City Cycle

City Cycle

City of Tucson Employee City Cycle Program

The City Cycle Bike-Sharing Program offers City of Tucson employees an easy and healthy option for traveling to appointments. Three-speed KHS Manhattan Green bikes, helmets, locks and other safety equipment are available for use at designated check out locations. The bikes can also be used for wellness rides.


Key benefits to a City Cycle ride include:

  • Eases traffic congestion
  • Saves money on operating and maintaining City fleet vehicles
  • Improves employee health & wellness
  • Promotes alternative modes of transportation
  • Saves time parking a vehicle
  • Helps the Tucson air quality

Ok…and it’s fun too.

City Cycle is a pilot program of the City of Tucson Department of Transportation and is funded by a federal grant focused on supporting alternative modes. The City of Tucson supports alternative modes of transportation and hopes that City Cycle will serve as a model for other employers in the region. Please duplicate our program!


Employees: Use a City Cycle and You May Win!

Got questions about the City Cycle pilot program? Know an employer who might like a similar program? Want to know about bike and pedestrian programs offered by the City of Tucson?

Contact Ann Chanecka, City Bike/Pedestrian Coordinator at (520) 837-6691 or via