14E
H-222 Proposed Widening of CHURCH ST. Congress to Broadway
H-74-001 Topographic Survey for Southside Neighborhood Center
H-93-007 Record of Survey (9/12) - A Portion of Pantano Parkway Along Sections 4 & 5 T14, R15
H-99-015 Record of Survey (Bk. 16 Pg. 90), Billboard in the east 100 feet of Lot 9, Block 61, Coronado Heights, North side of Grant Road, East of Estrella
H-2002-004 Record of Survey - (CoT) Intersection of Wilmot Road and Golf Links Road 1/2 Mile in each Direction (T14S, R14E, Sections 24 & 25 and T14S, R15E, Sections 19 & 30)
H-223 Proposed Widening of COUNTRY CLUB ROAD (Speedway to Broadway)
H-74-002 Property Line, Topographic, & Utility Map Housing for the Elderly
H-93-008 Record of Survey (9/13) - Monument Lines on Adams Street Section 5, T14, R15
H-99-016 Record of Survey (16/91) Billboard in the west 100 feet of Lot 9, Fontana Avenue
H-064 - Void -
H-2002-005 Record of Survey (26/42) - (CoT) Monument References Campbell Avenue and Grant Road Area, 1 Mile East and West, 1/2 Mile North and South (T13S, R14E, Sections 31 & 32 and T14S, R14E, Sections 05 & 06) (COT) NOTE: See Record of Survey Book 26, Page 42
H-2004-013 ALTA Survey, A Portion Of Lot 7, Cherry-Campbell Redevelopment Subdivision, M&P, Bk. 11, Pg. 27, Section 18, T14S, R14E, (Tierra Right Of Way Services)
H-224 CHURCH ST Traffic Access Opening & Widening
H-74-003 Service Center TOPO (Original Exist) Blanton
H-93-009 Survey of 8th. Street, 4th. Street, 9th. Street, Stevens Avenue & 5th Avenue - Trolley Barn, O'Malleys on 4th. Avenue
H-99-017 Record of Survey (17/02) Survey for Miracle Mile Manor, M/P 8/11 and Miracle Mile Addition, M/P 6/76
H-2001-001 Record of Survey (23/7), Dodge Boulevard Monument Survey
H-2002-006 Right-of-Way Plan for Park Avenue from Irvington Road to Valencia Road (Urban Engineering), Record of Survey Bk. 37, Pg. 21
H-2005-022 Record of Survey of the east portion of Common Area ''A'', Kenyon Terrace, Book 33 of Maps and Plats at Page 65, Section 17, T14S, R15E, G&SRM, Pima County, Arizona (Urban)
H-225 Estimate of 10th Street Terra Annex to Country Club Road
H-74-004 City of Tucson Service Center Survey - Blanton
H-93-010 Record of Survey (9/19) - A Survey of Lot 2, Block 5, Southern Heights in Section 24, T14, R13
H-99-018 Record of Survey (17/27) Survey showing a Billboard in the east 100 feet of Lot 9, Block61, Coronado Heights north side of Grant Road east of Fontana Avenue
H-2001-002 Record of Survey (23/8), Pima Street Monument Survey
H-2002-008 Record of Survey McKinley Park, Blocks ''B'' and ''C'', Lots 1 -10, M&P Book 3, Page 26, (S and S Survey) -- Within The Northeast 1/4 of Section 11, T14S, R13E (141311)
H-226 Occupation Survey University Homes Addition
H-75-000 - 1975 - Class ''H'' - SURVEYS, MONUMENT MAPS: Current Lot, Block and Boundary Surveys, City of Tucson Record of Surveys
H-93-011 Record of Survey (9/18) - Survey of Alley Btwn M/P 15/77 & M&P 18/97
H-99-019 Record of Survey (17/28) Survey showing a Billboard in the north 346.48 feet of east 100 feet of west 300 feet of the east ½ , Lot 2 in Sec. 1, T.14, R.13 and Sec. 36, T.13, R.13 south side of Grant
H-2001-003 Record of Survey (23/8), Irvington Road Monument Survey
H-2003-012 Irvington Road - Kolb Road to Camino Seco, Left Turn Lanes in Sec. 3, 4, 5, T. 15 E., R. 15 S. and Sec. 32, 33, 34, T. 14 E., R. 15 S. (Urban Engrs:)
H-227 U.S. POST OFFICE Survey, (Broadway & Scott)
H-75-001 El Rio Park Monument Line Study
H-93-012 Record of Survey (9/25) - Craycroft Road- Fort Lowell Road to Rillito Bridge, Swing Ties For Street Monument For I.S.T.E.A. 2
H-99-020 Record of Survey (17/29) Survey of Billboard in the west 100.50 feet of Lot 9, Block62, Coronado Heights, north side of Grant Road between Fontana Avenue and Geronimo Avenue
H-2001-004 Record of Survey (23/10), Elvira Neighborhood right-of-way Survey
H-2002-009 Alley and 15th Street in Randolph Addition Block 11 Map and Plat Book 5, Page 54 and Fisher Addition Map and Plat Book 5, Page 56, (S and S Survey)

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